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When Does Golf Season Start on 30A? (and Other Questions)

When Does Golf Season Starts on 30A

Golf is a beloved sport throughout sunny Florida, and 30A is no exception. You can find golf carts and golf cars all over the area, as well as beautiful golf courses that make the most of the sun and natural scenery that blesses the area. Planning to visit 30A for golf season? In today’s blog, let’s break down when golf season starts and other questions you might have about golfing in South Walton County.

When Does Golf Season Start on 30A?

Golf season typically runs between September and May, especially in a naturally hot, tropical place like Florida. Most find fall through spring to be the perfect time of year to go golfing, beating the intense heat of summer. Spring is undoubtedly the favorite time to hit the links, but you can enjoy it even in winter on 30A, because the weather stays sunny and mild year round. Most golf courses are open all year round, so if you want to brave golfing during the summer, you’re welcome to do so.

Where Can You Golf On 30A?

Want to golf while you visit the 30A area? You’re in luck. There are a number of stunning, sprawling golf venues where you can take in the view, enjoy the sun, and hit the links. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Baytowne Golf Club. If you want the full 30A experience, Baytowne Golf Club expands from the beach to Choctawhatchee Bay. It offers a truly breathtaking backdrop that can’t be found outside of 30A, the sun sparkling on the water against the greenery and trees of the course. It’s no wonder that Golf Digest has twice ranked Baytowne Golf Club one of the “Best Places To Play.”
  • Burnt Pine Golf Club. 7000 yards of TifEagle Bermuda grass await avid golfers at this golf course. It’s situated along Choctawhatchee Bay, where the relaxing views will add to the relaxation of the game itself, but as you traverse the course, you’ll also be able to explore pine forests and famous Florida wetlands.
  • Kelly Plantation Golf Club. Another 7,000 yard golf course along Choctawhatchee Bay, this course makes the most of the bayous and the elegant natural trees of the area. This golf course is kept in impeccable shape year round, so you can enjoy it at any time of year.
  • Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club. Can’t decide between a golf trip and a trip to the beach? Why choose? On 30A, you can find both. The Santa Rosa Beach Club offers white sandy bunkers, rich greenery, and ocean views while you golf. You can get a drink and relax with golfing partners at the clubhouse. The Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club expects to do some renovations this year, so this is a good choice if you plan to take a trip to 30A soon.

Where Can You Rent a Golf Cart on 30A?

Golf carts are a common aspect of golfing, and even outside of golfing, many 30A residents and visitors rent or own golf carts to get around to the beach, the grocery store, and so on. They are so common, in fact, that you can even find golf cart parking spots in store parking lots. And January and February are peak season for golf cart rentals. You can find premium golf cart rentals from The Rental Shop 30A, with delivery in Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, and even some parts of Panama City Beach.

Interested in renting a golf cart for your golf vacation? Contact The Rental Shop today for more information by calling (850) 260-0001.

3 Spots to Kayak Along 30A — That Aren’t the Beach

3 Spots to Kayak Along 30A

30A is known for its 24 miles of coastline and beautiful beaches, but the ocean is not the only scenic waterway to find in 30A. There’s also Choctawhatchee Bay, colorful reefs, and the rare and wondrous coastal dune lakes of 30A. With such an aquatic setting, it’s no wonder that locals and visitors alike enjoy taking a kayak out to the water and seeing what they can see by boat. But where do you start when planning to kayak along 30A? Here are some of our favorite kayaking spots:

Cobia Reef

When you visit Inlet Beach, you can find a small artificial reef called Cobia Reef that’s perfect for kayaking. It’s just 323 yards off the coast of the beach, so it’s easy enough to find, and there are even public restrooms and parking nearby so you won’t feel too cut off. The reef itself, however, is full of diverse marine life sure to make your kayaking trip exciting. You could spy an octopus, sea turtle, as well as fish like flounders and snappers. This is a great spot for marine life enthusiasts or a place to take a curious child who wants to see and learn something new.

Western Lake

In the whole world, there are very few coastal dune lakes — bodies of water located in dunes just a couple miles from the beach. Most are in places like New Zealand or Australia. In the United States, they can only be found in Oregon and along 30A, where you can find fifteen authentic coastal dune lakes. Western Lake is one of the most popular options when it comes to kayaking. Here you can enjoy the unique ecosystem, take pictures, spot a Great Blue Heron, and kayak south to the Gulf. You can get two for one in this trip, starting with the coastal dune lake and kayaking to Grayton Beach for more of an oceanic experience.

Deer Lake

Another coastal dune lake, it’s also the name of a state park that encompasses the lake. Here you can paddle past stately Southern Magnolia trees, pitcher plants, and a wide variety of wildlife. You can make a day out of your trip to the park, not just kayaking but hiking and even enjoying a picnic before or after you take your kayak out to the lake. But the truly unforgettable experience will be your time on the water.

 Of course, these spots might be beautiful, but kayaking along the beach, such as Santa Rosa Beach or Grayton Beach State Park, is still nothing to sneeze at. The question is where to find the perfect kayak rental, and the answer is The Rental Shop 30A. Our kayaks have built-in seats for 1, 2, or 3 passengers. They have durable, well-kept surfaces so your kayak trip will be as safe as it is exciting. And we offer free delivery to Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, Miramar Beach, and Sandestin. Contact The Rental Shop today to set up your kayak rental by calling (850) 260-0001.

All About Pontoon Boats (And Why You Should Rent One)

Kayak or canoe rentals are a great option if you want to get out on the water while remaining close to the surface, paddling your way along. However, canoes and kayaks necessitate sitting in one place for the entire ride, without much room to move around, especially if you’re with other people. That’s why if you’re looking for a proper boating experience on 30A, The Rental Shop also offers pontoon boats. Want to learn more about pontoon boats to determine whether they’re the right call for you? Let’s break down everything you need to know about them in this blog.

All About Pontoon Boats

What Are Pontoon Boats?

From the outside, a pontoon boat looks like a typically flat, somewhat rectangular structure — typically between 14-30 feet — placed atop a sort of platform. This platform is a “pontoon,” an air-filled metal tube used to help keep the boat afloat. This allows for a larger deck, meaning a 24 foot pontoon boat can hold as many as 10-13 guests. Though pontoon boats have a reputation for being slow, these days, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, many pontoon boats come with an engine to help to pick up the speed.

What To Do With Pontoon Boats

A 24-foot pontoon boat is on the larger end of what would be considered a mid-sized boat. These boats are perfect for lakes and rivers or even an ocean excursion close to the shore on a calm day. They’re perfect for fishing or even just a day of boating around with family. You can host a small party on a pontoon boat or take them out to explore the coastal dune lakes or areas like Choctawhatchee Bay. You can even attach water skis to a pontoon boat to have an athletic adventure for the day. Planning to snorkel or scuba dive? A pontoon boat can take you to the spot where you might want to dive.

Why Rent a Pontoon Boat?

At The Rental Shop on 30A, we offer several rental options to make your South Walton day relaxing and enjoyable. Why should you choose a pontoon boat over something like a kayak or canoe or even a stand-up paddleboard? Here are a few of reasons you might lean towards a pontoon boat:

  • More elbow room. Canoes and kayaks are good for one or two, or maybe even three. But if you want to enjoy a day out on the water with the whole family or with all of your friends, you don’t want to have to take turns with a canoe or kayak. A pontoon boat can hold everyone, and you’ll even have room to breathe.
  • Room for storage. You can also bring more refreshments onto a pontoon boat, like a full cooler or ice chest. If you’re renting a pontoon boat because you want to take some marine photography or for some other hobby reason, you can bring your equipment on board easily.
  • Party boat. Have a graduation party? A bachelor or bachelorette party? Even a small family reunion can be celebrated on a pontoon boat, making it a venue more than just a vessel.

Interested in renting a pontoon boat for your 30A vacation? Contact The Rental Shop today by calling us at (850) 260-0001.

4 Things To Do On Choctawhatchee Bay

Spanning 27 miles from South Walton to Okaloosa, Choctawhatchee Bay is a favored spot among locals and tourists if you’re looking for a relaxing day on the water, whether boating or fishing. It connects to three rivers, six bayous, and eight lakes, so there’s plenty of bay to explore. It also offers stunning views if you’re looking for a little bit of variety beyond the beaches of 30A. Planning a visit to Choctawhatchee Bay? Here are a few of our favorite things that you could do while you’re here:

4 Things To Do On Choctawhatchee Bay

Visit the Air Force Armament Museum

It’s not all water and sunny skies to see at Choctawhatchee Bay. You can also check out the only museum in the United States dedicated to exhibitions of Air Force armament, the Air Force Armament Museum. You can find artifacts from the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the World Wars, as well as modern weaponry used by the air force. This is adjacent and works with the Eglin Air Force Base, as well as working with the Air Force Armament Museum Foundation.

Check Out Crab Island

A popular spot in Destin, Crab Island is a fun part of Choctawhatchee Bay, as well as a relatively recent one. The dredging of the Destin Pass in the 1960s led to a massive sand deposit in Choctawhatchee Bay that then formed a small island, circular with curled arms reaching out of it that seemed to be shaped like the pincers of a crab. You can boat out to Crab Island from the Destin shore along with hundreds of other boats to relax on the warm white sand, enjoy time with others, and just take in the view.

Go Fishing

Whether a solitary sport or one to enjoy with friends and family, Choctawhatchee Bay has 27 miles of beautiful fishing waters. You can rent a pontoon boat and get out there for yourself. In Choctawhatchee Bay, you’ll find not only gorgeous sun on vibrant blue waters, but a wide variety of fish like flounder, grouper, redfish, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout, and striped bass. Want to just observe rather than fish? You might even see dolphins or shark in Choctawhatchee Bay.

Rent a Paddleboard

The water at Choctawhatchee Bay is beautiful, colorful, and perfect for taking a day to paddleboard. Stand up paddleboards (SUP boards) look like a surfboard from a distance, with one long paddle so that you can steer it from a standing up position. With a paddleboard, you can take a leisurely paddle along Choctawhatchee Bay, taking your time to really see the sights, and maybe even bring a little one on board with you.

Planning a fun trip to Choctawhatchee Bay? Make sure you have the right resources to do everything you need to do, like pontoon boats, paddleboards, golf cars, and more. For that, turn to The Rental Shop on 30A. Call us today to learn more or schedule your rental: (850) 260-0001.

5 Reasons To Spend the Holidays On 30A

5 Reasons to spend the Holidays on 30a

A sunny beach might not be what you picture when you think about the holidays, but anyone who visits family or simply vacations along 30A during the holidays can tell you it’s a refreshing experience. Instead of a white Christmas, you can enjoy Christmas on the beach. Have holiday dinners at one of the many hotels or fine restaurants in the area. And through it all, you can still enjoy warm, sunny weather and a relaxing time with your family. So why should you spend the holidays on 30A this year? Here are a few of our favorite reasons:

The Weather

Sure, the idea of a white Christmas is nice and romantic, but the cold weather and the slick roads associated with snow are considerably less appealing. But why shouldn’t a warm, sunny holiday season with beautiful beach views and shops, restaurants, and boutiques that you can easily access be just as merry? November and December on 30A still have plenty of sunny days and mild temperatures. All you’ll need is a light jacket.

Fewer Crowds

The one downside to a beach vacation in the summer is the crowds. You want to enjoy the peace of sunny days, laid back shops, and beautiful beach views, but you have to share them with throngs of others who also want to vacation in the summer. However, in the fall, many of those crowds go back home. Things might pick back up a little in the holidays, but it will be nowhere near the summer tourism, so you’ll have a little more peace and elbow room.

Holiday Events

Just because you’re spending the holidays on 30A doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festive celebrations. You can find plenty of holiday celebrations from light shows to festivals and even ice skating rinks. Here are just a few to check out: 

Holiday Dinner

You can find a number of your favorite restaurants serving Christmas dinners while you’re in town for the holidays. Some might even be connected to your hotel during your stay. For instance, Beach Walk Cafe within Henderson Beach Park Inn serves Christmas Eve dinner every year. Curvee Kitchen offers a Christmas buffet every year from noon to 6pm. Meanwhile, at Watercolor Beach, you can enjoy Christmas specials on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Fish Out of Water, a casual restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. And if none of those appeal to you, you can also pack a holiday gift basket and enjoy a meal on the beach.

Holidays On the Beach

There’s just something fun about enjoying the holidays with your friends and family on the beach. You can pack a picnic basket or even get a to-go order from your favorite restaurant and take it to the beach of your choice. A beach bonfire could be the final touch you need for your holiday on the beach, or maybe on a nice day, you can go paddle-boarding or kayaking with your family. You can even enjoy a holiday at sea with a boat rental.

Need the right rental to truly make your holiday on 30A? Call The Rental Shop 30A today at (850) 260-0001.

4 Safety Tips For a Beach Bonfire

Safety Tips for a Beach Bonfire

Beach bonfires are a staple of the summer, and in South Walton, you can enjoy beach bonfires even in the autumn. But as with anything involving large amounts of fire, it’s important to take safety precautions. You want to have a good party, one where everyone leaves feeling that they had a great time. That won’t be the case if your friends and family leave with burns or welts. Take care during your beach bonfire with these safety tips.

Don’t Use Metal Skewers

What’s a beach bonfire without roasted marshmallows for s’mores? This is likely already part of your plan, but make sure that you don’t roast those marshmallows — or anything else — on metal skewers. Metal skewers conduct heat. When held over the fire, they can become quite hot which can burn your hand while you’re working on your marshmallow. It’s better to use wood skewers.

Choose Your Location Carefully

Many beaches have designated fire pit areas. If the beach you visit does not have a designated area, make sure that you plant your fire pit above the high tide line. You can see where the water stops at high tide by looking at the line of debris washed ashore. Make sure that your fire pit is a safe distance from bushes or trees, as well — keep in mind that even a wayward spark can start a fire. When you choose a beach bonfire through a beach bonfire rental like The Rental Shop 30A, we can set the bonfire up for you, taking this issue off your hands.

Stay Within Regulations

Most places have fire size regulations for beach bonfires. If your fire becomes too large and sparks shoot off too far, this could become dangerous to the local wildlife or other beachgoers. In South Walton, regulations state that your material should be stacked no more than 4 feet high in order to keep the fire in check. On a similar note, guests are required to keep at least 3 feet from the edge of the fire pit.

Use Natural Wood

Make sure that the wood you use for the fire is natural and untreated. Wood with chemical treatments could be more flammable in a dangerous way. It could lead to the fire rising higher than intended or the release of toxic fumes. It’s also safer for the environment to use natural, untreated wood for your beach bonfire. Again, when you work with The Rental Shop 30A, your firewood will already be provided.

The Rental Shop 30A provides a wide variety of beach bonfire packages. Each one includes set-up and clean-up, as well as wooden roasting sticks and a legal permit allowing you to hold your beach bonfire. Interested in renting one for yourself? Call The Rental Shop 30A today at (850) 260-0001.

