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Where To Find Seafood on 30A

Where to find seafood on 30A

Spending time on the water or even just by the beach can work up an appetite...especially for seafood. It’s no secret that you can find delicious seafood along the 24 miles of beaches and highway that make up 30A, Florida. It’s just a question of where to find seafood. Whether you’re looking for a casual place to chow down or a fine dining experience, here are a few of the places where you can find seafood on 30A.

Stinky’s Fish Camp

The name evokes a sense of humor and fun, and you’ll find a delightful laid back seafood dining experience at this Santa Rosa seafood spot. Stinky’s Fish Camp serves their seafood with a cajun flavor. Even the tacos of Taco Tuesday are often shrimp or catfish to stick to the seafood theme. The catfish, shrimp, and oyster are all well-loved here, and daring diners might try the Oyster Log to see how much they can eat. 

Grayton Seafood Co.

Grayton Seafood Co. is the kind of place to which you’ll have to make a reservation, but their seafood plating is truly stunning and worth the wait. The seafood gumbo will warm you up, and the Creole Linguine Alfredo is a popular, creamy choice. They have salads for vegetarian options, as well as several of their desserts.

Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar

Shunk Gulley is famous for its oysters, which are both delicious and affordable. They’re often paired with a cocktail to really make the most of the flavor. Shunk Gulley also has vegetarian and vegan options, as well as live music events so that you can find your entertainment at this Santa Rosa Beach seafood destination in addition to a truly delicious dinner.

Bayou Bill’s Crab House

At Bayou Bill’s, it’s the huge, filling seafood platters that you just have to try. Fish, devilled crab, scallops, and Gulf shrimp all on one delectable plate. They also offer shrimp and crab cake, as well as seafood sandwiches and poboys that make for a great lunch. When it comes to oysters, you can either order them raw or chargrilled, depending on your taste. 

Buddy’s Seafood Market 30A

This is not a sit-down restaurant, but rather a seafood market and takeout steam bar, so a trip to Buddy’s is best if you can take the food back to your lodgings for the night. However, it’s a great place to order fresh caught fish, so you’ll not only get seafood but a taste of the true local seafood scene. 


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