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The Rental Shop 30A Kayak Rentals

The Rental Shop 30A offers Brand New Rental Kayaks with Fast & Free Delivery! We have custom built kayak trailers that allow us to deliver many kayaks in a short period of time. 

We rent the best kayaks- The Perception Tribes! All Retail models with built in Seats! We Buy in bulk, and Directly from Perception Every Year. We do not buy mix and matched craigslist specials like the other guys. What you see on our website, is exactly what you will receive!

Paddles, Locks, and Personal Flotation Devices Included!

Pricing is $65 per day and $170 per week for 11.5 foot single Kayaks

Pricing is $70 per day and $180 per week for 13.5 foot double Kayaks