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3 Reasons to Love Grayton Beach at Night

Beach Bonfire Grayton Beach

We all love to spend a day at the beach, soaking up the sun and paddle boarding or surfing. However, just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to go home. In fact, there are so many reasons to love Grayton Beach at night that some even prefer spending time at the beach at night. Certainly, it’s a different experience than visiting the beach during the day, but there are benefits to going at night that you can’t enjoy during the day.

The Beach to Yourself

Or, at the very least, the crowds are so diminished that you can spread yourself out from other beachgoers. Once the sun goes down, most beach goers go home, leaving vast stretches of sand and sea to you and your friends. You can have a party, race to the water, or sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs without fear of judgment from strangers. If you want to just lay back and enjoy the peace and quiet and each other’s company, you can do that to. With the feeling that no one else is around, you can make your moonlight beach excursion whatever you want it to be.

A Chance to See the Stars

Grayton Beach puts some distance between itself and the bright city lights, which works out beautifully when the sun goes down. On a clear night, you can stretch out on a towel with someone you love and look up at the a sky full of stars. And it’s not just the stars whose beauty you can enjoy at night. Take a trip to the beach on the night of a full moon and look at the way the moon reflects on the water. Whether you bring your binoculars, a night-friendly camera, or simply your own eyes and sense of wonder, there’s a beauty here that’s wholly different from the beauty of sunny days at the beach.

New Activities

During the day, you might play volleyball on the beach or take a paddle board or kayak out to the water. But can you play glow in the dark frisbee during the day? Or play a ring toss with glow sticks? There are some beach activities that are specific to night time, or at the very least more fun at night. Night can be a great time to go ghost crab hunting, and fishing is luckier thanks to the cooler water and lack of crowds. One of the best activities to enjoy at night, however, is a beach bonfire. While you can have a beach bonfire during the day, it’s typically more enjoyable at night. You can roast s’mores or hot dogs and use the firepit to light your night time beach party, or just read a favorite book under the stars.

Whatever your reason for visiting the beach at night, get your beach bonfire rentals from The Rental Shop 30A. Our bonfires include four hours worth of fire wood, s’mores kits, set up and tear down. Call us today at (850) 260-0001 for more information or to order a beach bonfire rental for yourself.