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Top State Parks Near 30A

Top State Parks Near 30A

Are you looking for a relaxing nature retreat? Along 30A,  you can find many stunning natural views, from gorgeous beaches to rare coastal dune lakes to lush nature reserves. In fact, many of our customers renting kayaks or golf carts are intent on visiting some of our beautiful state parks. But which state parks do you want to visit? You can find many in the region, but here are a few that always seem to rank towards the top.

Grayton Beach State Park

If you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach, enjoying the warm ocean breeze, or paddling out in the cool water on a SUP board, Grayton Beach has you covered. But that’s not all this state park has to offer. It’s here where you can find our coastal dune lakes, so rare that they only occur in four countries and two states throughout the United States — Florida and Oregon. They make for both a tranquil and fascinating kayak trip, where you can find a thrilling variety of flora and fauna. There are also hiking trails and campgrounds for those who want a longer experience.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Need a proper forest for your nature retreat? You’ll find it in the pine forests of Topsail Hill Preserve, in Santa Rosa Beach. Between the forests, dryland, and wetlands, you’ll find all kinds of flora and fauna including 13 endangered species that find shelter here. Enjoy a campfire, a day at the beach building sandcastles, or the 10 miles of hiking and biking trails here. With a strong network of volunteers and park rangers, this is also a great place to get educated about respecting the nature of the world we live in. Check out one of their weekly ranger programs.

Eden Gardens State Park

Eden Gardens State Park is known for its massive oak tree with a canopy that spreads wide. It’s a romantic site, so it’s no wonder that this is also a popular wedding venue. Eden Gardens State Park combines the love of nature with the love of historic architecture, as it’s located on what was once part of the historic Wesley homestead. Have a picnic here or enjoy fishing at the dock of the Tucker Bayou.

Point Washington State Forest

This is another great option for forest lovers, especially those visiting in autumn who want to see the change of the colors in the leaves. Like most of our parks, however, it contains a great diversity of ecology, from drylands to swamps and basins, flatwoods, and prairie. Many of the animals here are considered threatened or endangered, including the American kestrel, gopher tortoise, and Curtiss sandgrass. In fact, Point Washington has the world’s largest population of Curtiss sandgrass.


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