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What To Do With Your Beach Bonfire If It Rains?

What To Do With Your Beach Bonfire If It Rains?

There’s something perfect about a night on the beach illuminated by a beach bonfire. You can enjoy the beach bonfire with your family or a group of friends. You might even plan a party for the night. It could just be the highlight of your 30A trip. But that’s why it can make it that much more disappointing when it rains on the night of your beach bonfire, ruining your plans.

When you rent a beach bonfire from the Rental Shop, the cost you pay at booking is non-refundable. However, there are a few recourses you can take to avoid getting rained out and possibly reschedule the event if necessary.

Check the Weather Ahead of Time

It’s always best to rent your beach bonfire at least a couple weeks before you plan to use it. In the case of the Rental Shop, we’re often booked so the earlier you schedule your rental the better. This can make it tricky to predict the weather, but you can check an extended forecast in order to get a sense of the weather for the time of your bonfire night. Keep in mind that the further out from the day, the more individual day weather forecasts can shift around, so try to find a date surrounded by a few days of dry weather. As a pro-tip: May, October, and November tend to have the least amount of rainfall throughout 30A.

Communicate With Your Rental Provider

If you’re new to 30A or a visitor, you might not know what kind of weather to expect. If it says rain can be expected on a particular night, would it be a ten minute shower or heavy storms, for instance? Fortunately, the staff at the Rental Shop are local and know the weather firsthand. So if you’re not sure you can trust your judgment or your weather app, talk to your rental provider. Ask when the best time to book the beach bonfire might be if you want to avoid rain. Explain your worry when it comes to weather issues and take their advice from there.

What About Rescheduling?

The Rental Shop can easily reschedule within a 7 day time frame. By that point, it will be much easier to predict the weather from any free weather app on your smartphone. If you need to reschedule even closer to the date, it’s still worth giving us a call. If we’re able to reschedule, we will work with you. If we’re booked, we’ll let you know that, too.

Don’t let a rainy day ruin your beach bonfire night. Contact the Rental Shop 30A in order to reschedule your beach bonfire rental, ask for advice, or rent a bonfire on a night when the weather is clear. Call us at (850) 260-0001 today for more information.