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3 Classic Snacks That Are a Perfect Fit With Beach Bonfires

You’re planning a beach bonfire. You have the right weather, the right friends, the right rental shop offering beach bonfires for rent, and of course, the right beach along 30A. All that’s left now is to bring the right snacks along.

The munchies you bring to beach bonfires is up to you and your guests, but there are some classics that just make sense with a bonfire. Here are a few of our favorites.

Hot Dogs

Before the reign of s’mores, hot dogs pretty much owned the beach bonfire scene, and they’re still some of the most popular snacks for beach bonfires. They’re low maintenance, easily roastable, and delicious. Bring a pack of buns along and whatever condiments you want. You can even make a game out of asking each guest to bring a condiment of their choice (make a list for everyone so there are no duplicates). Then just pop the dog on a stick or your own prongs and hold it over the fire until it’s nice and roasted. It’s a classic beach bonfire snack that never gets old.


S’mores are by far the most classic beach bonfire snack, and for good reason. Their sweet and slightly messy nature makes them a hit with kids, but you’re never too old to enjoy s’mores, so a party of adults will be just as happy with them. The standard ingredients are graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Place some of the chocolate on top of one graham cracker and roast the marshmallows over the fire until they’re nice and gooey. Then place the marshmallows in between the graham crackers and chocolate and enjoy. However, don’t be afraid to get creative. Some bonfire goers will even try combining the popularity of the s’more with the popularity of the hot dog to create a s’more dog.


Sometimes you want a healthier, but still tasty option. If that’s your fancy, the beach bonfire treat for you is kabobs. You can make kabobs with a mixture of meat and veggies or go for the vegan option of a vegetable kabob. In this case, it’s probably best to make them beforehand. Chop the meat and veggies into bite-sized portions and then stack them on a skewer. Pack enough skewers for your friends and family and then, over the bonfire, roast until you’re happy with the result. The smoky roasted taste will make eating vegetables not just good for you, but delicious.

Beach bonfires are the perfect opportunity to enjoy any of these delectable treats with your friends as you watch the sun go down over one of the beaches along 30A. But you don’t have to have your own beach bonfire to make that possible. With The Rental Shop in 30A you can rent a bonfire complete with a s’mores kit and roasting sticks. We’ll even set-up and tear down the bonfire fit. Call us today at 860-260-0001 to rent yours today.