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5 Reasons To Spend the Holidays On 30A

5 Reasons to spend the Holidays on 30a

A sunny beach might not be what you picture when you think about the holidays, but anyone who visits family or simply vacations along 30A during the holidays can tell you it’s a refreshing experience. Instead of a white Christmas, you can enjoy Christmas on the beach. Have holiday dinners at one of the many hotels or fine restaurants in the area. And through it all, you can still enjoy warm, sunny weather and a relaxing time with your family. So why should you spend the holidays on 30A this year? Here are a few of our favorite reasons:

The Weather

Sure, the idea of a white Christmas is nice and romantic, but the cold weather and the slick roads associated with snow are considerably less appealing. But why shouldn’t a warm, sunny holiday season with beautiful beach views and shops, restaurants, and boutiques that you can easily access be just as merry? November and December on 30A still have plenty of sunny days and mild temperatures. All you’ll need is a light jacket.

Fewer Crowds

The one downside to a beach vacation in the summer is the crowds. You want to enjoy the peace of sunny days, laid back shops, and beautiful beach views, but you have to share them with throngs of others who also want to vacation in the summer. However, in the fall, many of those crowds go back home. Things might pick back up a little in the holidays, but it will be nowhere near the summer tourism, so you’ll have a little more peace and elbow room.

Holiday Events

Just because you’re spending the holidays on 30A doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festive celebrations. You can find plenty of holiday celebrations from light shows to festivals and even ice skating rinks. Here are just a few to check out: 

Holiday Dinner

You can find a number of your favorite restaurants serving Christmas dinners while you’re in town for the holidays. Some might even be connected to your hotel during your stay. For instance, Beach Walk Cafe within Henderson Beach Park Inn serves Christmas Eve dinner every year. Curvee Kitchen offers a Christmas buffet every year from noon to 6pm. Meanwhile, at Watercolor Beach, you can enjoy Christmas specials on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Fish Out of Water, a casual restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. And if none of those appeal to you, you can also pack a holiday gift basket and enjoy a meal on the beach.

Holidays On the Beach

There’s just something fun about enjoying the holidays with your friends and family on the beach. You can pack a picnic basket or even get a to-go order from your favorite restaurant and take it to the beach of your choice. A beach bonfire could be the final touch you need for your holiday on the beach, or maybe on a nice day, you can go paddle-boarding or kayaking with your family. You can even enjoy a holiday at sea with a boat rental.

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