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  • We are experiencing high call volumes. We believe that many families have picked 30A for their vacation this year with covid restrictions We are also short staffed, and spending time with our new baby, and children.
  • Please feel free to TEXT our office line, with requests. 850-260-0001. The more information you can include will be better, such as the items you need, the address you are staying at, dates/times needed, will help us to better serve you.
  • If you do not hear back from us within a reasonable amount, please feel free to contact another company. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful vacation! TEXT: 850-260-0001


Best spots to kayak or paddle board on highway 30A in Santa Rosa beach

Being that I am a kayak, and paddle board rental company owner I am required to know the best spots for clients to paddle. What kind of owner would I be if I couldnt make awesome suggestions to my clients. :) So here goes....Most of the time my clients call to rent a kayak or paddle board for a day and they want to know the best spot to go to. First off I am always going to suggest the rare coastal dune lakes. South Walton has around 16 coastal dune lakes as far as I understand. I do not go in all of them. The main reason is that some looks like they are gator infested :)  Lets remember that this is Florida, and we have wildlife that reflects our tropical environment. And since I have children, I will not take that risk. However there are a few great dune lakes that are more open, larger, look cleaner, and dont look swampy. Of course you can always go in the ocean, but we are sticking to the 30A area for a fun paddling experience, that is unique to this area. If you want to venture elsewhere, Destin has a harbor thats fun to paddle in, and the bay has many different bayous to paddle in. This whole area has so many bodies of water to choose from for a new adventure and exploring. 

My favorite spot to recommend is Grayton beach area. There is a few lakes attached to eachother which can give a rider a fun day of exploring the lakes by kayak or paddle board. First you can start off Banfill Road, and launh at the boat ramp. Its right down the road from The Red Bar.