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4 Tips for Paddle Board Safety

Paddle Board Rentals

With spring here and summer on its way, paddle board rentals on 30A are more and more in demand. The Rental Shop 30A offers stand-up paddle board rentals in shapes that are remarkably easy to ride, each complete with a long, easy to use paddle. But in your excitement to get back out there on the water, make sure that you’re practicing preparedness and caution. Let’s go over some tips to stay safe while paddle boarding:

Make Sure Your Board Fits

At The Rental Shop 30A, our paddle board rentals come in a variety of sizes to accommodate both teen and adult riders. Make sure that your paddle board is the right fit for you. A young teenager won’t fit on a board designed for a full grown adult and a smaller adult will need a smaller board than others. Without a good fit, you won’t be properly supported and the board could tip over more easily.

It’s also not recommended to let small children on paddle boards if they’re too young to swim for themselves.

Your Gear is Important

Many paddle board riders might not like it, but a personal floatation device (or a PFD) is a must for stand-up paddle boards (SUP). Since SUPs are classified as boats, by law paddle boarders are required to have PFDs when paddling out of the “swimming, surfing, or bathing area.” If the water would go over your head, you should strap on a life vest, no matter how experienced you may be. You should also have your leash attached to your ankle at all times. This keeps you attached to your board in case you get carried out too far and need a floatation device as you find your way back.

Paddle Board Rentals

Watch Out for the Tides

Even when they’re strong, ocean tides can be subtle. One moment you’re paddling along near your camp on the beach, and the next moment you look back and see your spot on the beach far in the distance. If you’re not careful, it’s easy for the tide to carry you away until you’re lost, so try to stay aware of the tides. Check the tide chart before you go to the beach and glance back at the beach frequently so you know how far you’ve gone. Remember, with exhaustion to consider, it may be harder to paddle back than it was to paddle out.

Have a Buddy

Even if you’re an adult, that doesn’t make you too old to use the buddy system. It’s just good sense, and it’s more fun to paddle out with a friend. This way you can watch out for each other and watch out for the tide together, decreasing your chances of getting lost. If you do want to paddle out by yourself, keep a buddy on shore by telling someone exactly where you plan to go for paddle boarding.

Paddle Board Safety Tips

Paddle boarding requires caution, as most water sports do, but as long as you use the resources you have and stay aware of the power the ocean has, have a great time! For paddle board rentals on 30A, call The Rental Shop 30A at (850) 260-0001.