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3 Spots to Kayak Along 30A — That Aren’t the Beach

3 Spots to Kayak Along 30A

30A is known for its 24 miles of coastline and beautiful beaches, but the ocean is not the only scenic waterway to find in 30A. There’s also Choctawhatchee Bay, colorful reefs, and the rare and wondrous coastal dune lakes of 30A. With such an aquatic setting, it’s no wonder that locals and visitors alike enjoy taking a kayak out to the water and seeing what they can see by boat. But where do you start when planning to kayak along 30A? Here are some of our favorite kayaking spots:

Cobia Reef

When you visit Inlet Beach, you can find a small artificial reef called Cobia Reef that’s perfect for kayaking. It’s just 323 yards off the coast of the beach, so it’s easy enough to find, and there are even public restrooms and parking nearby so you won’t feel too cut off. The reef itself, however, is full of diverse marine life sure to make your kayaking trip exciting. You could spy an octopus, sea turtle, as well as fish like flounders and snappers. This is a great spot for marine life enthusiasts or a place to take a curious child who wants to see and learn something new.

Western Lake

In the whole world, there are very few coastal dune lakes — bodies of water located in dunes just a couple miles from the beach. Most are in places like New Zealand or Australia. In the United States, they can only be found in Oregon and along 30A, where you can find fifteen authentic coastal dune lakes. Western Lake is one of the most popular options when it comes to kayaking. Here you can enjoy the unique ecosystem, take pictures, spot a Great Blue Heron, and kayak south to the Gulf. You can get two for one in this trip, starting with the coastal dune lake and kayaking to Grayton Beach for more of an oceanic experience.

Deer Lake

Another coastal dune lake, it’s also the name of a state park that encompasses the lake. Here you can paddle past stately Southern Magnolia trees, pitcher plants, and a wide variety of wildlife. You can make a day out of your trip to the park, not just kayaking but hiking and even enjoying a picnic before or after you take your kayak out to the lake. But the truly unforgettable experience will be your time on the water.

 Of course, these spots might be beautiful, but kayaking along the beach, such as Santa Rosa Beach or Grayton Beach State Park, is still nothing to sneeze at. The question is where to find the perfect kayak rental, and the answer is The Rental Shop 30A. Our kayaks have built-in seats for 1, 2, or 3 passengers. They have durable, well-kept surfaces so your kayak trip will be as safe as it is exciting. And we offer free delivery to Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, Miramar Beach, and Sandestin. Contact The Rental Shop today to set up your kayak rental by calling (850) 260-0001.