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GENERAL QUESTIONS: 1. ROUGH DAY DO WE DELIVER DO WE DELIVER TO HOUSE OR BEACH ACCESS Why should I book with The Rental Shop 30A vs. 3rd party booking websites? We know our business well. Booking directly with us not only eliminates the 3rd party increased fees, but it also means direct answers immediately when you need it. Having a booking agent from other sites who has to deal with many companies, their policies, pricing, delivery times, cancellation policies, etc can get overwhelming. Also their pricing can be misleading. Because

BONFIRES: 1. Where can I arrange my bonfire package to be set up? All you need to do is call our office and we will find out your location. From there we can offer a choice of local accesses near your rental property or home, and you can select the best one based on what it has to offer! 2. Can you offer fires in front of beach houses? 3. Can I have my beach bonfire at a handicap friendly access? Yes you can, all regional accesses have


KAYAKS & PADDLE BOARDS: 1. How long does it take to deliver a paddle board? Sometimes as little as 5 minutes, other times it may be an hour or two. This is all dependent upon any other deliveries that have been booked before your phone call.If you want to be first for delivery (which begins at 8am) please call our office the day/night before or first thing in the morning! 2. Are there alligators in the lakes? Are there sharks in the ocean? Yes, we have never seen them. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your delivery area?

We deliver to Destin, Sandestin, Santa Rosa beach all along 30A (in the small beach towns of Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, and Carillon Beach) and some areas of Panama City Beach.

Are helmets, locks and baskets provided with bike rentals?

We always provide childrens helmets for ultimate safety. Locks are provided with all rentals. Baskets are first come first serve, and provided on most womens bike rentals. Book early! Adult helmets are a $5 weeekly charge.

Can my infant safely ride on a bicycle carrier attached to an adult bike or a toddler trailer?

Please do not place any infant under the age of 12 months in a child carrier or toddler trailer as this could cause harm to your infant. Carriers attached to adult bikes can hold 35lbs. Toddler tow behind bike trailers can hold up to 100lbs. Please always use safety and always be aware of the road conditions that your carrying your little ones on. Stay alert to traffic, and vehicles entering the road from small residential streets. If there is uneven pavement, many bumps, or potholes this can cause injury to your child! Always use the 5 point harness to secure your child, and remember to place helmets on children or toddlers even in a toddler bike trailer!

What if I ordered a bike that doesnt fit me / What if I ordered an adult bike with a child Carrier attachment, and I am too short to comfortably and safely ride with my toddler?

Immediately call us, and we will do our best to provide a better fitting bicycle if we have one available. Please do not ride any bike with a child on the carrier or behind your bike in a trailer, if you do not properly fit the bike. We never want anyone to get hurt.

How do I know if your bikes will fit myself or my children?

The adult unisex bikes are a very universal bike. On average it can comfortably ride anyone between the heights of 5'2 and 6'4. Even some young teens as low as age 10 have chose to rent the adult unisex bike because of the lower center bar! We also offer a sizing chart for all childrens bikes in each product page. If any bikes do not fit your height, please call us and we will try to find a solution!

Do you use discretion on mentioning any particular clients you serve?

Yes! Client confidentiality is big for us! For this reason we do not brag about who we serve. Whether you are a movie star, or the best mom in the world, you will be treated like VIP to us, and we do not share information or clients names that we serve!

What if I break something or one of my items is stolen?

We try to be fair to everyone charging only the replacement cost if any item cannot be repaired. We do provide locks for bike rentals and we STRONGLY encourage your family to lock up or put items indoors at all times, because theft does has happen, and the replacement cost will be charged to your card on file.

What happens if I do not have items waiting in the spot they were dropped off upon your arrival on checkout day?

If items must be searched for, additional fees will incur. If staff cannot find items within 10 minutes the replacement cost will incur for any item missing. Unfortunately we cannot lose precious time on busy delivery days trying to retrieve missing items.

How early should I book?

As soon as your book your vacation rental home! We are not trying to be the largest company in the area, just the best. So for this reason we may not have available items if you wait until the last minute to book.

What if I decide I want to move my crib to another room?

Please call us and we will give instructions on how to fold in the crib to roll it to another room. It is pretty easy to use, however if any cribs are forced between doorways resulting in any damage the replacement cost will be added. We prefer to put the crib in the desired room and to have as little amount of people handling our cribs. This is why our equipment stays in excellent shape, as it is always treated like our baby!

How often do you buy new items?

We buy new items annually and donate items annually. Some items are replaced within a busy season if they look tired in any way! Some items that are rarely rented may stay on inventory longer.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

We do not charge a delivery fee. We only charge a $45 minimum.

How fast can items be delivered?

If you want fast service give us a call! We will try our best to get items to you within a short period of time. We will give an estimated time of arrival upon booking!

What is your cancellation policy on booked bonfires?

The Rental Shop offers no refunds once bonfires are booked and paid for. This is because other bonfires will be turned away resulting in lost business. In the event of bad weather The Rental Shop will do their best to offer an alternate date within a 7a day time period of your booked fire. If bonfire permit has been purchased, then a new permit may be required for an alternate date requiring an additional 55.00 fee. If you would prefer to book a bonfire closer to your date to avoid bad weather or changing plans, you may book the day of or before if there is availability. Please check the weather forecast and remember that premits cannot be purchased on the weekend.

What if my bonfire is on a weekend, the permit has been purchased, and there is bad weather?

Since permit offices are closed on the weekend The Rental Shop must purchase your booked bonfire permit on Friday or when you requested us to purchase the permit (not including holidays). If the Rental Shop is able to offer an alternate date they will require you to purchase another permit once permit office open. Any questions please call The Rental Shop 850-260-0001

What if I want a bonfire in front of my beach house!

Please call The Rental Shop 850-260-0001 and they will explain the process!

When will my items be delivered and picked up?

Items are delivered on requested drop off date. On busy days which are typically weekends, the items are picked up beginning at 8 am, and typically dropped off by 4-6 pm. Please keep in mind that there are certain circumstances that are out of our control such as delays, bad weather, and heavy traffic.

Why should I choose to rent items or order services from your company vs. the other guys?

The owners truly feel they are the best option for their clients. From being young parents, and having a fresh and personal perspective on inventory, to the higher standards they have set with other inventory items, they choose all items designed with comfort in mind for their clients. They do not rent highly rusted items or anything that looks gross. Even their bikes have components on them that protect the bikes from the salty air. They do not purchase cheap and uncomfortable items giving no options to the renter. They try to offer the same items that a family might have in their own home. The owners knew that they only needed to start a business if they could offer more than the other guys in the area. They feel that to have a competitive edge they have to say yes more than no, have higher quality items, replace items more often, and come through for clients no matter what time of day it is. They have even tried referring other companies when they were booked, but quickly realized that was a mistake once they had a phone call from a few unhappy guests. For this reason they choose to use caution in who they refer! Whether it is rentals or beach bonfire setup, you will most likely meet Noah, Ashley, or their manager! They like to do things in a personal way.

Where should I leave my items on the day of my departure?

Items should be left where they were found. In some instances leaving items outside may help staff, as door codes may change, and some property owners may be difficult to reach. If you feel that the item will be dificult to retrieve please call The Rental Shop, and they will decide a solution! Please leave outdoor items such as beach gear, and bikes locked up as theft can occur.

What is your cancellation policy?

All orders cancelled within 7 days incur a 50% nonrefundable fee as there is a great chance we have already lost a potenital order from another client. Any orders within 48 hours of delivery day, or after delivery are 100% nonrefundable. If your order is booked for a Saturday delivery please cancel by Wednesday!