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Beach Activities for Kids

Kids Beach Activities

Little ones can only make sandcastles for so long before their attention wanders. If you’re visiting the Florida Panhandle with your kids you’ve likely got your sunscreen, hats, and swimsuits ready to go. What about activities for the little ones on the beach?  There is plenty to do on your Florida Beach vacation even for the littlest members of your family.


Bike Rentals

Biking can be fun for the whole family, even members of the family who are too small to ride on their own. A safe way for little ones to join in on the family fun is to rent a bike with either a front carrier or a toddler trailer.  That way your toddler can keep up with the rest of the family and enjoy the ride. It’s also more fun than walking. A lot of walking on a vacation can make little legs sore and leave your toddler exhausted. With a fun bike ride, little ones can rest and enjoy a snack while mom and dad have fun riding their bikes.

Older Children

Not only can your kids enjoy bike rentals, they can also start to enjoy some of the more exciting aspects of a beach vacation. 

Paddle boarding

Renting a paddleboard can make the waters off the Florida Panhandle even more fun for kids that can swim. Kids can share a paddleboard with mom or dad while older teens can give it a try for themselves. Paddle boarding is easier than surfing so there isn’t much of a learning curve before you can really have fun.

1. Kids should wear PFDs.

2. Find a safe place to paddle board without a lot of big waves.

3. Paddle boards are for kids who can swim. Non-swimmers can find other beach activities like wading and playing in the sand.


Renting a two or three-person kayak can give you and your kids the opportunity to experience Florida’s beautiful coastal waters for yourselves.  Here are some safety tips for kayaking with kids:

1. Even if the life vest is uncomfortable, it needs to stay on.  If it’s very uncomfortable, make sure it if the right fit and that it’s adjusted properly. 

2. Life vest for adults is not appropriate for kids.  Kids should have PFDs that fit properly.

3. It’s better for kids to sit up front so you have better control of the kayak.


Bonfires are a relaxing way to spend the evening after an active day at the beach. Instead of trying to throw it together yourself, contact The Rental Shop 30A.  They can get the permits and provide supplies. Then you can just sit back while your kids make s’mores.

There are a lot of fun activities for kids when you vacation in the Florida panhandle. Enjoy the beach and have fun. Whether you’re out on the water with a paddleboard or on the beach with a bonfire, there are plenty of activities for the whole family. We hope you give us a call and let us be the first to welcome you to Florida.