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A Brief History Of Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a treasured activity for professionals and hobbyists alike. Not many things compare to the smooth, graceful feeling of propelling yourself through the calm ocean waters. In modern times, paddle boarding is very common, both as a sport and a personal interest. But, for such an exciting pastime, you have to wonder - Where did paddle boarding originate?

History of Paddle Board

Paddle Boarding May Have Ancient Roots

When it comes to the true origin of paddle boarding, there are several theories. One popular idea is that paddle boarding began with ancient fishermen. It is said that these fishermen could be seen from afar, standing tall in their boats and looking out over the water while propelling themselves forward with long poles.

However, in more recent times, early Hawaiian surf instructors would stand atop surfboards while teaching. In this case, wooden canoe paddles were used for stability and to navigate over to different students. This leads many people to believe that paddle boarding is actually a product of surfing.

Who Invented Paddle Boards?

While it is hard to pinpoint precisely when the paddle boarding activity first began, we know that legendary surfer Thomas Edward Blake invented the first paddleboards. The idea initially occurred to him while he was hollowing out surfboards, intending to reduce their weight without sacrificing the board’s durability. Thomas later adapted these hollow surfboards into paddle boards to improve the life-saving capabilities of surfers. Naturally, many surfers realized that these paddle boards could have a number of different uses.

The Rapid Spread Of Paddle Board Culture

Following their invention, the love of paddle boarding quickly spread throughout the nation. Paddle boards are enjoyable for all ages because they can be used while prone or standing up. As a bonus, they are considered safer than surfboards since they are more buoyant and can help keep you afloat in the event of an accident. Paddle boards are regularly used when the ocean is calm and even for training balance before moving on to surfboards.

Are You Ready To Try Paddle Boarding?

We are sure that learning a bit more about the history of paddle boarding has your mind on the water! If you are ready to go out and make a splash, be sure to contact us at the Rental Shop 30A for everything paddle boarding and more!