What to Do In South Walton This Fall

What to do South Walton This Fall

Fall is finally here, and with it, cooler weather, delicious flavors like cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and beautiful colors of sunsets and fall foliage. If you’re visiting South Walton this fall, you don’t have to worry that things will be less exciting than they were during summer vacation. In fact, there are a number of festivals and events that happen only in the fall here, and they suit a wide variety of interests and niches.

Eggs on the Beach Eggfest Cooking Competition

Are you a foodie, or just a lover of breakfast food on the beach? If so, you have to check out Eggfest. On September 28th at Seascape in Miramar Beach, you’ll find the 6th annual Eggs on the Beach cooking competition. Local cooks, as well as cooks from all over the country, gather at Seascape with their Big Green Egg cookers, sometimes in teams, to cook eggs in delicious and creative ways. The 2019 judges have yet to be announced, but past judges have included James Briscione, Brooke Pankhurst, and Dan Luizzi. Even if you’re not a cook, you can find live music, fun for kids, and the chance to win a Big Green Egg for yourself.

30A Half Marathon and 5K

Athletes and fitness fanatics need not feel that they missed out because they didn’t make it to South Walton this summer. In fact, October 11-13 is the perfect time to come into town for the big half-marathon and 5k. Festivities kick off on Friday night with a BBQ festival at Gulf Place. On Saturday, check out the race expo and pick up race materials. The race itself takes place along Highway 30A on Sunday. Best of all, the event is for a good cause: all proceeds go to the Sonder Project, which is dedicated to boosting clean water, housing, education, and food security to communities all over the globe.

30A Concert Series

What’s better than a free live music performance on the beach? While the 30A Concert Series may seem like a summer event primarily, you can still catch the tail end of it if you visit South Walton in September. The last performance of the year is Heritage Duo on September 26 at Inlet Beach. Kids can play on the beach while you enjoy the music. There are plenty of bars and restaurants nearby, as well, so you can get in dinner or a few drinks before you make your way to the beach.

Baytowne Wharf Beer Festival

Autumn is the best time of year to enjoy the cool, earthy taste of a good brew. That’s why the Baytowne Wharf Beer Festival takes place in October every year. This year, it starts on October 11 and runs through the 12th. Here, you can try beer samples from over 200 domestic and international craft beers. Interested in getting into brewery yourself? There will be representatives there happy to teach you all about the various styles of beer and what goes into making each. And of course, no fall festival is complete without live music.

With so many fall activities so close to the beach, you might find yourself wanting to make your way over there even in your downtime. The Rental Shop on 30A can help ensure your time at the beach is everything you want it to be, with beach bonfire rentals, beach chairs, kayak and paddle board rentals, and even golf cart rentals so you can easily pack and unpack. Call us today at 850-260-0001 for more information.

Top State Parks Near 30A

Top State Parks Near 30A

Are you looking for a relaxing nature retreat? Along 30A,  you can find many stunning natural views, from gorgeous beaches to rare coastal dune lakes to lush nature reserves. In fact, many of our customers renting kayaks or golf carts are intent on visiting some of our beautiful state parks. But which state parks do you want to visit? You can find many in the region, but here are a few that always seem to rank towards the top.

Grayton Beach State Park

If you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach, enjoying the warm ocean breeze, or paddling out in the cool water on a SUP board, Grayton Beach has you covered. But that’s not all this state park has to offer. It’s here where you can find our coastal dune lakes, so rare that they only occur in four countries and two states throughout the United States — Florida and Oregon. They make for both a tranquil and fascinating kayak trip, where you can find a thrilling variety of flora and fauna. There are also hiking trails and campgrounds for those who want a longer experience.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Need a proper forest for your nature retreat? You’ll find it in the pine forests of Topsail Hill Preserve, in Santa Rosa Beach. Between the forests, dryland, and wetlands, you’ll find all kinds of flora and fauna including 13 endangered species that find shelter here. Enjoy a campfire, a day at the beach building sandcastles, or the 10 miles of hiking and biking trails here. With a strong network of volunteers and park rangers, this is also a great place to get educated about respecting the nature of the world we live in. Check out one of their weekly ranger programs.

Eden Gardens State Park

Eden Gardens State Park is known for its massive oak tree with a canopy that spreads wide. It’s a romantic site, so it’s no wonder that this is also a popular wedding venue. Eden Gardens State Park combines the love of nature with the love of historic architecture, as it’s located on what was once part of the historic Wesley homestead. Have a picnic here or enjoy fishing at the dock of the Tucker Bayou.

Point Washington State Forest

This is another great option for forest lovers, especially those visiting in autumn who want to see the change of the colors in the leaves. Like most of our parks, however, it contains a great diversity of ecology, from drylands to swamps and basins, flatwoods, and prairie. Many of the animals here are considered threatened or endangered, including the American kestrel, gopher tortoise, and Curtiss sandgrass. In fact, Point Washington has the world’s largest population of Curtiss sandgrass.


Need the right equipment or gear for your day at one of these state parks? The Rental Shop 30A offers rentals of: kayaks, SUP boards, golf carts, beach bonfires, and beach chairs. Call us today for more information: 850-260-0001.

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3 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer

Beach Bonfires Santa Rosa Beach & 30A

With August here, it’s hard to deny that summer is finally starting to come to a close. Summer vacations may be ending as kids go back to school and those vacation days start to run out. But that doesn’t mean you have to call it in already. Why not end the summer with a celebration worthy of the rest of the fun you’ve had on 30A so far? Here are a few of our favorite ideas for celebrating the end of summer before returning to your normal life.

Finish Out a Summer Concert Series

Summer is a great time of year for free live music under the open sky, so it’s little wonder that so many towns along 30a have their own summer concert series. You may have already followed one throughout your vacation, so why not end the summer right by seeing them through until the end? Some, like the Seaside Summer Concert Series or the one in Alys Beach, end in early August, but the Gulf Place Summer Sunday Concerts at 393 & 30A runs through August 18, at which time they’ll have the final performance showcasing Jamell Richardson.

Have a Party on the Beach

What better way to celebrate the end of summer than by gathering together with some friends and family to have a good time on the beach before you have to go back to your normal lives? Bring some music, swimsuits, good company, and of course a beach bonfire to keep things going after the sun goes down or even to roast s’mores. While all South Walton beaches require a permit for beach bonfires, consider a bonfire rental from The Rental Shop 30A that comes with a permit AND we’ll take care of the set-up and clean up so you can focus on having a good time. While some of our larger packages include chairs, if you need more, we also offer beach chair rentals.

Check Everything Off Your List

Have any 30A activities you haven’t gotten around to, and now you find yourself headed home in just a few days? Make time to check off as many things as you can off your list to make sure you’ve had the best summer possible. Want to explore the rare and beautiful coastal dune lakes? Rent a kayak and head out to the water with a camera and eyes ready for wonder. Meant to check out the local food trucks but never got around to it? Download an app for finding food trucks and track one down before you leave. Any last minute boutiques or bookstores that you haven’t visited yet? Make sure you give them a shot before you pack up all your shopping finds.

Trying to make the most of your summer, even as it starts to draw to a close? Let The Rental Shop 30A help. We offer rentals of beach bonfires, kayaks, beach chairs, paddle boards, and golf carts for daily or weekly rates. Call us today for more information at 850-260-0001.

Beach Bonfires in Santa Rosa Beach & 30A

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Should You Rent or Buy a Golf Cart

Golf Cart Rental 30A

On 30A, golf carts are a part of the culture. People don’t just take them golfing. They ride them down the street, take them to the beach, and even go grocery shopping in their golf carts. It’s no wonder that many parking lots include specific golf cart parking spots. It’s less hassle and less energy is used than driving the car. The question is, are they worth the investment to own or is it smarter to rent a golf cart? There are pros and cons to both, and the answer will differ depending on your needs.

Buying a Golf Cart

Certainly, there are benefits for some to buying a golf cart. If you use a golf cart regularly, it may save you money in the long run to buy one. You won’t have to worry about waiting on the golf cart delivery or returning it. You can also decorate or customize your golf cart to your liking once you own it.

However, there are drawbacks, too. First of all, there’s the initial cost. While it may save you money in the long run, the average new golf cart is about $5,000, and if you’re looking for an electric golf cart, you could be paying as much as $10,000. Golf carts also take up space, so if you don’t have enough room in your driveway, garage, or carport, you may have to pass on this option. You’ll also have to take care of the maintenance for both gas and electric golf carts, whereas when you rent, the rental company takes care of all that.

So when should you buy a golf cart? Really the only reason to justify the investment is if you plan to use the golf cart on a regular basis, and you have the space and time to keep and maintain the golf cart. Otherwise, here are a few reasons you might consider…

Renting a Golf Cart

Renting a golf cart is ideal if you plan to use it for a trip or for a specific occasion. If you’re on vacation on 30A, you may want a golf cart for ease of getting around. The Rental Shop 30A has daily and weekly rates, and offers free delivery to Miramar, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and parts of Panama City Beach. We’re constantly purchasing new golf carts to offer our customers the best. We take care of all the cleaning and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Looking for a quality golf cart rental on 30A? Look no further than The Rental Shop 30A. Call us today at 850-260-0001 for more information.

Why Your Labor Day Plans Should Include a Golf Cart Rental

Labor Day is quickly approaching, but many of us have had plans for months as to how to spend the day — or weekend. For some, it’s the first day off they’ve had in far longer than they’d like. For others, it’s an opportunity to meet up with family or friends as they kick back and enjoy the day. Whatever your labor day plans might be, there’s a good chance that relaxation and fun is the theme.

There are plenty of opportunities for relaxation in 30A certainly, and a golf cart rental could help to facilitate just about any labor day fun. In fact, if you don’t have a golf cart of your own, Labor Day weekend is an excellent time to rent one. Here are a few Labor Day options that could be made even more convenient with an electric golf cart rental.

Hitting the Beach

Every Labor Day hundreds flock to the beach to soak up the sun and enjoy the water for the few days that they aren’t bogged down with responsibility. You may even bring a surfboard or paddle board and make a day of it, or grab a picnic basket and bring the whole family with you. You’ll also notice, however, that many beachgoers bring golf carts with them and even ride those golf carts along the beach. While cars can only go so far, golf carts are much less obtrusive, so you can take them right up to your spot on the beach. That means less going back and forth, packing and unpacking; it means more time to kick back and let the stress melt off your shoulders.

Planning the Big Labor Day Party

If you’re hosting a Labor Day party in your backyard, you probably won’t need a golf cart, although it can be a fun ride to amuse the kids. However, before the day of the party, you have to actually stock up for the party. Food, drinks, decorations all likely require a trip to the store. Rather than getting in the car, save gas and reduce your environmental impact by renting a golf cart to load up on all the party supplies you need. In 30A, golf carts are so common that there are even parking spaces specifically designated for them. And if you live a little further out, you can use your golf cart to direct guests to your home on the day of the party.


It’s an obvious choice considering the subject, but the golf course is an excellent place to spend your Labor Day. To some, there’s very little more relaxing than a few rounds of golf. And if golfing is your ideal labor day, a golf cart rental will take a weight off your shoulders and allow you to cruise through at whatever pace you’d like rather than having to trek every hill.

Take it easy this Labor Day with the help of a golf cart. Call The Rental Shop 30A at (850) 260-0001 today for more information on our electric golf cart rentals.

What to Look For In a Kayak Rental

Rent a Kayak on 30A

Kayak rentals are an excellent choice if you want to take an occasional kayak trip but don’t want the burden of extra storage in your home or to have to travel with a bulky kayak when you visit 30A for the summer. However, you want to exercise caution when offering kayak rentals. Anyone can rent out cheap, dingy kayaks but that’s not what customers tend to look for. So how do you sort through the chaff to find a quality kayak rental? Here are a few tells to consider.

Up-to-Date, Cared For Kayaks

Again, no one’s ideal weekend is paddling a dingy kayak out for a fishing trip. Nor do kayak lovers want to settle for a kayak that’s 10 or 20 years behind the times. The most recent kayaks are more durable and more effectively built than their predecessors, not to mention they have more capacity for comfort and storage.

Look for a kayak rental shop that stocks up on new kayaks regularly so as to keep up with trends, and keep an eye out for the condition they’re in. If the kayaks look good as new, you’ve probably found a trustworthy kayak rental. However, if you notice the kayak looks faded or sunbaked, or that it’s been roughly used, search elsewhere. A kayak rental that can’t be bothered to keep their equipment in good shape probably isn’t worth your time.

A Variety of Options

Another thing you want to avoid is kayak rental shops that offer just one thing. If all you’re ever going to need is a single seater kayak, and you know that, you might not need to see a variety; however, it says something about the rental company’s thoroughness that they offer options for a variety of customers and a variety of kayak trips. They should at least have both single seater and double seater kayaks. Even better if they offer triple seater kayaks for the family to enjoy. Some kayaks are specifically designed for fishing, so if you’re taking a fishing trip, that should be an option. Kayaks with features that allow them to traverse the fresh water coastal dune lakes as well as the ocean are also a plus, especially for the 30A area.

Quality of Service

Finally, make sure you choose to rent a kayak from a rental company that prioritizes the customer. A kayak rental company with strong customer service will offer things like free delivery either to your driveway or the lake or beach access of your choice and flexibility as to daily or weekly rentals. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the kayak or their policies. Look for a rental company that knows the 30A area well and can help you find the right kayak for your perfect kayak adventure.

At The Rental Shop in 30A, we keep new kayaks stocked, and we keep them in good shape. In fact, we bought brand new kayaks as recently as last September. We offer free delivery to beach towns within the 30A area and a wide variety of kayak rental options. Have a question about renting a kayak with us? Call us today at (850) 260-0001.

3 Reasons to Love Grayton Beach at Night

Beach Bonfire Grayton Beach

We all love to spend a day at the beach, soaking up the sun and paddle boarding or surfing. However, just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to go home. In fact, there are so many reasons to love Grayton Beach at night that some even prefer spending time at the beach at night. Certainly, it’s a different experience than visiting the beach during the day, but there are benefits to going at night that you can’t enjoy during the day.

The Beach to Yourself

Or, at the very least, the crowds are so diminished that you can spread yourself out from other beachgoers. Once the sun goes down, most beach goers go home, leaving vast stretches of sand and sea to you and your friends. You can have a party, race to the water, or sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs without fear of judgment from strangers. If you want to just lay back and enjoy the peace and quiet and each other’s company, you can do that to. With the feeling that no one else is around, you can make your moonlight beach excursion whatever you want it to be.

A Chance to See the Stars

Grayton Beach puts some distance between itself and the bright city lights, which works out beautifully when the sun goes down. On a clear night, you can stretch out on a towel with someone you love and look up at the a sky full of stars. And it’s not just the stars whose beauty you can enjoy at night. Take a trip to the beach on the night of a full moon and look at the way the moon reflects on the water. Whether you bring your binoculars, a night-friendly camera, or simply your own eyes and sense of wonder, there’s a beauty here that’s wholly different from the beauty of sunny days at the beach.

