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Ocean Breeze
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Golf Cart Rentals on 30A

Golf Cart Rentals on 30A

The Florida Gulf is a national treasure, offering a beautiful coastline with amazing beaches and plenty of fantastic sights! Whether you are a local or are visiting us on vacation, The Rental Shop 30A has all of the equipment you need to make the most of your time in the sun!

Get the Full Experience

There are so many beautiful beaches that you might not be able to decide where you want to spend the day! Or perhaps you simply don’t want to use up all of your time walking from place to place. Whatever your reasons are, we have the perfect solution for you. Our golf cart rentals are a popular means to transit to any spot on the beach that your heart desires!

Ride Around in Style

All of our golf carts are new and custom-made specifically for The Rental Shop 30A, with up to seven possible upgrades from standard golf carts! We offer both lifted and non-lifted models with various colors and types to choose from. Additionally, each cart is equipped with two extra upgraded batteries to ensure that you get where you are going, every time.

Our exceptional care and regular maintenance of our carts are another reason we are a 5 star rated company! All of our maintenance is done in-house to ensure that no mechanical or electrical issue is ever lost in communication. To learn about the carts that we offer, please visit our golf cart rental page!

New Additions

Our premium, top-of-the-line golf carts are so reliable and well-loved by locals and tourists alike that we have recently needed to order more carts! That being said, it is essential to book your golf cart ahead of time, especially during Fall Break. Unlike some companies, we value your time and money, so once you have a cart booked, it is yours to enjoy without any pressure to return it early!

Ready to Rent a Cart?

If you are ready to rent one of our fantastic custom golf carts, please contact The Rental Shop 30A at 850-260-0001 to get more information about our golf cart pricing and availability.