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Kayaking in the Florida Panhandle

Kayaking in Florida

On your Florida vacation, there are a million possibilities for fun. Whether you’re staying at a resort or one of our amazing hotels, kayaking is a wonderful way to experience the water off the Florida panhandle. Even if you’ve never been kayaking before, it’s never too late to get hooked. Let’s look at some of your kayaking options.

Likely, you won’t be able to bring your own kayak on your Florida vacation. So, that means getting a rental. What you want to look for in a kayak rental shop is that they have new kayaks. Some shops may have beat up and old kayaks, but to get your money’s worth,  stick with shops that carry new equipment. The Rental Shop 30A carries new kayaks that don’t look worn out.

Next, think of how you would like to use your kayak. Is this a fishing trip?  If so, there are kayaks that are specially made for fishing.  Why do you need a special kayak for fishing? They have room for fish finders and all of your gear. Even the seating can be different from some other kayaks with a stadium style seat with a backrest.

There are other options to consider. For example, if you’re on a trip with your family, do you get a kayak for each person, or will you be sharing a kayak? Some kayaks can seat up to 3 people. These larger kayaks can be used by an individual and often you can even install a seat for added comfort. Some 1-3 person kayaks come with seats already installed.

If you will be renting a 1 person kayak, you have options. You can rent a single kayak, a double, or even a fishing kayak. It just depends on how much space you need and if you’ll be carrying any gear. Single kayaks have room for gear and can even have installed seating.

Kayaking on vacation doesn’t mean you have to rent a trailer or an SUV that will allow you to carry the kayak on top. The Rental Shop will bring your kayak to you. Delivery is included with your rental fee. That means you don’t have to spend valuable vacation time transporting the kayak from the store.

Safety tips:

    • Always wear a life jacket.
    • Don’t drink alcohol.
    • Avoid areas with a lot of motorized boats.


Kayaking can make your Florida panhandle vacation a memorable one. Even if you’re just here on business, you can rent a kayak for the day so you can be out on the water as soon as you’re free from work. Make sure to choose a kayak that suits your needs, rent from a place with new equipment, and have your kayak delivered to you. Always remember to be safe on the water.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been kayaking for quite a while, the Florida panhandle is the perfect place for kayaking. What are you waiting for?  Rent a kayak for your Florida vacation and enjoy our beautiful beaches. Welcome to Florida!