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Biking with Your Family on Vacation

Biking With Family

There are a lot of fun things for families to do on a vacation in Florida and you don’t have to break the bank. One activity your whole family can enjoy is biking. Here are some tips for biking with your family on vacation this year.

Bring the little ones along.   Of course, small children can’t ride a bike themselves, but they can ride along with the rest of the family with a toddler trailer.  You can even get a double toddler trailer if you have more than one little one to pull along.

Stick with even terrain for young children. While some older kids may have energy to spare, make sure the area where you choose to bike isn’t overly difficult. Thankfully, along the Florida coast, there are a lot of areas that are bike friendly and kid friendly.

Keep it fun. Don’t get stuck on a preset distance or destination in your mind. If your kids start looking a little tired, head back to the hotel. You can rent bikes by the week at The Rental Shop. You can always start fresh the next day. When kids get tired they might start falling behind. That’s a good cue that you need to take a little break.

Don’t forget helmets. You don’t want to ruin your Florida vacation with an injury.  Everyone in the family should wear helmets that fit properly when they’re riding bikes.

Bring a snack.  A snack is a perfect way to recharge on a bike ride. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just carry a few small snacks in a bag along with some water.

Bring a first aid kit. If you have a first aid kit with you, you’ll be able to handle some minor scrapes from a fall. You don’t have to buy a large home kit. Smaller kits are available.

Bike safety. Make sure your kids know the correct safety measures when biking. Everyone needs to be able to obey traffic laws if you decide to bike on a road. The NHTSA has bike safety tips you can go over with your kids to make sure they’re ready before you decide to bike on the street with them.

Be a cheerleader.  One way to make sure your kids have fun is to tell them what they’re doing right. Sometimes mistakes stand out more than successes. Granted, you have to keep them safe, so you have to stop dangerous behavior.  However, positive words go a long way and make everything more fun. It also reinforces good biking habits.

Biking on vacation isn’t just fun for kids. Couples can have an amazing time, too. Bikes are an excellent way to explore your favorite vacation spot in ways you might not have considered before. They allow you to get closer to your environment than you can in a car. So, whether you’re biking with kids or just with the one you love, you can make happy memories by biking on your vacation.