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5 Myths About Kayaking

5 Kayaking Myths

If you’ve been nervous about trying out kayaking, it could be because you’ve been told some tall tales about what kayaking is like. We’re here to set the record straight. We’re going to talk about 5 kayaking myths so you can get on the right track.

Myth #1: Paddling requires a lot of upper body strength

While on the surface it may seem like paddling is mostly an upper body workout, it’s not. Paddling isn’t only about the arms. When you’re kayaking, you use your core and even your legs. Your arms may hold the paddle, but the power comes from your core.

Myth #2: Kayaks are too unstable

While kayaks are known for tipping, there’s a good reason for that.  They’re supposed to lean a little. That’s what makes them so maneuverable in the water. Kayaks aren’t meant for people to stand in so you will feel it wobble as you climb in.  If it feels stable as you climb in, that could be a problem. You may have a kayak with a flat bottom. It feels stable at first, but it will roll over with the first wave.  

A better kayak is one that isn’t totally flat on the bottom. It might feel like it’s going to tip as you get in, but it won’t roll over easily. That kind of kayak is better at taking some waves without dumping you out into the water.

Myth #3: Paddling is difficult in a kayak

Because kayaks are small and lightweight, it’s easy to move them through the water. When paddling, try to imagine that the water is thick like syrup.  Instead of trying to pull the paddle through the water, think of it as moving your boat past the paddle. That mindset will help you use the proper technique.

Kayaking in Santa Rosa Beach


Myth #4: Kayaks are too small to hold fishing gear

Kayaks are great for fishing. In fact, there are kayaks designed with fishing in mind. Fishing kayaks have room for your gear and may even have some extras like a cup holder. Even regular kayaks have room to hold a few things. If you’re wanting to pack some lunch and take it with you while you paddle, you have plenty of room. Just remember not to leave any trash in our beautiful water.

Myth #5: You could get stuck in the kayak if it tips over

Sea kayaks don’t cover your legs and there’s nothing strapping you into the kayak. If it were to tip over, you would just fall out. Thankfully, it’s difficult to sink a kayak. Even if you’re not a good swimmer and your kayak tips over, you can hang onto it. It’s not going under water. You can get right back in.

If you’re visiting some of the amazing beaches of the Florida Panhandle and would like to give kayaking a try, give us a call or reserve your kayak online. We’re happy to bring a kayak to you anywhere in our service area.