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Boat Rental

The Rental Shop offers pontoon boat rentals. Please see Pricing, and photos of our boats below.

Many customers in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida would like to rent a boat while on their vacation. Customers who would like to rent a boat can explore our beautiful waterways. Our Bay is where customers tour the area with their boat rental. The bay is very large and connects to many cities, and other wonderful bayous. Customers can also dock up to many restaurants to eat lunch or grab some snacks. There are many places to take the boat. There is also Crab Island located right beside the Destin Bridge.This is a shallow area of water where customers can anchor the boat, and walk around having a good time. The water is usually a few feet deep, and there are restaurants, and fun activities for the kids to enjoy on the water. Adult supervision is always recommended for minors. Personal flotation devices are also included with your boat rental. The Rental Shop 30A Boat Rental in Santa Rosa Beach Florida at crab island destin

Customers can also beach their boat and enjoy the beautiful shoreline in this area. They may also enter the harbor if they would like to dock their boat, and have a nice meal with a view. 

Closer to the Santa Rosa/Miramar Beach area is Sandestin resort. Customers can park the boat at the marina and enjoy shops, restaurants, ice cream, arcade, ziplines, playgrounds and more. And with our competitive prices and more hours offered than the other guys, customers dont have to feel rushed with their time on the boat! 


What we include with all boat rentals:

  • All boats are purchased brand new. No rough or tired looking boats here.
  • What you see is what you get. Customers can pick their exact boat shown online such as length of boat, style, etc
  • Premium aluminum Tow rack included on certain models. 
  • Gas is also included with your boat rental, unlike other companies that charge customers hefty fees. We just ask that customers return the boat with at least a 1/4 tank of gas to avoid running out of gas. This shouldnt be an issue. 
  • Customers are also offered towels, and a cooler with ice and waters! We also include the little things that come in handy for families. 
  • Premium service. No lines. We meet our customers direct so they can avoid lines. With other companies you may have to search high and low for parking spots in the harbor (some spots can also mean they will tow your vehicle if parked in the wrong spot), then walk up to a booth to wait to check in, watch tutorial videos, and then wait for their boat attendant to bring them to their boat. With us, we meet you, go over everything, and say goodbye. 
  • No long drive time or sitting in traffic driving to Destin or Panama City. Our boat rentals are located in Santa Rosa Beach. 
  • Personal flotation devices included. 
  • Yamaha motors with all boats. Our customers get the best!
  • A private area that customers can change inside of. It is a compartment that customers can open up and stay within a curtain area to change, then they can close the compartment when they are done changing.
  • Customers can also add a tube or paddle board onto their rental!

If your in the following area then our boat rental company would be a great fit for you. Anywhere on 30A or in Santa Rosa Beach including the small towns along 30A such as Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Redfish Village area, Watercolor, Watersound, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Alys Beach. The hub prominence area. Seacrest Beach, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach. Why waste time driving further away, when you can stay in the same area!

Pontoon Boat Rentals 30A in Santa Rosa Beach Florida by The Rental Shop 30A

30A Boat Rental for Santa Rosa Beach Miramar Beach Destin Florida Boss Boat Rentals  The Rental Shop 30A Boat Rental in Santa Rosa Beach Florida

The Rental Shop 30A Boat Rental in Santa Rosa Beach Florida  The Rental Shop 30A Boat Rental in Santa Rosa Beach Florida

The Rental Shop 30A Boat Rental in Santa Rosa Beach Florida  Boss Boat Rentals in Santa Rosa beach 30A Fl

Boat Rental in Santa Rosa Beach 30A Florida  Boss Boat Rentals in Santa Rosa beach 30A Fl

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Show 1 Item(s)