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Why Choose South Walton For Your Kayaking Trip?

Why Choose South Walton for Your Kayaking Trip

With its laid back nature and beautiful, varied waters — including the unique coastal dune lakes — South Walton has always been an ideal spot for kayaking, and people are increasingly catching on to this. It’s not just South Walton locals. People will come from all over the country to enjoy the beaches of South Walton, and whether they intend to kayak from the beginning or end up doing so after seeing others try it, they often end up renting a kayak.

Why is South Walton such a great place for kayaking?

Coastal Dune Lakes

The coastal dune lakes are often a pleasant surprise for many tourists because they’re so unique — on a global scale. Outside of Southwest Florida, coastal dune lakes can only be found in Australia, New Zealand, or Madagascar — halfway around the world. But you can find 15 of them here in South Walton and enjoy a truly different kayaking experience. They’re said to be about 10,000 years old, caused by winds that created shallow basins during the redistribution of sand. The result was mostly freshwater lakes surrounded by rich flora and varied fauna.

South Walton coastal dune lakes are even more interesting because they’re so close to the Gulf. They’re separated only by a natural sand berm, and when the water rises with rain, you’ll sometimes find an overlap. Thus you can kayak through the coastal dune lakes and end up at the ocean, or start kayaking from the beach and make your way to the coastal dune lakes. It’s an experience that’s nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Gulf Waves

While kayak enthusiasts are enraptured by the coastal dune lakes, kayaking in the Gulf is also a thrilling experience in a very different way. Often, Gulf waters can be calm and peaceful, allowing a leisurely ride where you can take pictures of the scenery or even people watch. However, when the surf is high, avid kayakers love to paddle their way past the breaking waves, all the more thrilled by the resistance. This can be a great workout or just an exciting challenge, though it’s less frequently attempted by beginners.

Beginner Resources

Because South Walton’s natural features make it so perfect for kayaking, there are plenty of resources available, especially for beginner kayakers. Here you can find kayak schools, for adults or for kids. You can find guided or self-guided kayak tours of the coastal dune lakes as well as the Gulf. And of course, there are several kayak shops and rental shops in the event that you just need a kayak for this trip in particular.

The question is which kayak rental to choose, and the answer is The Rental Shop. Our kayaks are always in great condition, not dinged or scratched. They all come with a lock, paddles, and personal floatation devices. We even offer free delivery to the beach towns of 30A, making it easier for you to start your kayaking excursions. Interested in a kayak rental yourself? Call The Rental Shop at (850) 260-0001.