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Dune Lakes

Dune Lakes

The 30A community is home to the rare Coastal Dune Lakes. These Coastal Dune Lakes are so rare that they're only one of a handful in the world. If you're vacationing on 30A, you should make it a priority to go kayaking or paddle boarding on our local lakes. The Rental Shop has a favorite boat ramp that we recommend to all our clients because of the great docking and parking spots. We will be happy to make an appointment to meet you at this boat ramp located near the Red Bar Restaurant in Grayton Beach.


When we meet you at the boat ramp, we will teach you how to paddle board and kayak. The Rental Shop will also bring everything you need for your adventure. We leave paddles, personal flotation devices, whistles, dry bags and anything else that you want to add to the rental.


If you need to rent a waterproof speaker, use our dry bag to keep your cell phone dry while you’re on the water. You can take phone calls on the speaker or listen to music from your phone.  You can play saved or streaming music from your phone and have music rotating on the speaker while you’re on the water. The speaker we offer holds up to 1000 songs so you don't have to bring your phone if you don’t want to. Just hit play and listen to a mixture of preset, vacation-related songs. Some of the music provided is reggae, Jack Johnson, etc.


If you paddle straight ahead from the ramp, you'll go into some more unique lagoons that are surrounded by nature grass and high dunes from Grayton Beach State Park. Actually, you can enjoy three different types of worlds just by meeting us at this boat ramp.


You can enjoy the lakes, paddle to the ocean in Grayton Beach or go to the lagoons and explore the local area. Although, the water is brackish, the area is great for swimming. If you decide to go into the lake, a right hand turn will take you through a winding lagoon surrounded by sand dunes and beautiful homes on the water. The lagoon sometimes opens up into the ocean in Grayton Beach. The water is shallow and the channel is typically about 3275 feet wide. The great thing about this is that the channel is ever-changing. One day the water will open up directly into the ocean at Grayton Beach and other days it might be closed off. One day the lagoon might be about 30 to 40 feet wide and another day, it could be the size of a lake.


If you decide to venture straight forward across the lake and into the lagoon that is surrounded by the grass and sand at Grayton Beach State Park, it will also open up to another lake. From this lake, you can cross under Highway 30A where there are two more lakes that you can access. If you move to the left, you’ll have a more secluded experience. If you shift to the right, you’ll paddle all the way behind Watercolor. If you paddle all the way behind Watercolor, the channel narrows into a more alligator-infested zone, so be sure to avoid this location. This is one of our most popular lakes people venture to. More people are learning about the lake and they make it a must-do for their vacation experience on 30A.


We offer free delivery and have the lowest-priced kayaks and paddle boards in the area. We offer these in different colors and different models for every budget, size and rider level. So, give us a call at 850-260-0001 to reserve your kayak or paddle board today.