New Activities

During the day, you might play volleyball on the beach or take a paddle board or kayak out to the water. But can you play glow in the dark frisbee during the day? Or play a ring toss with glow sticks? There are some beach activities that are specific to night time, or at the very least more fun at night. Night can be a great time to go ghost crab hunting, and fishing is luckier thanks to the cooler water and lack of crowds. One of the best activities to enjoy at night, however, is a beach bonfire. While you can have a beach bonfire during the day, it’s typically more enjoyable at night. You can roast s’mores or hot dogs and use the firepit to light your night time beach party, or just read a favorite book under the stars.

Whatever your reason for visiting the beach at night, get your beach bonfire rentals from The Rental Shop 30A. Our bonfires include four hours worth of fire wood, s’mores kits, set up and tear down. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 for more information or to order a beach bonfire rental for yourself.

All About 30A’s Coastal Dune Lakes

Dune Lakes 30A

In the whole vast, varied world there are very few coastal dune lakes to be found. Most are found near far off shores of New Zealand, Australia, or Madagascar. It’s no small thing to say that the 30A area contains no less than 15 coastal dune lakes in 26 miles of coast. These coastal dune lakes intertwine with the shores of 30A, so you can easily leave from the beaches to the lakes or paddle board from the lakes to the beach. In fact, the coastal dune lakes offer perhaps the most popular site for kayaking and paddle boarding in 30A.

What Are Coastal Dune Lakes?

Coastal dune lakes are permanent, primarily freshwater lakes surrounded by dune ecosystems within a couple miles of the ocean. In fact, in many cases in the Gulf, coastal dune lakes are separated from the ocean only by a small sand berm. In the event of rain storms, that sand berm is flooded and the two bodies of water overlap and salt water spills into the lakes. This creates a unique sort of ecosystem, temporarily supporting both saltwater and freshwater fish. However, the water quality of the coastal dune lakes is closely watched by the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance to preserve this well-loved phenomenon.

What You’ll See At the Coastal Dune Lakes

Imagine shallow waters full of lily pads, surrounded by and tall lanky trees. There’s an ecosystem here that can’t quite be replicated elsewhere, and you’ll find rare specimens of birds and fish, deer, or even alligators. The alligators are typically shy and stay away from visitors, but you’ll want to exercise caution and not go swimming in the lakes anyway. Surrounded by these peaceful rich, natural marshes, you’ll feel transported away from the crowds to a place where you can hear yourself think — but also where you can get out of your head and appreciate the world around you.

How to Best Enjoy the Coastal Dune Lakes

Almost all coastal dune lakes have public access points, but because most are privately owned, some might require an appointment or tour in order to experience them. You should always check the particular lake you want to visit before going. How you explore the coastal dune lakes is up to you. Kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP boarding) are two of the most popular methods. You can paddle leisurely from the opening of the lake to the ocean, taking pictures of the rare flora and fauna finds, or cast a fishing line from your kayak. You can make a family trip out of it or simply take the opportunity to experience some peace and quiet on your own.

The way you experience the coastal dune lakes is up to you. However, if you’re planning to make a trip soon, we recommend renting your kayak or paddle board rather than buying outright. Renting allows you to have the resources you need for a day or for the week, without taking up permanent storage in your home. The Rental Shop 30A even offers free delivery to beach towns in the 30A area. So what are you waiting for? Call us at (850) 260-0001 and prepare to see the coastal dune lakes for yourself.

Why Choose South Walton For Your Kayaking Trip?

Why Choose South Walton for Your Kayaking Trip

With its laid back nature and beautiful, varied waters — including the unique coastal dune lakes — South Walton has always been an ideal spot for kayaking, and people are increasingly catching on to this. It’s not just South Walton locals. People will come from all over the country to enjoy the beaches of South Walton, and whether they intend to kayak from the beginning or end up doing so after seeing others try it, they often end up renting a kayak.

Why is South Walton such a great place for kayaking?

Coastal Dune Lakes

The coastal dune lakes are often a pleasant surprise for many tourists because they’re so unique — on a global scale. Outside of Southwest Florida, coastal dune lakes can only be found in Australia, New Zealand, or Madagascar — halfway around the world. But you can find 15 of them here in South Walton and enjoy a truly different kayaking experience. They’re said to be about 10,000 years old, caused by winds that created shallow basins during the redistribution of sand. The result was mostly freshwater lakes surrounded by rich flora and varied fauna.

South Walton coastal dune lakes are even more interesting because they’re so close to the Gulf. They’re separated only by a natural sand berm, and when the water rises with rain, you’ll sometimes find an overlap. Thus you can kayak through the coastal dune lakes and end up at the ocean, or start kayaking from the beach and make your way to the coastal dune lakes. It’s an experience that’s nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Gulf Waves

While kayak enthusiasts are enraptured by the coastal dune lakes, kayaking in the Gulf is also a thrilling experience in a very different way. Often, Gulf waters can be calm and peaceful, allowing a leisurely ride where you can take pictures of the scenery or even people watch. However, when the surf is high, avid kayakers love to paddle their way past the breaking waves, all the more thrilled by the resistance. This can be a great workout or just an exciting challenge, though it’s less frequently attempted by beginners.

Beginner Resources

Because South Walton’s natural features make it so perfect for kayaking, there are plenty of resources available, especially for beginner kayakers. Here you can find kayak schools, for adults or for kids. You can find guided or self-guided kayak tours of the coastal dune lakes as well as the Gulf. And of course, there are several kayak shops and rental shops in the event that you just need a kayak for this trip in particular.

The question is which kayak rental to choose, and the answer is The Rental Shop. Our kayaks are always in great condition, not dinged or scratched. They all come with a lock, paddles, and personal floatation devices. We even offer free delivery to the beach towns of 30A, making it easier for you to start your kayaking excursions. Interested in a kayak rental yourself? Call The Rental Shop at (850) 260-0001.

The Difference Between Planing and Displacement Paddle Boards

The Difference Between Planing and Displacement Paddle Boards

All SUP boards are the same, right? Well, not exactly, though they may look very similar once they’re in the water. Just like there are many different kinds of boats, and the design purposes of those boats serve different functions, so paddle boards have different designs to suit different advantages and functions. For instance, there are two major types of paddle board hulls: planing hulls and displacement hulls.


If you’re familiar with kayaking, you may already know of these terms. Hulls can affect the speed and smoothness of your paddle board experience. The biggest distinction between the two is this: displacement hull paddle boards move through the water and planing hull paddle boards move atop the water.

Displacement Hulls

Paddle boards with displacement hulls look almost like a cross between a surfboard and a kayak. The most distinctive quality is the sharp point at the front, designed to cut through water rather than resting on top of it. Because of that, these boards have a little more volume to them, particularly at the point. They’re also longer and narrower than other paddle boards. The purpose of this design is to increase your speed and maneuverability. Displacement hulls are excellent for freshwater SUP paddle boarding. These can be exciting paddle boards for experienced riders, but are something of a challenge for beginner or only occasional paddle boarders.

Planing Hulls

Planing hull paddle boards look almost indistinguishable from surfboards if not for the paddle. These boards are flatter and wider than paddle boards with displacement hulls, with rounder hulls. These boards are designed to rest on top of the water rather than cut through it. These are the boards you might see with leisurely paddle boarders at the beach. They’re great for beginners, but that doesn’t mean they lack speed. With a good wave, you can enjoy thrilling speed. Rather, much like a surfboard, your speed depends on the water.


It’s challenging to paddle a planing hull SUP board through flatwater, but possible — to an extent. There’s a slight bow under the nose of the board to help you paddle through flatwater, but the board’s ability to hold up to flatwater depends on things like size, rocker and rail. To the extent that you can paddle in flatwater, it can be a great way to strengthen your arms.

Which Should You Choose?

There’s no one rule that says which boards are better. They simply have different purposes. If you’re a competitive SUP boarder and participate in races, especially in flatwater, a displacement board is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for an easygoing paddle at the beach or you’re learning to paddle board, a planing hull will probably serve you better.


Whatever paddle board you choose, you should make sure to choose quality. At The Rental Shop in 30A, we offer a wide variety of paddle boards of all types, all sizes, for all ages and levels of expertise. All paddle boards come with a textured deck pad to help you stay on board, and of course all come in excellent condition. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 to rent one today.

How Golf Can Improve Your Health

How Golf Can Improve Your Health

We love golfing in the 30A area. In fact, sometimes we enjoy riding golf carts out whether we’re going golfing or not. But if your actual interest is golf, you’ll find many golf clubs and courses throughout this area. It’s a popular sport and certainly fun to those who enjoy it, but there are practical benefits to golf as well. Most importantly, golf can improve your health in a number of ways. Here are just a few instances of health benefits that come from golf:

Fresh Air and Sunlight

Sometimes just spending more time outside can be just what you need to improve your health. Studies have shown that sunlight in moderation boosts vitamin D. Additionally, regular exposure to natural greenery relaxes the body, decreasing tension and anxiety. This isn’t just a physical health benefit: it’s a mental health benefit. And if you enjoy golf while you’re soaking up all these benefits, that will only help to lessen stress.

Heart Health

Heart health is a concern the older you get, especially if you’re retired and no longer have an active work week. However, everyone should do what they can to keep their heart healthy, no matter what age. 18-hole golf courses can be as large as 100-200 acres. If you have a golf cart, of course, you’re spared all the foot traffic — not to mention considerable time. But golf can still be a great way to get in your cardio with regular swinging and movement. If you golf a few times a week, it should be enough to keep your heart healthy.

Improved Sleep

Struggling with sleep deprivation? Take up golfing. The regular exercise involved in golf helps you to fall asleep faster at the end of the night and stay asleep for longer. In sleep, your body can repair your muscles and refresh your mind, so that when you wake up the next day, you’ll have more energy. The more you get into the habit, your circadian rhythm will return to a functional schedule.

Low Risk of Injury

Of course, you can enjoy these benefits from many different sports, but golf is, on the whole, a fairly gentle sport with very low risk of injury. When you golf, you can get the workout you need while staying calm and relaxed. You’re unlikely to suffer any serious injuries — or even minor injuries — on the golf course.

Longer Life

No one can live for longer, but we’d all like to live a healthy, enjoyable life for as long as we can. A Swedish study in 2008 showed that the life expectancy of golfers was 5 years longer than the average life expectancy. The reasons can certainly be attributed to the above health benefits: with less stress and a healthier heart, you’re likely to live a long, healthy life.


If hearing about these health benefits makes you want to hit the golf course, don’t forget to rent a golf cart for the day or the week. At The Rental Shop, we offer custom made electric golf carts and free delivery along highway 30a and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 for more information.

Everything You Need to Host a Beach Bonfire

Everything You Need to Host a Beach Bonfire

When we think of what we need to host a beach bonfire, it’s usually things like refreshments, music, and good company. These are all important to making your beach bonfire enjoyable, but actually there are some red tape aspects that you might not know about if you’ve never hosted a beach bonfire. Fortunately, with the help of a beach bonfire rental company, some of the more tedious aspects of planning your beach bonfire are taken out of your hands.

Here’s what you really need for a beach bonfire.

A Permit

All beach bonfires require permits through the local fire department. Permits usually cost about $50. In order to obtain them, you need to be at least 18 years of age and present at the beach throughout the entire bonfire. You also have to comply to restrictions during turtle season by staying at least 200 feet away from any turtle nest. Fortunately, it’s easy to get a permit and host a bonfire in the 30A area. For instance, in South Walton, 3,000 bonfire permits were granted just last year. And at The Rental Shop 30A, all of our beach bonfire packages include a legal permit from the county, so this aspect is already taken care of.

An Approved Bonfire Container

This is one of the requirements to being granted a permit for your beach bonfire in the 30A area. Bonfire containers should be approved by the local fire department. While that varies from fire department to fire department, the standard tends to be galvanized metal tubs, fire pits or burn barrels that are, at largest, four feet across. There should also be a three feet clearance at all times from combustible materials. Again, when you rent a beach bonfire, you often don’t have to worry about this. You can just assume that your beach bonfire rental has been approved.

Beach Access

Bonfires are allowed on just about every beach along 30A, day or night, 365 days a year. However, most beaches have limited access in order to avoid overcrowding. So you may want to do your research as to the specific limit for beach bonfires on a particular beach before telling your friends where to meet. Here again, the beach bonfire rental company may be able to help.

Fire Extinguisher

Beach bonfires tend to be relatively safe, especially if you follow the guidelines, but in case of emergency, it helps to have some kind of device with which to put out the fire. This might not be a literal fire extinguisher. A five-gallon bucket of water or pressurized water source will do the trick.

Refreshments, Music, and Good Company

Of course any time you deal with fire, there are safety precautions to take. The red tape of hosting a beach bonfire might seem tedious; but remember at the end of the day that this is a party, or at least an opportunity to spend time with loved ones. That’s why most of our beach bonfire rental packages include smores and roasting sticks. Packages 4 and 5 also include coolers, a table with linen, and bluetooth music speakers to ensure a good time.

Interested in a beach bonfire rental of your own? Call The Rental Shop 30A at (850) 260-0001.

3 Reasons to Choose an Electric Golf Cart Rental

30A Electric Golf Cart Rental

Golf carts are a part of our culture in 30A. We drive them on the golf course. We drive them to the beach. Sometimes we just drive them for the sheer enjoyment of it. But as true as it is that people in 30A love to drive golf carts, it’s also true that gas powered golf carts are being used less and less. Instead, electric golf carts have become the favored choice of the residents of Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, or Miramar Beach.

But why is electric the right choice for you?

No Refills Needed

When you rent a gas powered golf cart, chances are the rental shop will have it filled up for you already. However, if you’re planning a busy day or week with your golf cart, at some point you may need to add more gas along the way. Not only is this an annoying break from your activities, but it can become expensive. On the other hand, electric golf carts don’t need to be refilled. The battery will occasionally need to be charged, but most golf courses have charging stations so you can just plug your golf cart in and charge it during your lunch break.

Less Noise

Gas powered golf carts are notoriously noisy, but if you’ve used them for several years, you might not notice it — until you try an electric golf cart. One of the first things you’ll notice when driving an electric golf cart rental is the quiet. At most, there’s just a low hum as it rolls along. This is because electric golf carts produce less emissions, making them not only quieter for you but safer for the environment. It’s a win for everyone. In fact, some golf courses require electric golf carts because gas powered golf carts are just too noisy.

More Affordable

When it comes to cars, it’s a generally known fact that electric or hybrid cars are more costly than gas fueled cars. However, in the case of golf carts, the opposite is true. Not only are electric golf cart rentals typically more affordable than comparable gas powered golf carts, but they’re more affordable to operate. Because they only need to be charged, they cost about $.02-.04 to operate, as opposed to $.12-.14 for gas powered golf carts. And of course, when you rent an electric golf cart from The Rental Shop in 30A, it will arrive fully charged, so you might not have to worry about charging at all.

