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3 Reasons to Rent a Golf Cart for Your Day at the Beach in 30A

Golf Cart Rental 30A

Let’s say you’re packing for a day at the beach. You’ve got towels, food and drinks, maybe a cooler, chairs, floaties. Maybe you brought a book along to read while you lounge. Maybe you like water sports so you brought snorkeling equipment or a surf or paddle board. Some prefer to bring a swimsuit to change into while others arrive in their swimsuits. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, all set.

Now what about your golf cart?

Sure golf cart rentals aren’t a must for your day at the beach in 30A, but they’re not exactly an unpopular choice, either. There are several reasons why you might invest in a golf cart rental for your beach trip. Here are just a few.

Eliminate the Back and Forth of Unpacking

Going to the beach is great. Unpacking at the beach is typically less great. Typically you have to park much further back than you intend to be and carry your stuff the rest of the way until you find a spot on the beach. If you have a big family and everyone helps out you might be able to get it all there in one go. Otherwise you’ll have to make multiple trips and no one wants that.

Golf cart rentals on 30A eliminate this problem for beachgoers. With a golf cart, you can drive your golf cart onto the beach with all your beach bags and supplies packed in the back. Just drive until you find a spot and then set out your stuff.  You will need to check if the 30A community where you’re staying allows golf cart rentals, but if they do, you lose one of the biggest hassles of a trip to the beach.

2 person golf cart

A Fun Day for Everyone

Not only does a golf cart have the cover to help keep you cool during your day at the beach, but it makes a day at the beach accessible for everyone. That includes your baby or toddler who’s too young to walk along the beach for themselves and your elderly grandparent who doesn’t walk as easily as they used to. If you have friends or family with limited mobility, golf cart rentals on 30A make it easier for them to get around the beach so they can enjoy the day with you. Everyone has different needs, but with a golf cart, most of them are accommodated.

Save on Gas

We’ve all heard about going greener, and maybe you’ve already made the resolution but don’t know where to start. A golf cart rental for your beach day could be a great way to start. Leave the car at home. A golf cart rental will get you to the beach faster than walking, but doesn’t waste gasoline that a car would take to get there. And as we previously discussed, you can drive it onto the beach which makes it easier to get around than driving a car. Not only does it have less of an environmental impact, but it saves you money.

30A Golf Carts

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