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3 Speed Beach Cruisers

Beach Cruiser

The Rental Shop 30A is proud to announce the launch of a new type of bicycle rental to their fleet.

They have rented single speed bikes all along 30A in Santa Rosa Beach/Panama City Beach and to certain parts of Destin/Miramar Beach/ Sandestin.  This includes the beach town along scenic highway 30A such as  Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton, Seaside, Watercolor, Alys, Seacrest, Rosemary, Seagrove, and Inlet Beach areas. Free Delivery is also offered to all of these areas.

The owners decided to add multi 3 speed bike rentals to their fleet because of client requests. These are one of their Premium bikes offered that has the extra option of a 3 speed. 


Benefits to the new bikes:

3 Shimano Crank: The new 3 speed bikes are the highest rated bikes for comfort, and customer satisfaction. The owners chose 3G Bikes NEWPORT model. It is a lightweight aluminum bike offered in mens and womens frames. The bike itself retails for over 600.00. It is top rated in market. The bikes have a SHIMANO crank which is best in field. It is a reliable 3 speed which means less hassles for clients on the road. 

3 Shimano Crank

Comfort Grip Handles: The bike rentals offer premium handle grips so that clients hand stay comfortable their entire bike ride, and preventing blisters! The handle grips are made in a way that gives the palms of the hand a place to rest on. 

Comfort Grip Handles

Oversized Tires: The bike also has over sized tires known as BOA G Tires. They are not meant for riding on the beach however they do ride easier than most beach cruiser bike tires. They are a 3 inch tires which is mostly flat outside surface with the center involving a small tread.

Oversized Tires

Forward Pedal Design: This is one of the owners favorite features about her premium 3G Bike Rentals. Instead of the pedals being placed underneath the seat post frame like most bikes, the forward pedal design shifts the pedals forward a few inches on the frame of the bike. It is easier on the joints, and less effort to pedal. It is a very fun and easy riding bike, and the owners pays extra for this feature. 

Forward Pedal Design

Attractive colors: The 3 speed Newport bike rentals will arrive in exciting and new colors for 2017. Womens bike colors will be purple, and coral, while the mens bikes will be in sharp platinum, black, and graphite colors!

Comfort Saddle: Gone are the days of uncomfortable bike rental seats, that make clients want to get from point A to point B in a hurry. The Newport seats allow clients to ride 10-20 miles at a time without any complaints.

Comfort Saddle

Rustbuster chain & Sealed Headset: These are expensive features that are added to the Newport model because they are high quality by preventing rust. This is especially important because of the salt air that our bike rentals face on the beaches of South Walton Florida. Most bikes are rented within a mile of the beach so they encounter rough elements. With sealed headsets and rustbuster chains our bike see very little to no rust. This is a step up from other bike models that have rust covered on various parts of the bikes. The Rental Shop pays more for quality, and clients have enjoyed this feature about their bikes. 

Rustbuster chain & Sealed Headset

Rear Mount Kickstand: Instead of having a center mount kickstand underneath the bike that can loosen over time, causing the bike to spill over, The Rental Shop has picked bikes that offer a better kickstand. The rear mount kickstand doesn’t loosen over time because of the design, so it holds the bike in place better than most bike models. This means less frustration over time. 

Rear Mount Kickstand

Something else that makes The Rental Shop unique is their high standards for bikes, and the condition they are kept in. They do not rent out old bikes that are dirty, covered in rust, or faded. They take pride in their inventory and want a good name. For this reason they buy more expensive bikes that have higher quality features to they are more comfortable to the rental client, and longer lasting. The owners even ensure that all bikes are clean in between rentals.

The Rental Shop also offers Beach bonfire packages, & kayak, and paddle board rentals. Please call 850-260-0001 or visit www.therentalshop30a.com for bookings.

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