At The Rental Shop in 30A, we’re committed to providing premium quality and fairly priced rentals. It’s for this reason that we choose electric for our golf cart rentals. In terms of environmental impact and convenience for our customers, they simply can’t be beat. We have golf carts to seat 4, 6, or 8 people. We even offer free delivery within 30A, Destin, and Panama City Beach. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 to book your own golf cart rental.

3 Reasons to Rent a Beach Bonfire

30A Beach Bonfire

Whether you’re a local or just visiting for the weekend, a beach bonfire is a staple of nights at the beach in South Walton. It can make a cool night cozier and keep the party going for longer — and when you rent your own, you have it all to yourself and your friends and family.

Beach bonfires are often associated with parties, but one of the perks of a beach bonfire rental is its versatility. Almost any occasion that would bring you out to the beach in the evening is good enough for a beach bonfire. Here are just three of the most common reasons why people rent beach bonfires from The Rental Shop in 30A.

Add Life to the Party

Summer is the perfect time for a party at the beach with several of your closest friends. Now is the time to break out the swimsuits, the bluetooth speakers, and the party snacks or refreshments and kick back. A beach bonfire can add to the party by providing light after the sun goes down as well as warmth as temperatures drop. Dry off from the water by gathering around the bonfire, roasting hot dogs, and reminiscing over your favorite memories. There are few party scenes more picturesque than your group of friends gathered around a fire laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

A Night With the Family

Beach bonfires are also perfect for smaller, more intimate gatherings with the family. We live in a fast paced world and it can be easy to take your family for granted or not spend as much time together as you wanted. Maybe the family camping trip got postponed, but you have time for a night at the beach. Maybe your family camping trip is a night at the beach. Getting the kids into the habit of appreciating the outdoors while the whole family enjoys quality time together is never a bad choice, and a beach bonfire can enhance that experience. With a beach bonfire, you can enhance the feeling of camping while you roast s’mores or play camping games.

An Ambiance of Romance

Maybe you don’t want to spend time with a group of people. Maybe you just want to enjoy the beach with one person in particular. A night at the beach can be an ideal date, or the perfect place to pop the question. Even if the beach is packed, with your own beach bonfire, snacks, and each other, you can make it feel intimate and private. Picture yourself cuddled up with your significant other by the bonfire as you roast marshmellows or watch the sun go down.

At the end of the day, a beach bonfire isn’t about the fire itself, but the sense of togetherness we feel when we sit around the fire. It’s perfect for a large group of friends or graduating class, a close family, or a romantic outing. And you can rent one for whatever you need from The Rental Shop in 30A. Call us today at (850) 260 - 0001 for more information.

Best paddle boarding Locations in 30A

Although stand-up paddle boarding has only gained worldwide popularity over the past 20 years or so, it’s been an impactful hit — especially in Northwest Florida. If you visit the beaches in 30A, you’re likely to see someone paddle boarding, whether they’re riding the waves or just paddling along the smooth, clear water.

Part of the appeal of paddle boarding is that, unlike surfing, it’s not necessary for there to be big waves. In fact, paddle boarding is almost a cross between surfing and boating. If the water is smooth, you can paddle board smoothly, taking in the views. If there are waves, you can enjoy a more exhilarating ride. It all depends on the weather and your personal taste. But like anything else, there are some areas more conducive to paddle boarding than others. Here are some of the best paddle boarding spots in 30A.

Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach is full of beautiful sights and sun regardless, but it holds a special attraction to paddle boarders. Ironically, it’s not the ocean that offers the best paddle boarding in Grayton Beach State Park but the famous coastal dune lakes nearby. In particular, paddle boarding in the Western Lake is especially scenic, surrounded by tranquil wild. Because of the nature of coastal dunes, you can paddle all the way to the beach and, if you dare, try out those ocean waves.

Santa Rosa Sound

If you’re looking for a truly calming, quiet paddle boarding experience, Santa Rosa Sound is the perfect place. Not to be confused with Santa Rosa Beach, Santa Rosa Sound is near Okaloosa island, full of quiet beaches and clear blue water. This is the perfect paddle boarding location to watch the sun come up or go down, take plenty of pictures, or try out that paddle board yoga routine you’ve heard so much about.

Choctawhatchee Bay

Choctawhatchee Bay is a freshwater location for paddle boarding, and it’s serene and picturesque. Not only is there the bay and river itself, but if you move a little further north, you’ll find natural springs that make the trip worthwhile. One such spring is Morrison springs, which is not only popular for paddle boarding but birding and observing other natural wildlife. You may even be able to paddle with the dolphins in Choctawhatchee Bay.

Crab Island

A sandbar in the middle of Choctawhatchee Bay, this spot is growing in popularity for advanced paddle boarders. In fact, Crab Island is a well-loved destination for beachgoers as a whole, so it can be busy enough to satisfy more sociable paddle boarders. You’ll often get residual waves from boats passing by or find people swimming in the same waters where you paddle, which means you’ll need the experience to deftly navigate this spot — and that’s the fun for many paddle boarders.

Wherever you choose to paddle board, you can find quality, ding resistant paddle boards at The Rental Shop in 30A for just $70 per day or $180 per week. We offer different styles of paddle boards for whatever your paddle boarding style might be. Call us today at (850) 260 - 0001 for more information.

4 Tips for Kayak Fishing

4 Tips for kayak fishing

The saltwater coastal dune lakes of South Walton, Florida make for a perfect day of kayak fishing. For those who want to get a little more out of their kayaking excursions, kayak fishing can be both a soothing and exciting weekend activity. However, if you’ve never been saltwater kayak fishing, or kayak angling as some call it, there are a few tips to keep in mind. This is a bit different from fishing in a boat or from the shore and should be treated differently, though some of these tips are good to keep in mind no matter what your vessel.

Carry Bug Spray

In Florida, we already know all about applying sunscreen, but that’s not the only protection you’ll need. Most beginner kayak fishers think of the fish and the calming lakes themselves when they think of kayak fishing. They don’t think about bugs. But especially when fishing in the coastal dune lakes, bug spray is essential. Here you might find a swarm of mosquitoes in the ideal fishing spot, and unless you want to leave covered in bites or abandon the spot, it’s helpful to keep a can of bug spray at your side.

Anchor Yourself

Kayaks are lighter than most canoes, something that appeals to many kayakers. However, this can be problematic when you catch your first fish and then find yourself taken for a ride. It happens all the time. Kayak fishers cast a line, hook a big fish, and then that fish pulls the kayak along — sometimes for a mile. You can stop this by bringing an anchor or power pole to keep your kayak in place.

Cast One-Handed

There’s not much space between a the kayak seat and the water, which causes a rather precarious balancing act. Casting too hard or casting two-handed could be all it needs to throw that balance and tip your kayak. Instead, most kayak fishers use lighter, finesse fishing equipment and learn to cast one-handed. This helps you maintain your balance, though it might take a bit of practice to master it.

Bring a Camera and Mount

After all, you want to commemorate your big catches, right? Get a picture of your favorite catch of the day and post it on social media to show off. Here again, balancing can be a tricky thing in a kayak, and so can attempting to take pictures so close to the water. The solution is to bring a waterproof camera with you, as well as a mount. This way not only will you not miss anything, but you’ll have high quality pictures to remember it long after your fishing trip.

One more tip? Instead of buying your own kayak, rent one from The Rental Shop 30A. We have high standards of comfort and stability with all of our kayaks, and we offer free delivery to beach towns of 30A. You can take a one day fishing excursion with our kayaks for just $65 or keep the kayak for a week for $165. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 for more information.

Destin and Miramar Beach New Premium Golf Cart Rentals

Free Delivery on New Premium Golf Cart Rentals in Destin, and Miramar Beach Florida. Clients can choose from Premium Low Profile 6 person golf cart rentals, or Premium 6 person golf carts from the Lifted Series

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The Best Foods to Bring Along on Your Kayak Trip

Foods to bring along while on kayaking

Kayaking is a strenuous workout and under the Florida sun in 30A, you’re going to want to bring along some refreshments to keep you going. You’ll be surprised how easily you need to take a snack break when kayaking.  The best thing you can do is keep a bottle of water handy, but you’ll want to bring some food along, too. The question is what food?

Obviously, you’re not going to stop and have a roast in the middle of a coastal dune lake or a couple miles from shore in the ocean. In this case, you want food that’s filling, energizing, but compact and easily to travel with. Here are a few suggestions:

Energy Bars

Energy bars were created for this kind of thing. They’re small, they’re portable, and they’re easy to eat. Simply unwrap them and bite in. They also contain large amounts of fiber and protein to, well, boost your energy. They’re made most often with nuts, dried fruit, and sometimes chocolate chips or other sweeteners. Fig bars are also a solid option for kayakers, however. This tasty but convenient treat is the perfect companion for your kayaking trip.

Individually Wrapped Cheese

If you’re looking for something more savory, consider bringing along a cheesy snack — just make sure it’s individually packaged. After all, you don’t want it to all melt together in the midst of the heat. Something like wax wrapped Babybel cheese snacks will offer you a little sustenance without the mess. String cheese or cheese stick singles are also an option that makes practical sense but offers taste and nourishment.


Because what’s more refreshing or sustaining than fruit? Packing something like an apple or pear provides you with easy travel food and a sweet, healthy snack that you can eat anywhere, even in the middle of a kayaking trip.

Wraps or Burritos

For a longer kayak trip, you’ll want something that more closely resembles a meal than a snack. In that case, wraps or burritos are a great go-to. In fact, these two are specifically designed to be full meals on the go. You can make them at home and then just toss them in your food pack when you leave. This is something that can be eaten along the way, or you can wait until you reach camp and heat it over a campfire there.

For Longer Trips

If you’re planning more than a day trip, you’ll probably have a campsite somewhere that will give you more freedom when it comes to food preparation. In this case, you can be a little more flexible in your food options. Soup, sandwiches, chicken salad are all options that might not be as convenient on the way, but are certainly possible when you reach camp.

Almost as important as your food options is finding a quality kayak rental in 30A. At The Rental Shop 30A, we keep new, fresh looking and durable kayaks in stock and buy them regularly to make sure they stay up to date. We also offer free kayak delivery to customers within the beach towns of 30A. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 to rent your kayak today.

How to Paddle Your Rental Kayak Correctly

How to Paddle Your Rental Kayak Correctly

Paddling a kayak is harder than it looks, even over calm still waters. It is, after all, why kayaking can be such a workout. But many kayakers make paddling harder for themselves because, unbeknownst to them, they’re not paddling correctly. In order to get the most enjoyment from your kayak rental, take these tips to paddle correctly so that your excursion can be invigorating but ultimately satisfying.

Paddling From a Kayak, Not a Canoe

Paddling a canoe and paddling a kayak are two very different things. When paddling a canoe, you’re often holding two oars, each on their own side. You’re also more likely to hold the paddles close to your body. This isn’t very effective for kayaking, and can actually lead to your body being exhausted by the exercise sooner than you’d like. When kayaking, you have one paddle and you move it from one side to the other for balance.

Paddle From the Core, Not the Arms

Another way to tire yourself quickly is by putting the emphasis of weight on your arms. When paddling a kayak, you actually want to paddle from your torso. Start at your core and move outward: your arms will go through the correct motions as a result. This is not only the most efficient way to paddle without overexerting your body, but helps to strengthen and tighten your core, which is great for kayakers who are looking for the health benefits of kayaking.

Relax Your Core

However, paddling from your core is often confused with locking your core. Many kayakers feel that by sitting in a rigid position with their torso and shoulders locked, they’re putting themselves in more control of their stroke and better utilizing their core. In fact what’s happening is that you’re preventing yourself from utilizing your core, and you’re likely going to give yourself muscle soreness. Instead, sit straight but relax your core so that it will be more flexible. This will help you to focus your strength from there as well as exercise those muscles.

Don’t Neglect Your Legs

Yes, your legs are a part of your paddling as well. In fact, along with your torso, your legs should be doing much of the work strength-wise. On the inside of the kayak, you’ll be able to feel foot pegs. Keep your legs together and push against the foot pegs as you bring the paddle down in the water and push back. Try not to lean back against the backrest when you do so, as this will both hamper your posture and possibly be dangerous if you’re leaning back and hit rocky waters.

At The Rental Store 30A, you can trust that our kayaks will never look faded or flimsy. Choose from our selection of up-to-date, durable kayaks, from single seaters to double and triple seaters for the family. How you paddle from there is up to you. If you’re interested in a kayak rental yourself, call us at (850) 260-0001.

5 Reasons to Rent a Kayak on 30A

Rent a Kayak on 30A

With all the beaches, coastal dune lakes and lagoons in the 30A area, it’s hard not to take advantage of the water. There are so many different activities to enjoy from surfing to paddleboarding to just enjoying a bonfire by the beach. But both tourists and locals often opt for kayak rentals. Why? Here are a few reasons why you might choose to rent a kayak this May in 30A.

Lakes or Ocean, You Can Still Kayak

Many water sports activities are dependent on the body of water. For instance, you wouldn’t go to the beach to fish, nor would you try to surf at one of the coastal dune lakes near South Walton. Kayaking, on the other hand, is versatile. As long as there’s water, kayaks will still float.

Enjoy the View

Whether it’s Grayton, Miramar, or Santa Rosa, there’s a lot of beauty to take in in 30A. Sure, jet skiing and surfing can be exciting, but it’s not conducive to just soaking up the scenery. Kayaking is more leisurely. You can take your time to take in the deep blue waters and white sand, or even do some people watching. With a kayak, you can go at your own pace. If you want something more intense, put more pressure on those paddles. If not, just relax, coast, and enjoy the view.

Fun for the Family

With secure seating and life vests for all, kayaking is safe for various ages, and a great adventure and bonding experience for the whole family. At The Rental Shop 30A, we offer not just single seater kayaks but double and even triple seater kayaks. Block a day off to rent a couple kayaks with the family and explore the rare coastal dune lakes of 30A or challenge each other with a race. You’re bound to have fun no matter what you do.

It’s Good Exercise

Looking for a way to strengthen your arms and your core? Kayaking will help you tone your upper body with regular practice. Paddling a kayak may look simple at a distance, but it works the body more than you might think. After all, you are pushing against large bodies of water trying to move you in the opposite direction. The more intense your kayaking, the more invigorating your exercise. It’s a way to both get in shape and have fun.

Get Out in Nature

As a culture, we tend to stay indoors more than past generations. It’s not that we’ve lost our appreciation for nature, really, so much as we feel we’re too busy to take the time to see it. Renting a kayak could be the motivation you need to get out there and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the world around you. Reward yourself after a long week of work or just remind yourself to relax sometimes.

At The Rental Shop 30A, we offer kayak rentals at just $65 per day and $170 for the week. We offer free delivery to the beach towns of 30A and even encourage same day rentals. Call us at 850-260-0001 for more information.

