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  • Please feel free to TEXT our office line, with requests. 850-260-0001. The more information you can include the better, such as the rental or beach bonfire needed, the address you are staying at, dates/times needed, will help us to better serve you... Thank you!


Beach Bonfire Wedding Reception

Beach Wedding Bonfire Reception

The 30A community is lined with beautiful beaches. Every month, many couples take advantage of wedding opportunities on the beaches located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. If you’re planning a beach wedding, there’s no reason to move the wedding party to an offsite reception area when the wedding is over. Simply continue the celebration with a beach bonfire wedding reception afterwards. The Rental Shop 30A can supply everything you and your wedding guests will need.

Bonfire Packages

We have two bonfire packages you can choose from.  The smaller package and details are located here: http://www.the-rental-shop.com/beach-bonfire-package-a.html. The larger package and details are located at this link: http://www.the-rental-shop.com/beach-bonfire-package-b.html. Add-ons are available at the bottom of each page so you can customize either package to your needs.

Bonfire Permit

A bonfire permit and following bonfire regulations is required in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Regardless of the bonfire package you choose, we acquire the county permit for you and adhere to safety guidelines so you can concentrate on the details of your big day instead of legal issues.

Bonfire Set Up and Tear Down

That’s right! You don’t have to worry about building the fire or putting it out. We’ll set up your bonfire in one of our barrels or pits and return to tear it down, clean up and pick up the other rentals when the reception is over.


A wedding reception isn’t complete without music, and hiring a band isn’t always affordable. Upon request - and for a very small additional fee - we can supply a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your favorite music right from your smartphone or tablet. Instant music without a high price tag!

Trash Receptacles

Although we will clean up after the reception is over, please respect other beach goers and beach wildlife by designating trash disposal locations during your celebration. For your convenience, we also rent trash receptacles to make this easier for you and your guests. 

These are only a few of the amenities we offer with our bonfire packages. See everything we have available at the two links provided above. We want to help you have a memorable wedding reception, so give us a call at 850-260-0001 so we can schedule your wedding reception bonfire.