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Why Choose Kayaks Over Canoes?

Kayak Rentals 30a

On the surface, kayaks and canoes may seem pretty similar. They’re both used for the same purpose, and though canoes tend to be broader and more open, they’re of a similar size and shape. Both canoes and kayaks are paddled,  and have basically the same function.  But among avid kayakers and canoeists, there’s often a conversation of which offers the better ride: kayaks or canoes.

At The Rental Shop in 30A, we say kayaks. Why?

Kayaks Are Beginner Friendly

No one likes to feel out of their depth when they’re starting something new. But between the two, kayaks tend to be easier to paddle for beginners and thus easier to learn. Kayaks are narrower than canoes and easier to maneuver than canoes of the same size. You’re also more snugly positioned in a kayak which makes beginners often feel more secure, with good reason. Kayaks are more resistant to tipping than canoes.

They’re Also Solo Friendly

Canoes can be paddled solo, but it’s a little unwieldy. The canoe is more likely to angle towards the tide of the water and can be a challenge to keep on a straight path with only one paddler. Kayaks, however, are great for solo paddlers. Kayaks are easier to keep in a straight path without the help of a partner.

Kayaks Keep Your Equipment Dry More Effectively

Another perk to the snug design of kayaks? It’s easier to keep your equipment and other belongings dry. When paddling in any body of water, splashing and sloshing is almost inevitable. Canoes are open, so if any water spills into the canoe, there’s no protection for your belongings. Not so with kayaks. Just place your equipment in the hatch and seal it and your equipment will stay dry throughout your venture.

Kayaks Are Better for Whitewater Rivers

Kayaks are built for buoyancy and often built with whitewater rapids in mind. Because they’re closed and narrower than canoes, they’re more equipped to handle rough waters. Thus athletes who enjoy a challenge and thrill are more likely to choose a kayak to suit their needs. Kayaks are also faster than canoes, built with two blades instead of just one.

Kayaks Are Easier to Move

The worst part of hitting the water is undoubtedly transporting the boat from your home to the water. Neither boat is exactly small enough to fit in the trunk of your car, but kayaks make transportation a little easier. Canoes are wide and heavy, making them difficult to carry. Kayaks, at least, can be carried more or less at your side, and often come with a shoulder strap for further ease of carrying.

At The Rental Shop, we offer high quality kayak rentals — never rough, scuffed, or faded. We purchase brand new kayaks every year to offer the best for our customers. We charge just $65 each day and $170 per week and offer free delivery to any beach towns in the 30A area. Interested in kayak rentals for yourself? Call us at (850) 260-0001.