4 Mistakes Beginner Kayakers Make

4 Mistakes Beginner Kayakers Make

Kayaking might look simple from a distance, but often beginner kayakers have to learn the hard way about the mistakes that can be made. Done right, kayaking can be invigorating and even adventurous. However, with a few mistakes, it can easily turn into more of a pain or hassle than it should be. When learning to kayak, here are a few mistakes that you should avoid.

Paddling From the Arms

It’s an easy misconception that when paddling a kayak, you should paddle from the arms. After all, from a distance, it’s the arms that you see moving. It’s also an easy way to become exhausted, even over calm waters. Paddling a kayak requires core strength and endurance. If you’re pushing with your arms, they’ll soon become weary with the rotation. Instead, focus on the torso. This is where your paddle stroke should originate. Not only will this alleviate some of the stress on your arms, but it will help you to tone your torso the more you paddle.

Locking Your Torso

On the other hand, some new kayakers will sit with their torso tight and taut in an attempt to paddle from their core. This makes them feel as if they’re pulling strength from their torso and more in control of their paddle stroke. In actuality, the unnecessary tension limits your paddling. Instead, relax your torso so that it can be more flexible and move with you as you paddle.

Failing to Hydrate

And because a paddle stroke can be an intensive workout, you’ll become dehydrated sooner than you might expect. The bright sun and hot temperatures in the 30A area can also hasten along dehydration. There’s little worse than paddling some distance out into the water, only to realize that you’re parched and you didn’t bring along anything to drink. But this is a trap that beginner kayakers fall into all to often. Make sure to pack a bottle of water, or two to be safe, and don’t put it off. As soon as you feel thirsty, take a drink.

Choosing the Wrong Boat

Some beginner kayakers feel that the slimmer the kayak the better. That’s not necessarily true. In fact, sometimes a wider kayak is the safer option. Others might choose the cheapest option, but that often means cheap materials, materials that will fail you when you get further into the water. Make sure your kayak is the right fit for you, that it’s a quality make as well as safe and reliable.

Fortunately, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about at The Rental Shop in 30A. We choose kayaks that don’t just look good, they’re made with quality, hardy plastic. We buy new kayaks regularly to make sure ours are up to date. We also choose universal models, from single seaters to double and even triple seat kayaks, that are user friendly enough for beginner kayakers to learn. And of course, we offer free delivery anywhere within the beach towns of 30A. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 to rent your own kayak and get out there — in a prepared way.

Why Choose Kayaks Over Canoes?

Kayak Rentals 30a

On the surface, kayaks and canoes may seem pretty similar. They’re both used for the same purpose, and though canoes tend to be broader and more open, they’re of a similar size and shape. Both canoes and kayaks are paddled,  and have basically the same function.  But among avid kayakers and canoeists, there’s often a conversation of which offers the better ride: kayaks or canoes.

At The Rental Shop in 30A, we say kayaks. Why?

Kayaks Are Beginner Friendly

No one likes to feel out of their depth when they’re starting something new. But between the two, kayaks tend to be easier to paddle for beginners and thus easier to learn. Kayaks are narrower than canoes and easier to maneuver than canoes of the same size. You’re also more snugly positioned in a kayak which makes beginners often feel more secure, with good reason. Kayaks are more resistant to tipping than canoes.

They’re Also Solo Friendly

Canoes can be paddled solo, but it’s a little unwieldy. The canoe is more likely to angle towards the tide of the water and can be a challenge to keep on a straight path with only one paddler. Kayaks, however, are great for solo paddlers. Kayaks are easier to keep in a straight path without the help of a partner.

Kayaks Keep Your Equipment Dry More Effectively

Another perk to the snug design of kayaks? It’s easier to keep your equipment and other belongings dry. When paddling in any body of water, splashing and sloshing is almost inevitable. Canoes are open, so if any water spills into the canoe, there’s no protection for your belongings. Not so with kayaks. Just place your equipment in the hatch and seal it and your equipment will stay dry throughout your venture.

Kayaks Are Better for Whitewater Rivers

Kayaks are built for buoyancy and often built with whitewater rapids in mind. Because they’re closed and narrower than canoes, they’re more equipped to handle rough waters. Thus athletes who enjoy a challenge and thrill are more likely to choose a kayak to suit their needs. Kayaks are also faster than canoes, built with two blades instead of just one.

Kayaks Are Easier to Move

The worst part of hitting the water is undoubtedly transporting the boat from your home to the water. Neither boat is exactly small enough to fit in the trunk of your car, but kayaks make transportation a little easier. Canoes are wide and heavy, making them difficult to carry. Kayaks, at least, can be carried more or less at your side, and often come with a shoulder strap for further ease of carrying.

At The Rental Shop, we offer high quality kayak rentals — never rough, scuffed, or faded. We purchase brand new kayaks every year to offer the best for our customers. We charge just $65 each day and $170 per week and offer free delivery to any beach towns in the 30A area. Interested in kayak rentals for yourself? Call us at (850) 260-0001.

How to Win at Paddle Board Racing

Paddle Board Rentals

Paddle board racing has existed for almost as long as paddle boards, but in its initial conception, it seemed hardly a thrilling sport to most. At the time, the popular paddle boards were shorter. Contestants on their knees bent over their boards and paddled with their hands for the duration of the race. Much like the riders, it was a sport that didn’t exactly take off.

But that changed with stand-up paddle boards (SUP). Now paddle boarding has a completely different look, with longer boards and a full length paddle that allows riders to stand as they ride. Thus paddle board racing now has a whole new look and it’s becoming more and more popular across the country.

Maybe you’ve seen paddle board racing yourself on Santa Rosa Beach or elsewhere on 30A, and were inspired to enter a race yourself. Where do you go from there? How do you prepare yourself for your first paddle board race? Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of race day.

Find a Race That Fits You

Don’t just sign up for the first paddle board race you find. Think about what you want to get out of this, and where your skills lie. Do you prefer paddling a short distance over a short time, or do you have the endurance to get you through a longer race. Paddle board races can range from 1 mile sprints to 15 miles. There’s even a 100 mile race in California for intense paddle boarders! So the race you sign up for matters — make sure you choose the right one.

Start Training ASAP

Sometimes the goal isn’t to win your first paddle board race. Sometimes the goal is just to finish the race without falling off you’re board. But if you’re particularly ambitious and set on winning, you have to keep in mind that the others in the race will likely have more experience than you. That doesn’t make winning impossible, but it does mean you have to train. Train as early as you can as regularly as you can: at least half the days in the week should be spent training. Have a friend time you so you can work to improve your speed. It might be a little messy at first, but that only goes to show how necessary training as. Keep at it, and soon the whole thing will feel like second nature.

Learn to Ride Safely

It’s great to want to win your first paddle board race, but it’s more important to be safe while doing it. Make sure you have your leash attached, sunscreen, and enough bottled water to stay hydrated during the race. Make sure your board fits you properly, and when training, let friends and family know where you are. The more safely you can ride, the more smoothly you’ll be able to ride, thus increasing your chance of winning.

At The End of the Day, Sleep It Off

Paddle boarding can be more rigorous than it looks. Hours of paddling can take a toll on the body, and being sleep deprived can take a toll on your performance on the race day. So get in the habit of sleeping 8 hours every night, especially the night before the race.

Find Support

Whether it’s a partner to train with or friends and family to cheer you on, it helps to have someone in your corner. When training makes you feel discouraged, your support system can motivate you to keep trying. They can be there to cheer for you on the day of the race, helping you with confidence and drive to win. It’s hard to win without a support system, and even if you could, would you want to?

Don’t have a paddle board of your own? No problem. The Rental Shop in 30A offers SUP paddle board rentals of a variety of sizes and styles. These boards are always new, never rough or faded, so not only will you win but you’ll look great doing it. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 for paddle board rentals.

5 Little Known Facts About Golf Carts

Golf Cart Rentals

Think you know all there is to know about golf cart rentals? Of course, it might not seem off the bat like there is much to know: they’re small canopied cars run by gas and electric and they’re a convenient way to help you carry your golf equipment or beach equipment. But you might be surprised by what you don’t know about golf carts. Here are a few little known facts you may have never heard before.

Golf Carts Are Exceptionally American

Golf carts were invented by American golfers, according to Golf Digest, one of our first additions to the game. To this day, according to Golf Digest, golf carts are still most popular in America. American golfers use golf carts six times more frequently than British golfers, who typically reserve golf carts for those with physical disabilities. “Hoofing it” is an important part of the game across the pond.

The Longest Distance Traveled by Golf Cart: 1034.6 Miles

In January of 2017 Morugadi Venkata Krishna Reddy, Morugadi Vanaja and Morugadi Vamshi Krishna Reddy spent a week traveling through golf cart. They traveled over 1,000 miles, making it the longest distance ever traveled by golf cart travel. It also made the three Morugadis Guinness Book of World Records record holders.

Golf Cart Laws in Florida

In Florida, golf cart owners are not required to have golf cart insurance, although it’s still a good idea (as well as a good idea to make sure a golf cart rentals company is insured if you rent from them). The minimum age requirement is 14 and drivers do not need to have a valid driver’s license to drive golf carts. Some areas of Florida even require golf cart parking spaces in parking lots because golf cart driving is so common.

HOAs Sometimes Have Color Restrictions

You might think of HOA rules that have to do with the state of your yard or regulations about pets. However, some HOAs, especially in Florida, have very strict rules about the color of golf carts allowed in a community. This has obviously been a point of contention, especially for avid golf cart drivers.

It Might Not Be a Car, But You Can Still Have an Accident

Many people assume that golf carts are essentially harmless. People rarely speed with golf carts and they seem too small to do too much damage. But you should still exercise caution while driving or riding in a golf cart. Don’t stand up while the cart is in motion, don’t exceed the maximum number of passengers, and follow all traffic regulations. Perhaps most importantly, never drive a golf cart while drunk. This may seem like a funny scenario, but it can lead to disaster, and yes, you can be pulled over and receive a DUI for driving a golf cart under the influence.

Another fun fact about golf carts? You don’t have to own one to enjoy them. Request golf cart rentals from The Rental Shop in 30A. All golf cars are delivered for free to beach towns along 30A. Call us today for more information: (850) 260-0001.

3 Classic Snacks That Are a Perfect Fit With Beach Bonfires

You’re planning a beach bonfire. You have the right weather, the right friends, the right rental shop offering beach bonfires for rent, and of course, the right beach along 30A. All that’s left now is to bring the right snacks along.

The munchies you bring to beach bonfires is up to you and your guests, but there are some classics that just make sense with a bonfire. Here are a few of our favorites.

Hot Dogs

Before the reign of s’mores, hot dogs pretty much owned the beach bonfire scene, and they’re still some of the most popular snacks for beach bonfires. They’re low maintenance, easily roastable, and delicious. Bring a pack of buns along and whatever condiments you want. You can even make a game out of asking each guest to bring a condiment of their choice (make a list for everyone so there are no duplicates). Then just pop the dog on a stick or your own prongs and hold it over the fire until it’s nice and roasted. It’s a classic beach bonfire snack that never gets old.


S’mores are by far the most classic beach bonfire snack, and for good reason. Their sweet and slightly messy nature makes them a hit with kids, but you’re never too old to enjoy s’mores, so a party of adults will be just as happy with them. The standard ingredients are graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Place some of the chocolate on top of one graham cracker and roast the marshmallows over the fire until they’re nice and gooey. Then place the marshmallows in between the graham crackers and chocolate and enjoy. However, don’t be afraid to get creative. Some bonfire goers will even try combining the popularity of the s’more with the popularity of the hot dog to create a s’more dog.


Sometimes you want a healthier, but still tasty option. If that’s your fancy, the beach bonfire treat for you is kabobs. You can make kabobs with a mixture of meat and veggies or go for the vegan option of a vegetable kabob. In this case, it’s probably best to make them beforehand. Chop the meat and veggies into bite-sized portions and then stack them on a skewer. Pack enough skewers for your friends and family and then, over the bonfire, roast until you’re happy with the result. The smoky roasted taste will make eating vegetables not just good for you, but delicious.

Beach bonfires are the perfect opportunity to enjoy any of these delectable treats with your friends as you watch the sun go down over one of the beaches along 30A. But you don’t have to have your own beach bonfire to make that possible. With The Rental Shop in 30A you can rent a bonfire complete with a s’mores kit and roasting sticks. We’ll even set-up and tear down the bonfire fit. Call us today at 860-260-0001 to rent yours today.

Kayaking as a Workout Routine

Exercise isn’t always hitting the gym or throwing on a pair of running shoes, and a workout routine doesn’t have to be something to dread. In fact, kayaking offers many benefits to those wanting to tone their upper body or even lose weight. It requires as much effort as any other workout routine, but with an activity as fun as kayaking, this exhilarating method of getting in shape may not feel like work at all.

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How to Host the Best Beach Bonfires on 30A

With the weather warming up in the 30A area, it’s time to hit the beach again. What better way to celebrate with your friends than with a beach bonfire party? The Rental Shop 30A can help with our selection of beach bonfires for rent, complete with setup, teardown, and the legal permit from the county. We can even provide some of the supplies, like seating and smores. But how you host your beach bonfire party is entirely up to you. Here are some tips to wow your guests this spring.

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4 Tips for Paddle Board Safety

With spring here and summer on its way, paddle board rentals on 30A are more and more in demand. The Rental Shop 30A offers stand-up paddle board rentals in shapes that are remarkably easy to ride, each complete with a long, easy to use paddle. But in your excitement to get back out there on the water, make sure that you’re practicing preparedness and caution.

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3 Reasons to Rent a Golf Cart for Your Day at the Beach in 30A

Sure golf cart rentals aren’t a must for your day at the beach in 30A, but they’re not exactly an unpopular choice, either. There are several reasons why you might invest in a golf cart rental for your beach trip.

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The Best Bike rental Shop on 30A

The Rental Shop has a reputation in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida along highway 30A for being known as a company with new and clean equipment. Not only are the bike rentals nice looking but they are also very comfortable to ride! Clients give rave reviews about how excellent the bikes performed. 

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Why the Florida Panhandle is the Best Place to Vacation


One magazine recently ranked Grayton Beach as one of the most laid-back beaches. The Florida panhandle has a lot to offer visitors. If you’re wondering what kind of activities you can try while you’re here, we have a few ideas.


Kayaking in the turquoise waters of the Florida panhandle is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the water. You can rent a kayak for 1-3 people and have it brought right to your location. You don’t have to worry about transporting anything.

You can even rent a kayak made specifically for fishing. It has a comfortable seat and ample room for your gear. It even has a cup holder.

If you fall in love with your kayak, you can buy it. All of the kayaks rented out by The Rental Shop 30A are new and in excellent condition. That’s what makes renting from The Rental Shop 30A such a great deal. You get to rent something that’s new and in amazing condition.

Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding

If you have been wanting to try a stand-up paddle board, you’re in luck. You can rent them from The Rental Shop 30A when you visit a beach in our service area in the Florida panhandle.

Stand up paddle boarding is fun for the whole family. Have your paddle boards delivered to you and then get out on the water. It’s that easy. It’s not only fun, it’s great exercise. It also gives you the chance to enjoy our beautiful waters and beaches.


Explore our lovely beach towns and parks on a bike. Grayton, in particular, is noted for the beauty of the town. Feel the warm Florida sunshine as you bike around the area and get a real feel for the history of the area.

Bikes are available for the whole family. There are even trailers for toddlers to ride in comfort. Whether you’re on your own or you’ve brought the family, biking can be a fun adventure in the Florida panhandle.


Beach Bonfire

You can finish an active day off perfectly with a bonfire at the beach. Contact The Rental Shop 30A and we will get everything ready for you. We’ll even get the permit. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fire with your friends and family. It’s both relaxing and enjoyable. You can even rent chairs, a table, and lighting. The s’mores are free, though.

Perfect Getaway

The Florida panhandle has wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and exceptionally lovely water. You and your family will have a great time when you come to visit us. We’ll do everything we can to help you have a vacation to remember. Whether you want to kayak, paddle board, bike, or sit by a bonfire, we will help you find what you need. At the Rental Shop 30A, we make it our business to make sure our customers are satisfied. If you’re coming to the Florida Panhandle for your beach vacation, give us a call.  

Why You Should Visit Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach, founded in 1910, was named in the top 5 of Travel and Leisure’s “America’s Favorite Towns.”    What’s so special about Santa Rosa?  The combination of old and new as well as the beautiful scenery. Here are some things you can do when you visit one of our amazing hotels or resorts in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Food and Fun

You’ll find there’s a lot to do around Santa Rosa Beach and many sights to see. You could easily enjoy your whole vacation by just enjoying our lovely beaches. If you’re looking for some sightseeing, though, here are some ideas.

Destin Harbor Boardwalk

The Destin Harbor Boardwalk provides access to the waterfront, amazing restaurants, and lots of water activities.  This boardwalk was designed so visitors could quickly see all that Destin has to offer.

The Air Force Armament Museum

Located in Eglin, the Air Force Armament Museum has fighter jets and even the SR-71 blackbird.  It’s a tribute to American ingenuity, not to mention that fighter jets are amazing. You can see bomb from WWII all the way to more modern bombs and see how they’ve changed.

Enjoy nature

You can certainly enjoy the natural beauty of Santa Rosa Just by visiting the beach. Rent a paddle board or kayak and experience the turquoise water up close. Beyond the white sand beach alone, there are some lovely natural places to visit in Santa Rosa, Florida.

Point Washington State Forest

This 15,000-acre preserve has an extensive trail system through the lush forest. The trails are suitable for hiking and biking. The three main trails give you a choice of how far you want to go. With choices of a 3.5, 5, or 10-mile loop you can decided how much nature you’re up to seeing.  You can even rent a bike for your stay in Santa Rosa.

You can camp overnight at the Eastern Lake Campground which has 4 primitive campsites. Call (850) 373-1801 to reserve a campsite.

Henderson Beach State Park

If you’re looking for a place to take the kids, and pets, this park has what you need. The first stop on the nature trail is a playground. There are also pavilions for picnicking and grilling. The Henderson Beach is also A.D.A. accessible. It’s truly a place to take the whole family.

The nature trail provides a look at some rare sights including the coastal dune eco-system.   Other natural features include dune rosemary and sand pines.

Boardwalks in the park will take you to the beach for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing.

Creating Memories

When you’re ready to get out on the water you can rent a kayak or paddle board. You can tour the sites around Santa Rosa Beach on a bike. You can even enjoy a hassle-free beach bonfire, permit and s’mores included. Here in Santa Rosa Beach, we want our visitors to have the time of their lives so they’ll keep coming back. You probably won’t want to leave. 

Why You Should Try Paddle Board Yoga

 Paddle Board

Ever since paddle boarding began in Waikiki in the 1960’s it has been one of the most beginner-friendly activities. If you’re looking to take the experience up a notch, why not try paddle board yoga. The peace and tranquility of the water will kick the yoga experience up a notch.


Instability. Because the board isn’t completely stable, you have to use more muscles to stay stable. While that sounds like a bad thing, it’s great for a workout of any kind. The more muscles you use, the stronger you get. That’s the reason why using stability balls in workouts is so popular. You’ll also be able to tell whether you’re doing your poses correctly. If you tilt too far to one side, the paddle board will tell you.

The rush. Another benefit to the instability is the rush of adrenaline from almost falling into the water. Nothing beats adrenaline when it comes to kicking your workout into high gear. An article on FitDay says that when you get a rush of adrenaline during your workout you should take advantage of it because it doesn’t happen very often.

Overcoming Fear. Falling in the water is perfectly safe, but the fear will likely be there. You have to overcome the fear and get back up on the board when you fall off. It’s about perseverance.

Breathing. If you manage to keep your board steady and balanced you can begin to enjoy the peace that comes from being on the water. The sound of the waves will help you practice Ujjayi breathing or “ocean breath.”  Ocean breath starts in the diaphragm and moves up to your upper chest and throat. It’s a gentle form of breathing with equal time inhaling and exhaling. Practicing it on the water is ideal.

Fun: While you are still challenging yourself, a paddle board makes the workout a lot more fun. It’s a chance to practice yoga in a whole new way. If you’ve gotten into a rut with your yoga routine, this could be your answer.

Finding a paddle board

Buy from knowledgeable people. The larger the selection a store has, the lower the knowledge they have on any given item. If you want to be sure you’re buying the right paddle board, ask people that know about paddle boarding.  

Rent before you buy. If you’ve never used a paddle board before it is a good idea to rent one before you buy it.  That way you can get a feel for the board. You can also get a discount on the purchase of your paddle board.

Paddle board yoga helps you become more balanced and stable.  If your yoga routine has gotten boring, paddle board yoga can make your yoga workout more challenging and more fun at the same time. Just find a paddle board and row out to a place where you can try your poses. Let the beautiful turquoise water off of the Florida panhandle support you as you breathe and move.  

Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is increasingly popular these days, and it´s no wonder why. Not only are kayaks cheaper than a big traditional boat - they allow you to get to many of those hard-to-reach fishing spots where the big boys swim. They can be rigged any way imaginable, and not only that - it´s FUN!

Having said that, it´s definitely a challenge. Why? Partly because it´s just plain different from fishing out of a boat. You’re closer to the water, slightly less stable, sitting down, and at the mercy of the wind and current – all factors that require a little different approach than fishing from a boat.

Learn to ´´Do The One Handed Paddle´´

Successful kayak angling requires skill in learning how to paddle with one hand. It goes without saying that paddling a kayak is a simple task with two hands, as the rhythm comes easily to even the greenest of newbie kayakers. But what do you do when you’re engaged in the fightof a lifetime with a fish with one hand, and you’ve got to steer yourwith the other to keep from going further out, or to avoid an obstacle? Practice locking the shaft of your paddle along a forearm, anchoring it against your arm. This allows you to use it more like a traditional canoe paddle.

Learn To Cast One Handed

This just may be the hardest part for ´´land lubber´´ fishermen who are accustomed to fishing from the shore, or a nice stable boat deck. Due to the fact that there isn´t much room between you and the water, casting two-handed is difficult. Experience has taught many kayak fishermen how to cast one handed the majority of the time, with either baitcasting or spinning tackle, so you´ll need to prepare your gear accordingly, opting for lighter bait options that can be skillfully flicked.

Boots Were Made For Walkin, But Feet Were Made For Fishin!

This might seem weird, but it´s surprising just how often experienced kayak fishermen seem to use their feet in some way while out on the water. If your boat is narrow enough, you can actually use them as rudders in some situations, and they work as great anchors when fishing rip rap, laydowns, and other shallow areas – simply stick a foot out and hold until you’re done fishing the spot.

Cast To Steer

Some baits, like crankbaits and spinnerbaits, can be used to help steer the boat. If you’re fishing a crankbait from a lightweight kayak, you’ll see soon enough that the resistance generated from reeling in will actually pull your boat in the direction you’re casting. Nefit from this, and you’re your casts count, aiming for the direction that will correct your kayak´s course.

Kayak Fishing and Eddies

Common sense says that it´s a nightmare to fish currents from a kayak, but that’s not actually the case – as long as you know how to exploit it, using it to your advantage. To maximize this, go past the spot you want to fish, then tuck into the eddy behind it, and fish until your heart’s content – without even having to paddle.


5 Myths About Kayaking

5 Kayaking Myths

If you’ve been nervous about trying out kayaking, it could be because you’ve been told some tall tales about what kayaking is like. We’re here to set the record straight. We’re going to talk about 5 kayaking myths so you can get on the right track.

Myth #1: Paddling requires a lot of upper body strength

While on the surface it may seem like paddling is mostly an upper body workout, it’s not. Paddling isn’t only about the arms. When you’re kayaking, you use your core and even your legs. Your arms may hold the paddle, but the power comes from your core.

Myth #2: Kayaks are too unstable

While kayaks are known for tipping, there’s a good reason for that.  They’re supposed to lean a little. That’s what makes them so maneuverable in the water. Kayaks aren’t meant for people to stand in so you will feel it wobble as you climb in.  If it feels stable as you climb in, that could be a problem. You may have a kayak with a flat bottom. It feels stable at first, but it will roll over with the first wave.  

A better kayak is one that isn’t totally flat on the bottom. It might feel like it’s going to tip as you get in, but it won’t roll over easily. That kind of kayak is better at taking some waves without dumping you out into the water.

Myth #3: Paddling is difficult in a kayak

Because kayaks are small and lightweight, it’s easy to move them through the water. When paddling, try to imagine that the water is thick like syrup.  Instead of trying to pull the paddle through the water, think of it as moving your boat past the paddle. That mindset will help you use the proper technique.

Kayaking in Santa Rosa Beach


Myth #4: Kayaks are too small to hold fishing gear

Kayaks are great for fishing. In fact, there are kayaks designed with fishing in mind. Fishing kayaks have room for your gear and may even have some extras like a cup holder. Even regular kayaks have room to hold a few things. If you’re wanting to pack some lunch and take it with you while you paddle, you have plenty of room. Just remember not to leave any trash in our beautiful water.

Myth #5: You could get stuck in the kayak if it tips over

Sea kayaks don’t cover your legs and there’s nothing strapping you into the kayak. If it were to tip over, you would just fall out. Thankfully, it’s difficult to sink a kayak. Even if you’re not a good swimmer and your kayak tips over, you can hang onto it. It’s not going under water. You can get right back in.

If you’re visiting some of the amazing beaches of the Florida Panhandle and would like to give kayaking a try, give us a call or reserve your kayak online. We’re happy to bring a kayak to you anywhere in our service area.






Rent a Kayak from the Right People

Kayak Renting

Whether you’re a local here in the Florida panhandle or a visitor wanting to take advantage of the beautiful water, you may find yourself looking to rent a kayak. Renting a kayak is a good idea for locals that don’t use kayaks often or if you don’t have the space to store one. If you’re visiting, bringing a kayak with you can be a hassle or even impossible.

There are some things you should look out for when you decide to rent a kayak. The quality of the kayaks can vary depending on where you rent them. Then there are the logistics of getting the kayak to the water.


New kayaks come in beautiful colors. If the kayaks you see are faded, they may not have gotten the most TLC. Rent kayaks from a shop that cares about the equipment they rent out and regularly buys new equipment.


Before renting from anywhere, make sure you check the company website to see what options they have available. Kayaks come in multiple sizes and some can hold 3 people. If the shop you’re looking at doesn’t have the size you want, look elsewhere.

A good rental location will have a variety of options to choose from.


Make sure you’re not overpaying. If you go through a service or agency to book your rental, you’re going to pay more. Make sure you aren’t talking to a middleman when you make the call to rent your kayak.

If you call and get the owner of the shop, you know you’re getting a good deal.


Do you have a vehicle that can carry a kayak?  You’re renting a kayak because it would be inconvenient to bring your own. So, if you need to rent one, you’re likely to need it transported for you. Find a rental shop that will transport your kayak to your location without any hassle. If they act like transporting your kayak will be time consuming and expensive, look elsewhere. Professionals should be able to easily transport the products they rent out.

Multiple Services

It’s good to rent from a shop that has more than one service. That way you don’t have to scour the area for different shops if you also want a bike, paddle board, or would like to have a bonfire. It’s better if you can find everything you need in one place. You can rent a kayak in the morning and then have a bonfire at the beach for your family and friends at night.

Renting a quality kayak should be easy. If it’s a hassle, you’ve gone to the wrong people. When you’re dealing with the right people you know it instantly by the great customer service and their willingness to help you find the right kayak for you. Whether you need a kayak for fishing or just enjoying the water, find a shop that has the right equipment at the right price. Don’t pay extra fees by going through a service. Talk to the owners directly.

Best spots to kayak or paddle board on highway 30A in Santa Rosa beach

Here is a brief overview of great areas to paddle around on highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. 

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Team Building at the Beach

Team Building At The Beach

If you’re looking for a unique team building experience, come to the beach. One key to team building is putting your people in an environment where they can relax.  There isn’t much that’s more relaxing than the beach, is there? That’s why moving team building out of the office and to the beach is such a great idea. If you can get to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida, The Rental Shop 30A can help you put it all together.  Here’s how:


One of the key team building exercises you can try involves communication. Teams thrive when communication is clear. That being said, how can the beach facilitate communication exercises?

Imagine your team sitting around a fire at the beach in the evening.  They’re all talking and laughing. That’s easy to imagine, isn’t it?

If you can get your team together in the evening, you can have a beach bonfire. You can rent pretty much everything you need from The Rental Shop 30A.  We will even get the fire permit for you. We provide the wood and other things you might need like a table, chairs, and lighting. We even throw in the s’mores for free.

In this setting, communication will be more open. You can play communication games in the firelight. You can have food and drinks and everyone can get to know each other a little better.

One great communication team building exercise is Shapes in the Sand. One team member turns away from the other. The goal is for the one with their back turned to describe a shape without naming it. Meanwhile, the other team member draws the shape based on the description.

Planning Exercises

Teams can try the sandcastle challenge. With only a bucket and sand, teams have to construct the largest sandcastle. When the time is up, everyone can see which castles had the best planning and which ones could have been planned a little better.

Another game is Passing the Hoop. The team stands in a circle holding hands. A hula hoop is placed on one pair of hands.  The hula hoop has to go around the whole circle while all of the hands stay joined.

Trust Exercises

You know what trust exercises are.  One person falls back and the others catch her. In the fun and relaxed setting of the beach, those exercises will go much more smoothly.

The Rental Shop 30A also rents out kayaks, paddleboards, and bikes. These can be excellent for team building exercises. For example, in a three-person kayak, the rower closes their eyes while their teammates give them directions to the goal.

