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The Rental Shop 30A is Offering Free Delivery on Kayak Rentals for The Fall Season

The Rental Shop 30A is the exclusive provider of the acclaimed Tribe 13.5, the most fun, stable, & easy to paddle tandem sit-on-top kayak.

The Rental Shop 30A, known for offering beach bonfires, kayaks, paddle boards, and Golf Cart rentals along 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is excited to announce that they will be offering kayak rentals with free delivery for the Fall 2022 Season. The Rental Shop 30A is a reputable rental company and the only one in the area offering the new single and double seat Perception Tribe kayak rentals with built-in seats. In addition to free delivery, each fall season rental includes paddles, locks, and personal flotation devices.

Ashley Vickers, owner of The Rental Shop 30A, says, "We have been offering kayak rentals to locals and visitors for several years and realize that the condition of our equipment and a high level of service are the top priorities to vacationing families and locals. We purchase our equipment new on a yearly basis, so this means the kayaks are clean and new—not banged up, faded, and covered in suntan lotion."

As the fall season begins, The Rental Shop 30A is excited to provide customers with cutting-edge rentals, such as the exceptional Tribe 13.5 kayak, which features world-class design and engineering, leak proof construction, built-in buoyancy, the highest UV impact, and abrasion resistance, and much more. The Tribe 13.50 also comes with an innovative premium ergonomic back rest for optimal lumbar support, which has been named Best in Class Seat Cushion.

The team at The Rental Shop 30A encourages customers to "Get your vacation started now" by contacting them and taking advantage of their free delivery during the fall rental season. They deliver in the Santa Rosa Beach area as well as to several small beach towns along Highway 30A.

About The Rental Shop 30A: The Rental Shop 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is a well-known supplier of high-quality kayak rentals. They only select Perception Tribe retail models with their customers in mind, and they never mix and match kayak models. The Rental Shop 30A not only offers top-of-the-line equipment such as beach bonfires, kayaks, paddle boards, and golf carts, and they also offer free delivery to several towns along the 30A.