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Best paddle boarding Locations in 30A

Although stand-up paddle boarding has only gained worldwide popularity over the past 20 years or so, it’s been an impactful hit — especially in Northwest Florida. If you visit the beaches in 30A, you’re likely to see someone paddle boarding, whether they’re riding the waves or just paddling along the smooth, clear water.

Part of the appeal of paddle boarding is that, unlike surfing, it’s not necessary for there to be big waves. In fact, paddle boarding is almost a cross between surfing and boating. If the water is smooth, you can paddle board smoothly, taking in the views. If there are waves, you can enjoy a more exhilarating ride. It all depends on the weather and your personal taste. But like anything else, there are some areas more conducive to paddle boarding than others. Here are some of the best paddle boarding spots in 30A.

Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach is full of beautiful sights and sun regardless, but it holds a special attraction to paddle boarders. Ironically, it’s not the ocean that offers the best paddle boarding in Grayton Beach State Park but the famous coastal dune lakes nearby. In particular, paddle boarding in the Western Lake is especially scenic, surrounded by tranquil wild. Because of the nature of coastal dunes, you can paddle all the way to the beach and, if you dare, try out those ocean waves.

Santa Rosa Sound

If you’re looking for a truly calming, quiet paddle boarding experience, Santa Rosa Sound is the perfect place. Not to be confused with Santa Rosa Beach, Santa Rosa Sound is near Okaloosa island, full of quiet beaches and clear blue water. This is the perfect paddle boarding location to watch the sun come up or go down, take plenty of pictures, or try out that paddle board yoga routine you’ve heard so much about.

Choctawhatchee Bay

Choctawhatchee Bay is a freshwater location for paddle boarding, and it’s serene and picturesque. Not only is there the bay and river itself, but if you move a little further north, you’ll find natural springs that make the trip worthwhile. One such spring is Morrison springs, which is not only popular for paddle boarding but birding and observing other natural wildlife. You may even be able to paddle with the dolphins in Choctawhatchee Bay.

Crab Island

A sandbar in the middle of Choctawhatchee Bay, this spot is growing in popularity for advanced paddle boarders. In fact, Crab Island is a well-loved destination for beachgoers as a whole, so it can be busy enough to satisfy more sociable paddle boarders. You’ll often get residual waves from boats passing by or find people swimming in the same waters where you paddle, which means you’ll need the experience to deftly navigate this spot — and that’s the fun for many paddle boarders.

Wherever you choose to paddle board, you can find quality, ding resistant paddle boards at The Rental Shop in 30A for just $70 per day or $180 per week. We offer different styles of paddle boards for whatever your paddle boarding style might be. Call us today at (850) 260 - 0001 for more information.