When reading about those exercises, did you picture them happening at a beach? Most team building exercises can be done at the beach. They’re not just instructional.  This isn’t school. Team building at the beach is relaxing and fun. Let us help you by providing the bonfire, chairs, lighting, music, and additional rentals like kayaks. You provide the team building exercises and we’ll provide the atmosphere. 

Health Benefits of Spending Time on the Water

Healthy Benefits of Spending Time in Water

Kayaking and paddle boarding are obviously fun, but they’re also good for you. The health benefits are an added reason to get out on the water and have fun.

Physical Fitness

Moving through the water on a paddle board or kayak is one of the most enjoyable workouts you can have. You may just think of your arms as doing the work, but your legs are working as well when you row. Your arms get a workout, but you’re also moving your torso and your legs are providing stability and support.

As your muscles are working, your heart is working to give them the oxygen they need. That makes paddling a very heart healthy exercise. While pretty much any exercise can be good for your heart, regular exercise is best. If you’re getting a workout while you’re having fun, it seems easy even though your body is putting a lot of work into it.

You get a full body workout while enjoying the beautiful water off the Florida panhandle. It’s hard to think of a better way to exercise.

Mental Health

Exercise is good for your body and mind. Your body releases endorphins that make you feel good as you go. Plus, exercise one of the healthiest forms of stress relief you can find. When you add to that the beautiful surroundings of the beach and the water, you feel like you’re in paradise. It’s easy to put the troubles of work and real life behind you while you’re on the water.

An article titled “Exercise for Mental Health” on the National Institutes of Health website by Sharma, Madaan, and Petty (2006) says: “Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function.”

Everyone needs a break. There’s nothing more different from the office than the water. Spending time on the water can help you feel more centered.  It’s that simple.

Sunshine Vitamin

While you should take every precaution to prevent sunburn, being out in the sun will give you the added benefit of vitamin D. Vitamin D is associated with good bone health and a positive mood. There’s a reason that people in the southern half of the United States are less affected by seasonal affective disorder or SAD. The Sunshine makes us happy.  Vitamin D may play a role in that.

In a study referenced on WebMD, people with high blood pressure were exposed to UVA and UVB light increasing their vitamin D levels substantially over 3 months. Amazingly, their blood pressure normalized. This indicates that the vitamin D produced in your body as a result of sunlight is good for your health.

Getting out on the water is as easy as showing up and renting a kayak or paddle board.  Your rental will be brought to you and you can take off out onto the water. It’s a hassle-free process.  Your visit to the Florida Panhandle can be a fun, relaxing, and healthy adventure for you and your family. 


Beach Activities for Kids

Kids Beach Activities

Little ones can only make sandcastles for so long before their attention wanders. If you’re visiting the Florida Panhandle with your kids you’ve likely got your sunscreen, hats, and swimsuits ready to go. What about activities for the little ones on the beach?  There is plenty to do on your Florida Beach vacation even for the littlest members of your family.


Bike Rentals

Biking can be fun for the whole family, even members of the family who are too small to ride on their own. A safe way for little ones to join in on the family fun is to rent a bike with either a front carrier or a toddler trailer.  That way your toddler can keep up with the rest of the family and enjoy the ride. It’s also more fun than walking. A lot of walking on a vacation can make little legs sore and leave your toddler exhausted. With a fun bike ride, little ones can rest and enjoy a snack while mom and dad have fun riding their bikes.

Older Children

Not only can your kids enjoy bike rentals, they can also start to enjoy some of the more exciting aspects of a beach vacation. 

Paddle boarding

Renting a paddleboard can make the waters off the Florida Panhandle even more fun for kids that can swim. Kids can share a paddleboard with mom or dad while older teens can give it a try for themselves. Paddle boarding is easier than surfing so there isn’t much of a learning curve before you can really have fun.

1. Kids should wear PFDs.

2. Find a safe place to paddle board without a lot of big waves.

3. Paddle boards are for kids who can swim. Non-swimmers can find other beach activities like wading and playing in the sand.


Renting a two or three-person kayak can give you and your kids the opportunity to experience Florida’s beautiful coastal waters for yourselves.  Here are some safety tips for kayaking with kids:

1. Even if the life vest is uncomfortable, it needs to stay on.  If it’s very uncomfortable, make sure it if the right fit and that it’s adjusted properly. 

2. Life vest for adults is not appropriate for kids.  Kids should have PFDs that fit properly.

3. It’s better for kids to sit up front so you have better control of the kayak.


Bonfires are a relaxing way to spend the evening after an active day at the beach. Instead of trying to throw it together yourself, contact The Rental Shop 30A.  They can get the permits and provide supplies. Then you can just sit back while your kids make s’mores.

There are a lot of fun activities for kids when you vacation in the Florida panhandle. Enjoy the beach and have fun. Whether you’re out on the water with a paddleboard or on the beach with a bonfire, there are plenty of activities for the whole family. We hope you give us a call and let us be the first to welcome you to Florida.


Why Beach Bonfires are so much Fun with the Family

 Beach Bonfire Package

Fun at the beach doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. A beach bonfire can be the perfect end to a beautiful day at the beach in Florida. The great thing is, you don’t have to do all of the work yourself. That makes it doable even for busy parents. Here are some reasons why a beach bonfire can be easy and fun for the whole family. 

It’s relaxing

When The Rental Shop provides your bonfire, you can just sit back and relax. Kids get tired after a day playing in the water so a chance to sit and make smores is the perfect way to relax without having to go back to the hotel room.

Don’t worry about too much smoke

A good bonfire uses oak, not pine. Make sure that whoever you hire is using the best wood possible to reduce smoke. That way you don’t have to worry about smoke burning your kids eyes while they make smores.

Kids love making smores

It’s not just about sitting and talking.  While that is an advantage of sitting around a bonfire, kids often want a little more to do. Making smores together is fun, but not too much work. It’s a perfect balance.

You don’t have to sit on blankets in the sand

While a blanket can be good enough for the kids, parents need to rest their backs after lugging around little ones. So, make sure chairs are provided in your bonfire package and you can rest your back and enjoy the beach at the same time.

It's not expensive

You don’t have to do any of the work and you can rent everything you need. Even smores and pokers are included. So, it’s an amazing value. Most people aren’t equipped to make a bonfire themselves when they’re away from home. That’s why it’s great to be able to have everything provided by The Rental Shop 30A at a reasonable price.

You can get a customized bonfire package

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to sit in the sand because you forgot chairs. Chairs can be rented and so can a table. Table torches are a lovely addition as well. You can even have music.

It’s legal

The Rental Shop will get a fire permit and be sure that you are set up in a location where fires are permitted. That’s something that would be difficult to do if you were coming in from out of town. Having some locals there to help is an amazing advantage that you don’t get on every vacation. It’s worth taking advantage of.

An evening at the beach sitting around a fire is the perfect ending to a day of swimming, kayaking, biking, or paddle boarding. When you visit the Florida panhandle, make sure to have a bonfire on the beach and you will have an enjoyable time with your whole family.  Get all you can out of your beach vacation by staying at the beach into the evening around a bonfire. 

Paddle Boarding in Florida Panhandle

Paddle Boarding RentalAre you looking for activities along the Florida Panhandle? One trendy way to spend your beach vacation is paddle boarding. Paddleboards come in a variety of styles. You can likely find one that meets your needs. Let’s talk a little bit about paddleboarding and paddleboards.

What is paddle boarding?

If you don’t take many trips to the beach, you may wonder what the difference is between paddle boarding and surfing. Paddle boarding looks a lot like surfing at a glance. Some people even use surfboards to paddle board. However, the point of paddle boarding isn’t to ride a breaking wave to shore. Instead, you can ride some of the gentler swells out further from shore. You can lay, kneel, or stand on a paddle board. You’re propelled by making a swimming motion in the water and riding some of the waves. Paddle boarding may look like surfing, but it’s a very friendly sport for beginners. If you’re not sure you can balance on the board standing up, you can always lay down or kneel.

Which paddleboard is right for you?

While you can use a surfboard, it’s best for beginners to use a paddleboard. They’re designed specifically for the needs of paddleboarders. One option to consider is inflatable paddleboards. Inflatable paddleboard technology has improved over time so that now, inflatable paddle boards are similar to fiberglass boards. One advantage is that they seem to glide over the water in a way that some fiberglass and plastic boards do not. That doesn’t mean they are better than all plastic based paddleboards. Obviously, plastic boards do not need to be inflated. It also depends on the feel you prefer and whether weight is a consideration in your situation. Whether you choose a plastic or inflatable board is often down to taste. If you get a board that feels right to you, then you will perform better.

Florida paddle boarding

If you’re planning a trip to Florida there are some spectacular beaches for paddle boarding. Consider these beaches when you come for a visit: Sandestin, Miramar Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, Watersound, Seagrove Beach, Dune Allen Beach, and Blue Mountain Beach. These are some of the best beaches for paddle boarding. If you’re only visiting you likely don’t have your own paddle board. Even if you do it might be hard to transport. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

Where can you get a paddle board in the Florida Panhandle?

If you’re going to vacation in Florida, consider renting a paddle board from The Rental Shop. If you decide you really love paddle boarding you can even buy a board at our shop. You can get a range of different paddle boards from The Rental Shop. We have plastic, inflatable, and some of the best Surftech boards you can find.

Make the most of your visit to the Florida panhandle by enjoying everything Florida has to offer. There is great food, amazing resorts, and lots of fun to be had at the beach.

Kayaking in the Florida Panhandle

Kayaking in Florida

On your Florida vacation, there are a million possibilities for fun. Whether you’re staying at a resort or one of our amazing hotels, kayaking is a wonderful way to experience the water off the Florida panhandle. Even if you’ve never been kayaking before, it’s never too late to get hooked. Let’s look at some of your kayaking options.

Likely, you won’t be able to bring your own kayak on your Florida vacation. So, that means getting a rental. What you want to look for in a kayak rental shop is that they have new kayaks. Some shops may have beat up and old kayaks, but to get your money’s worth,  stick with shops that carry new equipment. The Rental Shop 30A carries new kayaks that don’t look worn out.

Next, think of how you would like to use your kayak. Is this a fishing trip?  If so, there are kayaks that are specially made for fishing.  Why do you need a special kayak for fishing? They have room for fish finders and all of your gear. Even the seating can be different from some other kayaks with a stadium style seat with a backrest.

There are other options to consider. For example, if you’re on a trip with your family, do you get a kayak for each person, or will you be sharing a kayak? Some kayaks can seat up to 3 people. These larger kayaks can be used by an individual and often you can even install a seat for added comfort. Some 1-3 person kayaks come with seats already installed.

If you will be renting a 1 person kayak, you have options. You can rent a single kayak, a double, or even a fishing kayak. It just depends on how much space you need and if you’ll be carrying any gear. Single kayaks have room for gear and can even have installed seating.

Kayaking on vacation doesn’t mean you have to rent a trailer or an SUV that will allow you to carry the kayak on top. The Rental Shop will bring your kayak to you. Delivery is included with your rental fee. That means you don’t have to spend valuable vacation time transporting the kayak from the store.

Safety tips:

    • Always wear a life jacket.
    • Don’t drink alcohol.
    • Avoid areas with a lot of motorized boats.


Kayaking can make your Florida panhandle vacation a memorable one. Even if you’re just here on business, you can rent a kayak for the day so you can be out on the water as soon as you’re free from work. Make sure to choose a kayak that suits your needs, rent from a place with new equipment, and have your kayak delivered to you. Always remember to be safe on the water.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been kayaking for quite a while, the Florida panhandle is the perfect place for kayaking. What are you waiting for?  Rent a kayak for your Florida vacation and enjoy our beautiful beaches. Welcome to Florida!

Biking with Your Family on Vacation

Biking With Family

There are a lot of fun things for families to do on a vacation in Florida and you don’t have to break the bank. One activity your whole family can enjoy is biking. Here are some tips for biking with your family on vacation this year.

Bring the little ones along.   Of course, small children can’t ride a bike themselves, but they can ride along with the rest of the family with a toddler trailer.  You can even get a double toddler trailer if you have more than one little one to pull along.

Stick with even terrain for young children. While some older kids may have energy to spare, make sure the area where you choose to bike isn’t overly difficult. Thankfully, along the Florida coast, there are a lot of areas that are bike friendly and kid friendly.

Keep it fun. Don’t get stuck on a preset distance or destination in your mind. If your kids start looking a little tired, head back to the hotel. You can rent bikes by the week at The Rental Shop. You can always start fresh the next day. When kids get tired they might start falling behind. That’s a good cue that you need to take a little break.

Don’t forget helmets. You don’t want to ruin your Florida vacation with an injury.  Everyone in the family should wear helmets that fit properly when they’re riding bikes.

Bring a snack.  A snack is a perfect way to recharge on a bike ride. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just carry a few small snacks in a bag along with some water.

Bring a first aid kit. If you have a first aid kit with you, you’ll be able to handle some minor scrapes from a fall. You don’t have to buy a large home kit. Smaller kits are available.

Bike safety. Make sure your kids know the correct safety measures when biking. Everyone needs to be able to obey traffic laws if you decide to bike on a road. The NHTSA has bike safety tips you can go over with your kids to make sure they’re ready before you decide to bike on the street with them.

Be a cheerleader.  One way to make sure your kids have fun is to tell them what they’re doing right. Sometimes mistakes stand out more than successes. Granted, you have to keep them safe, so you have to stop dangerous behavior.  However, positive words go a long way and make everything more fun. It also reinforces good biking habits.

Biking on vacation isn’t just fun for kids. Couples can have an amazing time, too. Bikes are an excellent way to explore your favorite vacation spot in ways you might not have considered before. They allow you to get closer to your environment than you can in a car. So, whether you’re biking with kids or just with the one you love, you can make happy memories by biking on your vacation. 

Where to eat on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach

A locals guide to dining!

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where to go paddle boarding on 30A

Brand New 30A Bike Rentals Santa Rosa beach

The Rental Shop bike rentals 30A

Rent brand new and clean bikes from The Rental Shop 30A. Free Delivery is offered throughout all of Santa Rosa Beach on highway 30A, and to certain parts of Destin, Panama City beach, Sandestin, and Miramar Beach, Florida. 

