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Why Your Labor Day Plans Should Include a Golf Cart Rental

Labor Day is quickly approaching, but many of us have had plans for months as to how to spend the day — or weekend. For some, it’s the first day off they’ve had in far longer than they’d like. For others, it’s an opportunity to meet up with family or friends as they kick back and enjoy the day. Whatever your labor day plans might be, there’s a good chance that relaxation and fun is the theme.

There are plenty of opportunities for relaxation in 30A certainly, and a golf cart rental could help to facilitate just about any labor day fun. In fact, if you don’t have a golf cart of your own, Labor Day weekend is an excellent time to rent one. Here are a few Labor Day options that could be made even more convenient with an electric golf cart rental.

Hitting the Beach

Every Labor Day hundreds flock to the beach to soak up the sun and enjoy the water for the few days that they aren’t bogged down with responsibility. You may even bring a surfboard or paddle board and make a day of it, or grab a picnic basket and bring the whole family with you. You’ll also notice, however, that many beachgoers bring golf carts with them and even ride those golf carts along the beach. While cars can only go so far, golf carts are much less obtrusive, so you can take them right up to your spot on the beach. That means less going back and forth, packing and unpacking; it means more time to kick back and let the stress melt off your shoulders.

Planning the Big Labor Day Party

If you’re hosting a Labor Day party in your backyard, you probably won’t need a golf cart, although it can be a fun ride to amuse the kids. However, before the day of the party, you have to actually stock up for the party. Food, drinks, decorations all likely require a trip to the store. Rather than getting in the car, save gas and reduce your environmental impact by renting a golf cart to load up on all the party supplies you need. In 30A, golf carts are so common that there are even parking spaces specifically designated for them. And if you live a little further out, you can use your golf cart to direct guests to your home on the day of the party.


It’s an obvious choice considering the subject, but the golf course is an excellent place to spend your Labor Day. To some, there’s very little more relaxing than a few rounds of golf. And if golfing is your ideal labor day, a golf cart rental will take a weight off your shoulders and allow you to cruise through at whatever pace you’d like rather than having to trek every hill.

Take it easy this Labor Day with the help of a golf cart. Call The Rental Shop 30A at (850) 260-0001 today for more information on our electric golf cart rentals.