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Paddle Boarding in Florida Panhandle

Paddle Boarding RentalAre you looking for activities along the Florida Panhandle? One trendy way to spend your beach vacation is paddle boarding. Paddleboards come in a variety of styles. You can likely find one that meets your needs. Let’s talk a little bit about paddleboarding and paddleboards.

What is paddle boarding?

If you don’t take many trips to the beach, you may wonder what the difference is between paddle boarding and surfing. Paddle boarding looks a lot like surfing at a glance. Some people even use surfboards to paddle board. However, the point of paddle boarding isn’t to ride a breaking wave to shore. Instead, you can ride some of the gentler swells out further from shore. You can lay, kneel, or stand on a paddle board. You’re propelled by making a swimming motion in the water and riding some of the waves. Paddle boarding may look like surfing, but it’s a very friendly sport for beginners. If you’re not sure you can balance on the board standing up, you can always lay down or kneel.

Which paddleboard is right for you?

While you can use a surfboard, it’s best for beginners to use a paddleboard. They’re designed specifically for the needs of paddleboarders. One option to consider is inflatable paddleboards. Inflatable paddleboard technology has improved over time so that now, inflatable paddle boards are similar to fiberglass boards. One advantage is that they seem to glide over the water in a way that some fiberglass and plastic boards do not. That doesn’t mean they are better than all plastic based paddleboards. Obviously, plastic boards do not need to be inflated. It also depends on the feel you prefer and whether weight is a consideration in your situation. Whether you choose a plastic or inflatable board is often down to taste. If you get a board that feels right to you, then you will perform better.

Florida paddle boarding

If you’re planning a trip to Florida there are some spectacular beaches for paddle boarding. Consider these beaches when you come for a visit: Sandestin, Miramar Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, Watersound, Seagrove Beach, Dune Allen Beach, and Blue Mountain Beach. These are some of the best beaches for paddle boarding. If you’re only visiting you likely don’t have your own paddle board. Even if you do it might be hard to transport. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

Where can you get a paddle board in the Florida Panhandle?

If you’re going to vacation in Florida, consider renting a paddle board from The Rental Shop. If you decide you really love paddle boarding you can even buy a board at our shop. You can get a range of different paddle boards from The Rental Shop. We have plastic, inflatable, and some of the best Surftech boards you can find.

Make the most of your visit to the Florida panhandle by enjoying everything Florida has to offer. There is great food, amazing resorts, and lots of fun to be had at the beach.