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How to Host the Best Beach Bonfires on 30A

Beach Bonfire

With the weather warming up in the 30A area, it’s time to hit the beach again. What better way to celebrate with your friends than with a beach bonfire party? The Rental Shop 30A can help with our selection of beach bonfires for rent, complete with setup, teardown, and the legal permit from the county. We can even provide some of the supplies, like seating and smores. But how you host your beach bonfire party is entirely up to you. Here are some tips to wow your guests this spring.

Find the Perfect Beach

There are a number of beaches along 30A, all of which can potentially be a great venue for a beach bonfire party. Consider the size of your party and how much space you’ll need for your party. Consider, too, the atmosphere you want for the party and the atmosphere of different beaches. Check out the beaches around the time you would host your beach bonfire party and see what works best for you. Santa Rosa Beach is often a popular choice for beach bonfires on 30A.

Come Prepared

Beach bonfires for rent with The Rental Shop 30A come with 4 hours worth of dried oak firewood, smores and pokers, and chairs for our clients, so you’re set there. But make sure you’re fully prepared before you head out for the beach. Towels are a must, of course, and if the bonfire is expected to go late into the night, packing a few blankets to stay snug and comfortable can’t go amiss. Make sure to pack a cooler full of enough drinks for everyone and then some. You’ll probably want something more substantial to eat before you start roasting smores. Hot dogs and chili are classics. Combine the two or pack some fries to cook some warm, hearty chili cheese fries in a tinfoil pack.

30A Beach Bonfire

Plan Some Party Games

One way to keep the party interesting is to plan party games. If you have enough room, you can start dancing, but that’s not always the case. Beach ball is always fun and topical, and with glowsticks or even a glow-in-the-dark beach ball, you can play late into the night. Or you could play something as simple and classic as Telephone, Truth or Dare, or Make Me Laugh. For these games you need only yourselves...and maybe a few alcoholic beverages if everyone’s over the age of twenty-one.

Don’t Forget Music

What party is complete without some party music? Set the mood for your beach bonfire party with a jamming playlist and the right speakers to amplify it. Our Package C for beach bonfires on 30A offers music speakers with bluetooth operation, so you can control the party music and make sure it’s loud enough for everyone to enjoy it. This is a must if you want to get some dancing going.

The Rental Shop 30A offers you the tools for the perfect beach bonfire party, but how you use them is up to you. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Just because you’ll be roasting smores doesn’t mean you can’t treat your guests to something different like these smoretinis. But to get started, call us today at 850-260-0001