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What to Look For In a Kayak Rental

Rent a Kayak on 30A

Kayak rentals are an excellent choice if you want to take an occasional kayak trip but don’t want the burden of extra storage in your home or to have to travel with a bulky kayak when you visit 30A for the summer. However, you want to exercise caution when offering kayak rentals. Anyone can rent out cheap, dingy kayaks but that’s not what customers tend to look for. So how do you sort through the chaff to find a quality kayak rental? Here are a few tells to consider.

Up-to-Date, Cared For Kayaks

Again, no one’s ideal weekend is paddling a dingy kayak out for a fishing trip. Nor do kayak lovers want to settle for a kayak that’s 10 or 20 years behind the times. The most recent kayaks are more durable and more effectively built than their predecessors, not to mention they have more capacity for comfort and storage.

Look for a kayak rental shop that stocks up on new kayaks regularly so as to keep up with trends, and keep an eye out for the condition they’re in. If the kayaks look good as new, you’ve probably found a trustworthy kayak rental. However, if you notice the kayak looks faded or sunbaked, or that it’s been roughly used, search elsewhere. A kayak rental that can’t be bothered to keep their equipment in good shape probably isn’t worth your time.

A Variety of Options

Another thing you want to avoid is kayak rental shops that offer just one thing. If all you’re ever going to need is a single seater kayak, and you know that, you might not need to see a variety; however, it says something about the rental company’s thoroughness that they offer options for a variety of customers and a variety of kayak trips. They should at least have both single seater and double seater kayaks. Even better if they offer triple seater kayaks for the family to enjoy. Some kayaks are specifically designed for fishing, so if you’re taking a fishing trip, that should be an option. Kayaks with features that allow them to traverse the fresh water coastal dune lakes as well as the ocean are also a plus, especially for the 30A area.

Quality of Service

Finally, make sure you choose to rent a kayak from a rental company that prioritizes the customer. A kayak rental company with strong customer service will offer things like free delivery either to your driveway or the lake or beach access of your choice and flexibility as to daily or weekly rentals. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the kayak or their policies. Look for a rental company that knows the 30A area well and can help you find the right kayak for your perfect kayak adventure.

At The Rental Shop in 30A, we keep new kayaks stocked, and we keep them in good shape. In fact, we bought brand new kayaks as recently as last September. We offer free delivery to beach towns within the 30A area and a wide variety of kayak rental options. Have a question about renting a kayak with us? Call us today at (850) 260-0001.