Clean, Comfortable and new bike rentals beginning at 50.00 per week! Free delivery 850-260-0001

The Rental Shop has the highest standards when it comes to bike rentals. The owners buy new bikes every year and throughout season. If bikes become heavily scratched they are removed from the rental fleet. Bike rentals begin at 50.00 per week, and range up to 65.00 per week for new premium 3 speed bike rentals. The owners ensure that every bike is washed and delivered in clean condition between every weekly rental. First the owners and staff pick up all of the bikes along highway 30A and throughout Sandestin Resort or Miramar Beach. All bikes are brought back to the office where they are all laid out by category, and washed top to bottom. The chains are stripped of all grit and sand, and the frames are washed by hand. The owner goes over every bike before it is reloaded onto the custom bike trailers. The owners do this to ensure every bike is in perfect working condition. The owner relubricates every bike chain, checks the chain tightness for ultimate safety, and checks all handle bards to ensure they are not loose. He then adds the appropriate PSI air amount to all bike tires to make sure clients are not riding around on tires with low pressure. Riding a bike with low air pressure can cause more work load on the client, which is why the owners feel it is important to double check everything. Once all bikes are cleaned and checked they are delivered by staff and owners to their rental location. Once clients check into their beach home they can expect to find their bikes waiting in their driveway or arriving shortly after their arrival! 

The best bike rentals in Santa Rosa beach/Panama City Beach, Florida:

From day one Noah & Ashley Vickers (the owners) decided to have a good name in the industry. They saw too many bikes in rough condition lining 30A Rental homes, and decided this would not be the way they operated their business. The owners want repeat clients, and for this reason they feel it is important that they are friendly to their clients, and offer nice equipment rentals.  When Noah and Ashley went on their honeymoon to Hilton Head Island, SC they decided to rent bikes for a few days. They had no idea what they were in for. Within 20 minutes of riding the bikes they both became so uncomfortable on the bikes, that they decided to return them to the bike shop. Noah has had previous injuries from football causing a lot of knee and ankle discomfort, and Ashley did not enjoy the bike rental because of its design. It was tiresome to pedal and had a short frame. When the owners decided to open a bike rental company on 30A they knew specifically to avoid purchasing that bike brand from their inventory. There were many other companies renting the same uncomfortable bikes because they were more convenient for the rental company vs the rental client. As tempting as it was, the owners decided not to purchase the uncomfortable bikes. Many clients have actually come to Noah & Ashley for their bike rentals because they have also had a negative experience by renting uncomfortable bikes on 30A. 

Finding the RIGHT bikes:

The owners had made a trip to a friends wedding in St. Augustine Florida when they discovered the right brand of bikes! Ashleys long time friend had purchased some beach cruiser bikes from 3G Bikes. Once Noah & Ashley rode the bikes with their youngest daughter in tow, they fell in love with the brand. The bikes were very comfortable to ride, and had very attractive colors and design! They called 3G bikes and saw that the bikes were very pricey, even on a wholesale level but decided it was worth it. The owner of 3G convinced the owners to try the rental bike model, and talked about the comfort of the forward pedal design. The owners gave it a shot and ordered a few of the rental bikes. Once they rode them they discovered they were even easier to ride and pedal, than the ones Ashleys friend had purchased. The key difference was that the frame was a bit longer which meant the bike rider didnt have their legs crunched inward. Another reason was that the pedals were shifted forward a bit on the frame, so the riders legs were more at a 90 degree angle vs the riders feet having to pedal underneath the seat post. Other features that made the bikes so comfortable to ride was the comfort handle grips. Riders can actually rest the palms of their hands on the grip! The bike seats are also very comfortable to sit on. Another feature that the owners fell in love with was that the bikes didnt need repairs, and they didnt rust. They paid extra for the sealed headset, and sealed pedals!  

Running the business efficiently: 

Over the 5 years the owners have been in business they have learned a lot about the bike rental business. They have learned how much time it takes to pick up a bike, clean, and redeliver the bike. Because of their experience, they decided to have a fleet of custom bike trailers made for faster delivery times. This allows the owners and their staff to pick up their bikes and easily load them onto their custom bike spots and to wash them en route! The Rental Shop also has custom made kayak and paddle board trailers for quick morning deliveries on daily rentals. 

Cheap Beach Bonfire Service Santa Rosa Beach

If your looking for a cheap bonfire on the beach without spending a fortune call The Rental Shop 30A 850-260-0001. They offer beach bonfires in Destin, Sandestin areas, Miramar Beach, some parts of Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach Florida.

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High quality kayak rentals santa rosa beach

Kayak rentals $65 day, $170 week. Free Delivery. The Rental Shop offers brand new perception kayak rentals at very low daily and weekly rental prices in Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, Sandestin, and some parts of Panama City Beach, Florida. Rentals start at 65.00 per day and 170.00 per week!

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Cheap Paddle Board rentals on 30A

30A Paddle Board Rentals  $65 day, $170 week. The Rental Shop has low prices for Paddle Board rentals all along scenic highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. 

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3 Speed Beach Cruisers



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Bike Riding Gear

Bike Gear

We want to remind you that safety, convenience and comfort should be priority when you go bike riding. So we’ve provided a list of items below that meet these criteria for a bike ride – especially if you’re on vacation. After all, nobody wants to cut their vacation short because they avoided critical details.


  • Helmets should be worn by everyone in order to decrease head trauma if an accident occurs. They should fit well, be comfortable, must not be damaged and should meet the current safety standards. As responsible bike renters, every children’s bike rental from The Rental Shop 30A comes with a helmet.
  • An exciting day of bike riding may cause you to lose track of your location. A GPS app on your smart phone might be handy to have in the event you should wander into unknown territory. Test the app in several known locations so you will know it won’t fail if you do get lost and no one is around to get directions from.


  • Your smart phone can also be a great piece of gear for other reasons besides having a GPS. If you want to eat before you go back to your hotel, you can search for a good restaurant along your route.  Also, add your hotel’s phone number to your contacts in the event the GPS does fail. You can contact them for directions back to the hotel if you need to.
  • A basket or seat bag are handy for carrying items like water, snacks or items you may buy along the way.


  • Biking can cause you to perspire, which can quickly lead to dehydration. You won’t always be near a public location to stop for a drink of water.  So it’s important that you take along plenty of water to drink during your ride.
  • Biking also takes a lot of energy. If you’re going to ride a big part of the day, be sure to bring along snacks so you can re-energize when you need to.
  • Don’t forget your eye protection. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays, drying out and foreign objects flying around in the air.
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen so you won’t get a painful sunburn. Bring the sunscreen along so you can re-apply every few hours if necessary.
  • Mosquito and insect repellant is also important. Again, bring it along in case re-application is necessary.
  • Half-finger biking gloves are helpful at preventing blisters and reducing grip fatigue.
  • Wear cool, comfortable clothing so you won’t become overheated.
  • Wear shoes that fit snugly and won’t fall off.

 Now, gather all the items on our list. You’re ready to go bike riding. If you need to rent bikes in Santa Rosa or the 30A area, visit or call us at 850-260-0001. 


Beach Bonfire Wedding Reception

Beach Wedding Bonfire Reception

The 30A community is lined with beautiful beaches. Every month, many couples take advantage of wedding opportunities on the beaches located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. If you’re planning a beach wedding, there’s no reason to move the wedding party to an offsite reception area when the wedding is over. Simply continue the celebration with a beach bonfire wedding reception afterwards. The Rental Shop 30A can supply everything you and your wedding guests will need.

Bonfire Packages

We have two bonfire packages you can choose from.  The smaller package and details are located here: The larger package and details are located at this link: Add-ons are available at the bottom of each page so you can customize either package to your needs.

Bonfire Permit

A bonfire permit and following bonfire regulations is required in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Regardless of the bonfire package you choose, we acquire the county permit for you and adhere to safety guidelines so you can concentrate on the details of your big day instead of legal issues.

Bonfire Set Up and Tear Down

That’s right! You don’t have to worry about building the fire or putting it out. We’ll set up your bonfire in one of our barrels or pits and return to tear it down, clean up and pick up the other rentals when the reception is over.


A wedding reception isn’t complete without music, and hiring a band isn’t always affordable. Upon request - and for a very small additional fee - we can supply a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your favorite music right from your smartphone or tablet. Instant music without a high price tag!

Trash Receptacles

Although we will clean up after the reception is over, please respect other beach goers and beach wildlife by designating trash disposal locations during your celebration. For your convenience, we also rent trash receptacles to make this easier for you and your guests. 

These are only a few of the amenities we offer with our bonfire packages. See everything we have available at the two links provided above. We want to help you have a memorable wedding reception, so give us a call at 850-260-0001 so we can schedule your wedding reception bonfire. 

8 Fun 30A Rainy Day and Nighttime Activities for Families

Fun Way on Rainy Day

Most families visit the panhandle in Northwest Florida to enjoy the sunshine. However, rain will sometimes spoil your planned outdoor activities. And, of course, the sun sets every day. We don’t think the fun should end just because it starts raining or gets dark. So when you aren’t able to go bike riding, paddle boarding or kayaking, don’t sit around watching TV in your hotel room. We think your family will enjoy these other indoor activities near The Rental Shop 30A. 

Shopping and Dining

The obvious rainy day activity is shopping. Nobody wants to go home without souvenirs, so enjoy the rain delay and drop by one of our local shopping centers to buy a few mementos of your vacation. Below are a few recommendations we have for you.

Silver Sands Premium Outlet Mall in Miramar Beach
Grand Boulevard in Sandestin
Destin Commons

RestaurantWhile you’re taking advantage of slow time, pass up the fast food to sample a dish at one of our neighborhood restaurants. Whether you prefer succulent seafood, hot and spicy Mexican, delicious Asian, scrumptious Italian, a mouthwatering steak or any other tantalizing menu, you’ll find something along 30A to satisfy your taste buds. Consider one of the restaurants below for a fine family dining experience.

Basmati’s Asian Cuisine in Santa Rosa Beach
Grayton Seafood Company in South Walton
Christiano's Italian Restaurant in Santa Rosa Beach
Los Rancheros Cantina & Grill in Santa Rosa Beach


There are plenty of museums within a 50-mile radius of Santa Rosa Beach. If you like history, be sure to visit the Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Do you like planes? The Air Force Armament Museum is also located along 30A at Fort Eglin Air Force Base. We also have a few science museums such as Emerald Coast Science Center located in Fort Walton Beach, FL and Science & Discovery Center of Northwest Florida in Panama City. While you’re in Panama City, be sure to visit Ripley's Believe It or Not and Wonderworks museums as well.

Other Indoor Activities

Now that we’ve discussed the top three things to do on a rainy day and after sunset, let’s look at five more fun indoor activities your family can do in Santa Rosa Beach and nearby communities along 30A.

Are the kids full of energy? Bowling is great way to discharge that excessive energy, and it’s great exercise for the whole family. May we suggest Uncle Buck’s FishBowl and Grill inside Bass Pro Shop while you’re at Destin Commons?Blast Fun Games

A trip to any of our local arcades, such as Blast Arcade and Laser Maze in Sandestin or Funland Arcade & Snack Bar in Panama City, is another great way to entertain the kids.

Go on a treasure hunt – of sorts. You never know what you might find at one of our seaside flea markets. Check out De'france Indoor Flea Market/Fort Walton Antiques or perhaps the 15th Street Flea Market in Panama City.

Go see a movie at any one of the several movie theaters in our area. Take a break from shopping at the AMC movie theater at Destin Commons or Boulevard 10 Cinema at Grand Boulevard.

If you aren’t into flicks but more into cultural arts, there are plenty of plays and puppet show presentations at the performing arts theaters in our community, such as the Emerald Coast Theatre in Miramar Beach. 

Rain and sunsets provide an opportunity to discover more of the benefits Santa Rosa Beach has to offer. Whether rain has doused your outdoor plans or you’re simply looking for something to do with the kids after the sun goes down, there are plenty of fun indoor activities you can do with your family in and around Santa Rosa Beach. We’ve only mentioned a few. Explore the area for more fun entertainment ideas.


Family Kayaking Tips

Kayaking With Family

As with any other outdoor adventure, helpful tips will make your kayaking adventure safe and fun for the entire family. Whether you’re getting ready to take your first kayaking trip or have done this numerous times, you will want to take a look at our list of tips below to make sure you’re completely prepared.


Although everyone inside the kayak needs to know how to swim, each passenger should wear a life jacket that fits properly. A personal flotation device may become necessary should the kayak tip and anyone is knocked unconscious, gets tangled in debris or is caught in swift water where swimming may not be possible. At The Rental Shop 30A, we provide life jackets with every kayak rental.

A safety whistle is provided with all of our kayak rentals as well. The sound of a whistle will travel further than your voice; thus, will get the attention of others who are nearby should you encounter danger.

Bring along a first aid kit in the event someone should get injured. Waterproof jackets will be nice to have if the weather suddenly turns cooler.

Make sure others know where the family will be and about what time you will return in case you should run into trouble along the way. Adhere to the route. That way, they will be able to send help if they don’t hear from you within a reasonable time frame of your expected return.

Chances are you will wander into an area teeming with wildlife. Keep your distance so you don’t irritate any of the animals – especially protective mothers.

Check to be sure the weather will be nice for a kayaking adventure. Stay home if the weather looks as though it may turn bad before you can get back safely

Review kayaking details with your children before going onto the water. Be sure at least one adult is in the kayak with the children and that they are seated inside the kayak where you can keep a close eye on them.

Calm Water Kayaking

Calm water is the best way for the entire family to enjoy a safe day of kayaking. We are very pleased to have the calm, accommodating Coastal Dune Lakes located near Santa Rosa Beach to serve this purpose for you. We’ll even meet you at our favorite boat ramp and drop off your rentals to you!

Short Trip and Frequent Stops for Young Kayakers

For your first kayaking trip with the little ones, plan a short route. As mentioned above, start in calmer waters so they can slowly get accustomed to kayaking.

Perhaps planning a trip on a cooler summer morning will help them avoid becoming extremely hot, tired and hungry. Gradually build up to longer trips.

As you graduate to longer trips, be sure to plan for frequent stops along the way to allow for swimming, hiking or a picnic.  This will break up the monotony and make the trip feel more adventurous for little ones who get bored quickly.

Appropriate Clothing

Wear clothes that are suitable for a water adventure. Water shoes are especially handy for stepping in and out of the kayak. Helmets will protect skulls should someone fall out and make head-to-rock contact.

Stay Hydrated

The exercise and heat will quickly deplete your body of fluids, so be sure to take along plenty of bottled water. Plan to have enough water for longer than anticipated in the event the adventure takes longer than you had expected.


Snacks are important for refueling after all that paddling. Finger foods such as bite size fruit also provide a distraction for the bored younger members along for the outing.

Sun and Insect Protection

Bring along the sunscreen, hats and sunglasses to avoid annoying sunburns. Insect bites can be just as uncomfortable as sunburns, so be sure to pack the insect repellant too.

Dry Bag

We are more than happy to supply you with a dry bag to carry items such as cell phones, maps, identification and keys.


You will be pleased to know that paddles are also provided with every kayak rental at The Rental Shop 30A. Paddling helps kids not only get used to the water but also to not become bored so quickly, so get them involved in this activity as soon as possible. Most children like to participate anyway until their arms get too tired to paddle.

Our mission at The Rental Shop 30A is to help families have a safe and fun Florida vacation. If you’re ready to rent one of our kayaks, visit us at or call us at 850-260-0001. We deliver to most 30A locations even if you call us the same day.

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