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Family Kayaking Tips

Kayaking With Family

As with any other outdoor adventure, helpful tips will make your kayaking adventure safe and fun for the entire family. Whether you’re getting ready to take your first kayaking trip or have done this numerous times, you will want to take a look at our list of tips below to make sure you’re completely prepared.


Although everyone inside the kayak needs to know how to swim, each passenger should wear a life jacket that fits properly. A personal flotation device may become necessary should the kayak tip and anyone is knocked unconscious, gets tangled in debris or is caught in swift water where swimming may not be possible. At The Rental Shop 30A, we provide life jackets with every kayak rental.

A safety whistle is provided with all of our kayak rentals as well. The sound of a whistle will travel further than your voice; thus, will get the attention of others who are nearby should you encounter danger.

Bring along a first aid kit in the event someone should get injured. Waterproof jackets will be nice to have if the weather suddenly turns cooler.

Make sure others know where the family will be and about what time you will return in case you should run into trouble along the way. Adhere to the route. That way, they will be able to send help if they don’t hear from you within a reasonable time frame of your expected return.

Chances are you will wander into an area teeming with wildlife. Keep your distance so you don’t irritate any of the animals – especially protective mothers.

Check to be sure the weather will be nice for a kayaking adventure. Stay home if the weather looks as though it may turn bad before you can get back safely

Review kayaking details with your children before going onto the water. Be sure at least one adult is in the kayak with the children and that they are seated inside the kayak where you can keep a close eye on them.

Calm Water Kayaking

Calm water is the best way for the entire family to enjoy a safe day of kayaking. We are very pleased to have the calm, accommodating Coastal Dune Lakes located near Santa Rosa Beach to serve this purpose for you. We’ll even meet you at our favorite boat ramp and drop off your rentals to you!

Short Trip and Frequent Stops for Young Kayakers

For your first kayaking trip with the little ones, plan a short route. As mentioned above, start in calmer waters so they can slowly get accustomed to kayaking.

Perhaps planning a trip on a cooler summer morning will help them avoid becoming extremely hot, tired and hungry. Gradually build up to longer trips.

As you graduate to longer trips, be sure to plan for frequent stops along the way to allow for swimming, hiking or a picnic.  This will break up the monotony and make the trip feel more adventurous for little ones who get bored quickly.

Appropriate Clothing

Wear clothes that are suitable for a water adventure. Water shoes are especially handy for stepping in and out of the kayak. Helmets will protect skulls should someone fall out and make head-to-rock contact.

Stay Hydrated

The exercise and heat will quickly deplete your body of fluids, so be sure to take along plenty of bottled water. Plan to have enough water for longer than anticipated in the event the adventure takes longer than you had expected.


Snacks are important for refueling after all that paddling. Finger foods such as bite size fruit also provide a distraction for the bored younger members along for the outing.

Sun and Insect Protection

Bring along the sunscreen, hats and sunglasses to avoid annoying sunburns. Insect bites can be just as uncomfortable as sunburns, so be sure to pack the insect repellant too.

Dry Bag

We are more than happy to supply you with a dry bag to carry items such as cell phones, maps, identification and keys.


You will be pleased to know that paddles are also provided with every kayak rental at The Rental Shop 30A. Paddling helps kids not only get used to the water but also to not become bored so quickly, so get them involved in this activity as soon as possible. Most children like to participate anyway until their arms get too tired to paddle.

Our mission at The Rental Shop 30A is to help families have a safe and fun Florida vacation. If you’re ready to rent one of our kayaks, visit us at www.TheRentalShop30A.com or call us at 850-260-0001. We deliver to most 30A locations even if you call us the same day.