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The Best Foods to Bring Along on Your Kayak Trip

Foods to bring along while on kayaking

Kayaking is a strenuous workout and under the Florida sun in 30A, you’re going to want to bring along some refreshments to keep you going. You’ll be surprised how easily you need to take a snack break when kayaking.  The best thing you can do is keep a bottle of water handy, but you’ll want to bring some food along, too. The question is what food?

Obviously, you’re not going to stop and have a roast in the middle of a coastal dune lake or a couple miles from shore in the ocean. In this case, you want food that’s filling, energizing, but compact and easily to travel with. Here are a few suggestions:

Energy Bars

Energy bars were created for this kind of thing. They’re small, they’re portable, and they’re easy to eat. Simply unwrap them and bite in. They also contain large amounts of fiber and protein to, well, boost your energy. They’re made most often with nuts, dried fruit, and sometimes chocolate chips or other sweeteners. Fig bars are also a solid option for kayakers, however. This tasty but convenient treat is the perfect companion for your kayaking trip.

Individually Wrapped Cheese

If you’re looking for something more savory, consider bringing along a cheesy snack — just make sure it’s individually packaged. After all, you don’t want it to all melt together in the midst of the heat. Something like wax wrapped Babybel cheese snacks will offer you a little sustenance without the mess. String cheese or cheese stick singles are also an option that makes practical sense but offers taste and nourishment.


Because what’s more refreshing or sustaining than fruit? Packing something like an apple or pear provides you with easy travel food and a sweet, healthy snack that you can eat anywhere, even in the middle of a kayaking trip.

Wraps or Burritos

For a longer kayak trip, you’ll want something that more closely resembles a meal than a snack. In that case, wraps or burritos are a great go-to. In fact, these two are specifically designed to be full meals on the go. You can make them at home and then just toss them in your food pack when you leave. This is something that can be eaten along the way, or you can wait until you reach camp and heat it over a campfire there.

For Longer Trips

If you’re planning more than a day trip, you’ll probably have a campsite somewhere that will give you more freedom when it comes to food preparation. In this case, you can be a little more flexible in your food options. Soup, sandwiches, chicken salad are all options that might not be as convenient on the way, but are certainly possible when you reach camp.

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