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Brand New 30A Bike Rentals Santa Rosa beach

The Rental Shop bike rentals 30A

Rent brand new and clean bikes from The Rental Shop 30A. Free Delivery is offered throughout all of Santa Rosa Beach on highway 30A, and to certain parts of Destin, Panama City beach, Sandestin, and Miramar Beach, Florida. 

Clean, Comfortable and new bike rentals beginning at 50.00 per week! Free delivery 850-260-0001

The Rental Shop has the highest standards when it comes to bike rentals. The owners buy new bikes every year and throughout season. If bikes become heavily scratched they are removed from the rental fleet. Bike rentals begin at 50.00 per week, and range up to 65.00 per week for new premium 3 speed bike rentals. The owners ensure that every bike is washed and delivered in clean condition between every weekly rental. First the owners and staff pick up all of the bikes along highway 30A and throughout Sandestin Resort or Miramar Beach. All bikes are brought back to the office where they are all laid out by category, and washed top to bottom. The chains are stripped of all grit and sand, and the frames are washed by hand. The owner goes over every bike before it is reloaded onto the custom bike trailers. The owners do this to ensure every bike is in perfect working condition. The owner relubricates every bike chain, checks the chain tightness for ultimate safety, and checks all handle bards to ensure they are not loose. He then adds the appropriate PSI air amount to all bike tires to make sure clients are not riding around on tires with low pressure. Riding a bike with low air pressure can cause more work load on the client, which is why the owners feel it is important to double check everything. Once all bikes are cleaned and checked they are delivered by staff and owners to their rental location. Once clients check into their beach home they can expect to find their bikes waiting in their driveway or arriving shortly after their arrival! 

The best bike rentals in Santa Rosa beach/Panama City Beach, Florida:

From day one Noah & Ashley Vickers (the owners) decided to have a good name in the industry. They saw too many bikes in rough condition lining 30A Rental homes, and decided this would not be the way they operated their business. The owners want repeat clients, and for this reason they feel it is important that they are friendly to their clients, and offer nice equipment rentals.  When Noah and Ashley went on their honeymoon to Hilton Head Island, SC they decided to rent bikes for a few days. They had no idea what they were in for. Within 20 minutes of riding the bikes they both became so uncomfortable on the bikes, that they decided to return them to the bike shop. Noah has had previous injuries from football causing a lot of knee and ankle discomfort, and Ashley did not enjoy the bike rental because of its design. It was tiresome to pedal and had a short frame. When the owners decided to open a bike rental company on 30A they knew specifically to avoid purchasing that bike brand from their inventory. There were many other companies renting the same uncomfortable bikes because they were more convenient for the rental company vs the rental client. As tempting as it was, the owners decided not to purchase the uncomfortable bikes. Many clients have actually come to Noah & Ashley for their bike rentals because they have also had a negative experience by renting uncomfortable bikes on 30A. 

Finding the RIGHT bikes:

The owners had made a trip to a friends wedding in St. Augustine Florida when they discovered the right brand of bikes! Ashleys long time friend had purchased some beach cruiser bikes from 3G Bikes. Once Noah & Ashley rode the bikes with their youngest daughter in tow, they fell in love with the brand. The bikes were very comfortable to ride, and had very attractive colors and design! They called 3G bikes and saw that the bikes were very pricey, even on a wholesale level but decided it was worth it. The owner of 3G convinced the owners to try the rental bike model, and talked about the comfort of the forward pedal design. The owners gave it a shot and ordered a few of the rental bikes. Once they rode them they discovered they were even easier to ride and pedal, than the ones Ashleys friend had purchased. The key difference was that the frame was a bit longer which meant the bike rider didnt have their legs crunched inward. Another reason was that the pedals were shifted forward a bit on the frame, so the riders legs were more at a 90 degree angle vs the riders feet having to pedal underneath the seat post. Other features that made the bikes so comfortable to ride was the comfort handle grips. Riders can actually rest the palms of their hands on the grip! The bike seats are also very comfortable to sit on. Another feature that the owners fell in love with was that the bikes didnt need repairs, and they didnt rust. They paid extra for the sealed headset, and sealed pedals!  

Running the business efficiently: 

Over the 5 years the owners have been in business they have learned a lot about the bike rental business. They have learned how much time it takes to pick up a bike, clean, and redeliver the bike. Because of their experience, they decided to have a fleet of custom bike trailers made for faster delivery times. This allows the owners and their staff to pick up their bikes and easily load them onto their custom bike spots and to wash them en route! The Rental Shop also has custom made kayak and paddle board trailers for quick morning deliveries on daily rentals.