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The Best Bike rental Shop on 30A

Its all in the details!

Many clients of The Rental Shop 30A found them because they were tired of bad service or terrile equipment that they had rented in years passed. After families have had a negative experience with rough bike rentals, they usually spend more time doing their research for their next trip to 30A, in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. They usually call around, asking the right questions, and spending time looking for honest, and authentic reviews. The owners of The Rental Shop loved being asked those perfect questions because it does not intimidate them. They dont mind someone asking how the bikes that are rented are stored, or how the bike are cleaned and mantained. IN fact those are great questions to ask a bike rental company because they need to be held to a higher level of accountability. The owners feel that if your going to go into a business, that you must do it with your best foot forward and with a spirit of excellence.

Best Bike Rental Shop on 30AMens and womens 3 speed bike rentals on 30A Florida

womens multi speed 3 speed bike rentals santa rosa beach floridaCustom blue colored bike trailer on 30A

The owners of The Rental Shop 30A, are extremely involved in their rental shop. To the point that they usually work longer, and more hours than any of their staff team members. The reason they do this is because they want to make sure the bikes are in great condition before being delivered.  Here are a few things that make The Rental Shop 30A the best bike shop in Miramar Beach/Destin, and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida:

1. All rental bikes are stored indoors when not in use. This means that the bikes are not baking in the sun, and salt air. So the bikes have little to no rust on them, and they look brand new.

2. The owners actually buy new bikes every year. And not just once a year but throughout the year so a family may have brand new bikes even delivered in Mid July. 

3. The owners wash all bikes between rentals if they appear dirty. They also go through the bikes and make sure that there is proper air pressure in the tires, that the chain is the correct tightness, and they usually strip/wash, and relube the chain again so there is no grit/sand in the chain. 

4. The Rental Shop 30A also makes sure that the bikes are loaded with care whether it is into the back of a pickup truck, or onto their custom blue/aqua colored bike trailers. Each bike trailer is designed so that bikes do not rub against eachother which can strip paint and make bikes look very badly. They do not throw bikes on top of eachother. That makes the owner cringe when they see other company doing so. It takes a little more time to take care of equipment, and when it is done, clients usually notice and appreciate the difference. Bicycles are also spaced properly between eachother in the back of pickup trucks, with foam noodles and life jackets!

5. The bike rentals do not have cheap, drop on or clip on baskets. All of their baskets are actually assembled into the framework/fork of the bikes so they are sturdy, and can hold a lot of weight. Other cheap drop on baskets usually fall off if too much weight is placed into the basket. The other benefit of the baskets that The Rental Shop uses is that the baskets dont rub the frnt of the bike which can strip paint and make a bike look rough. It is the little things that make a big difference in bike rentals. 

6. They love to have fair prices that are competitive with their competitors.

7. They offer single speed and multi speed bikes. They also offer bike frames that can be used for both men and women in case the bikes are changing different riders during the rental

8. The bikes that they offer have a very easy to ride and pedal system, along with a comfortable frame. There are many different brands and models that companies use for bike rentals however the bikes that The Rental Shop use are very comfortable to ride. The positioning of the handlebars, pedals and frame make the niggest difference in the world. Many average to taller individuals are not comfortable on most of the smaller framed rental bikes often seen on highway 30A. If the owners do not like the way a bike rides, then they will not offer it for rental on their fleet!

If you are looking for quality, and customer service please call The Rental Shop 30A at 850-260-0001 or book online. They offer free bike rentals to all of the beach towns on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. Here is a list of all beach towns they deliver to:

1. Miramar beach/Destin

2. Dune Allen Beach

3. Blue Mountain Beach

4. Grayton Beach

5. Redfish Village areas

6. Watercolor

7. Seaside

8. Seagrove Beach

9. Alys Beach

10. Seacrest Beach

11. Rosemary Beach

12. Inlet Beach

13. Carillon Beach

14. Some parts of Panama City beach