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Golf Cart Rental

Golf Cart Rental

Destin & 30A Santa Rosa Beach Golf Cart Rentals:

The Rental Shop is a Five Star rated company, and offers only premium, and competitively priced golf cart rentals. They offer golf cart rentals and delivery in the Miramar Beach area of Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and some parts of Panama City Beach, Florida.


We are booked out, however we have decided to buy additional (Brand New) golf carts, to try and accomodate callers. We may have a wait list for certain weeks for these additional carts. Please text us so we can let you know availability. Because our cost has gone up per cart, we must charge a slightly higher rental rate. We offer lower rates in off season. Fall break is a busy time frame, so we encourage booking early for this time frame. 

To save money, early booking is encouraged (January/February). The pricing is usually lower when booked in January/Februrary for peak spring and summer rental time frames. 

We only offer weekly rates during summer. We are 100% nonrefundable.

Text us the dates you need a cart, the address, and the ages of all riders and drivers so we can make recommendations, and let you know availability. 

Carts are delivered for free. Customer must make sure that their rental location will allow a golf cart rental from our company. All bookings are nonrefundable as we hold the cart for the customer who has booked. 

A $500.00 hold is placed on the card on file, for the rental for incidentals. When the golf cart is returned in the condition it was dropped off in, the money is released. If damages were to occur the customer will be charged accordingly. 

Lifted premium models below: 

The Rental Shop 30A lifted 6 person golf cart rental premium model with upgrades

Non Lifted Premium Models: Color Varies

The Rental Shop 30A non lifted golf cart rental for six people free delivery in grayton seaside watercolor santa rosa beach destin miramar beach sandestin resort seaside rosemary beach inlet seagrove florida

All golf cart rentals are Brand New & Custom Made with over 7 upgrades from average golf cart rentals: We never rent rough golf carts like some other local businesses. We have earned 200 five star reviews for a reason. 

Our carts are custom made in factory just for our rental shop. We spare no expense on the upgrades available to us.

1. All Carts have a roof over the rear passengers on the 3rd row- Most carts roofline stops over the second roof leaving the customers on the rear of the cart baking in the sun 

2. Our carts have 2 extra batteries per cart for extra drive time!

3. Our carts have upgraded Trojan T105 batteries

4. Our carts have SOLID DOT Approved windshields which allows for electric windshield wipers- Many other rental companies have split non street legal windshields which creates a fold in the center of the windshield- Also meaning that customers do not have electric wipers- This means customers must manually turn wipers back and forth by hand on the other guys carts

5. Our carts have a different electric system which gives more power when needed

6. Our carts Have a special controller giving the cart a smooth operating drive-Also when the drivers presses the gas the carts do not jerk forward which can cause the rear passengers to come off. Youll only know what this feels like if youve been on a cart that accelerates so quickly that its power can throw rear riders. 

7. We maintenance our carts in house to make sure they are functioning properly

8. We DO NOT OVERBOOK carts like some of the other guys. We actually leave one cart off rent every weekend until we ensure that all carts are properly operational from previous week rentals.  Example: When we pick up our carts from previous renters we make sure that all cart work properly and have not been damaged, then we redeliver those carts to the next customer who prebooked. If anyone calls wanting the last non rented cart, then we wait until we ensure all carts are in working order before booking the last cart. This way, if a cart was damaged from a previous rental, then we have an extra cart to give to the next customer who prebooked. We always want happy customers. 


All of The Rental Shop Golf cart rentals are custom made in factory just for The Rental Shop. The owners have spent considerably more money on their golf carts for these upgraded features that make them truly a premium model. This means that the golf carts go faster, have more power, are more comfortable, and go longer distances than the average rental golf carts in the area. Although it was tempting to spend considerably less on used, basic golf cart models, the owners chose to get every upgrade available so their clients wont have golf carts that bog down, ride slow, or lose battery power once all riders are on the cart. The owners have seen too many local rental golf carts broken down on 30A, blocking roads or traffic, and seen frustrated individuals who had received rental golf carts in poor condition from some other local companies. With the owners seeing this, they decided that they would never be a company that rents golf carts in poor condition just to make a quick buck. The owners always want a good name, and happy/repeat clients. The owners also want to ensure that their golf carts can still go the state required legal speed limit with the proper amount of riders on the carts (example 6 people on a 6 seater golf cart).  

Free Delivery on 30A/Destin/Panama City Beach Golf Cart Rentals:

All golf cart rentals are DELIVERED FOR FREE along highway 30A and surrounding areas. This includes free delivery to the following beach towns along scenic highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach: Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach. Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach, Watersound, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, Miramar Beach. Some communities have restrictions and do not allow golf carts. Please check with the owner of your rental home to see if rental golf carts are allowed in the community.

Why choose us?

The owners have very high standards in their  kayak, paddle board, and golf cart rentals. They always purchase new items annually, and clean items in between rentals. The owners do not rent out rough looking carts, rusted, or rough golf carts. They choose quality over quantity for their golf cart rentals. The owners believe in top notch service and this is how they have gained over 100 five star reviews. Clients can choose to book their golf carts online or over the phone. 

Brand New Golf cart Rentals means less break downs and hassles for clients:

Nothing would be more frustrating than renting a golf cart for your vacation and upon arrival to your rental home you see an old broke down looking cart.

The Rental Shop buys NEW golf carts so that clients have a great time on the golf cart during their rental period. The reason clients enjoy new golf cart rentals is that the batteries are in better condition, and the golf cart can drive faster, and further. This also means that the golf cart doesnt drive slow and die when clients are on the road. The owners have seen golf carts broken down along highway 30A, and carts that go so slow, they really shouldnt be on the road. NOT WITH THE RENTAL SHOP. All carts ride great and at the appropriate speeds for clients satisfaction. 

Quality over Quantity: Good reputation

All (LSV) golf cart rentals are new for clients comfort. The owners want their clients to have a comfortable ride and that is why they chose this option for their clients. By offering new golf carts it actually means less rentals for the owners because the golf carts are longer and take up more space in storage, and for transportation purposes, however the owners do this for the satisfaction of their clients!

Choose from different sizes:

The Rental Shop 30A offers 4, 6, and 8 person golf cart rentals. All golf carts are street legal in the state of Florida and are considered a street legal vehicle. Drivers must have a valid drivers license. 


Pricing varies in season, Please call for specific pricing for your arrival date. Weekly pricing is higher in July. The Rental Shop 30A only offers weekly golf cart pricing in summer months. Bookings taken after August will vary on pricing and minimum days required. 

Clients can choose from premium low profile 6 person (6 seater) golf cart rentals or from the Premium Lifted Series of golf cart rentals. All golf carts are brand new and have many ugrades that make them all a premium model. 

Deposits are required on golf cart rentals.

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