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Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals

 To make a booking please call or text us. We have currently disabled our online booking option.


There’s no need to bring your bikes when vacationing along the beautiful beaches of South Walton because we rent bikes in the 30A, Destin, and Miramar Beach areas of Florida. We also offer fast and free bicycle delivery! Please call us at 850-260-0001 if you need bikes within 48 hours.


Scroll down & click on each product page to see further details, pictures, and company videos on each rental item! 

Saturdays and Sundays are primary delivery times for wekly bike rentals. The rental Shop picks up previous bike rentals, cleans them, and redelivers them to clients that are in town for the next week. For this reason The Rental Shop cannot guarantee that bikes will be delivered by the time that clients check into their rental home. The Rental Shop goes above and beyond to maintence their bikes inbetween rentals to ensure you receive the nicest bikes on 30a.

For clients saftey we do not recommend riding bikes at night.

 Weekly bike rentals begin at $55 per week and range to $65 per week for 3 speed bikes! The Rental Shop does have a 2 bike minimum order for delivery!

 As you can see, we offer a wide variety of bike rentals including children’s bikes, which come with free helmets. Toddler trailers are available to carry one or two children or up to 100 pounds. The Rental Shop 30A, however, is the only company in the area that offers an extremely high quality bicycle for a very low weekly rate. The bicycle comes in three very attractive colors such as mat black, royal blue and green.

What makes us unique:

One of the unique features on our premium bicycle is the longer frame that allows the rider to feel more relaxed when they’re riding because there's less effort in peddling. The three-piece crank system means the rider can generate high speed output without putting much effort into pedaling.


 Another feature that makes this bicycle unique is a rare construction called the pedal forward design. Normal bicycles have pedals directly below the seat post; however, the pedals on our bicycle are actually shifted forward approximately six inches on the bicycle frame. This allows clients to stretch their legs a little further so that there’s less peddling effort. This reduces fatigue, and it's great for tall people or anyone with previous knee injuries. We love the great features on all our bikes; however, our premium adult bicycle is truly our favorite because of this forward pedal design.

 Although, both of the adult beach cruiser bikes we rent have rear mounted kickstands, our premium adult bike has a rear kickstand built into the framework of the bicycle. These high-quality kickstands prevent bicycles from falling over when the kickstands are in use. Both bicycles that we rent also boast a rust-buster chain, which means absolutely no rust on the chains.

 There are some other nice features we want to mention about our exceptional bicycles. These beach cruisers comfortably accommodate riders between the heights of 5’ 1” to 6’ 4” and above. The aluminum bicycle frame means there is less weight to peddle. All the premium bicycle parts are made from aluminum and stainless steel accessories so that the bikes will not scratch or rust. The bicycle also has a very comfortable seat, and the seat post is tilted slightly further back allowing the pedals to feel slightly more forward. Because the pedals are designed to shift forward, this creates a more comfortable bike ride. The handlebar design and high-quality handlebar grips provide a comfortable and relaxing riding experience. Finally, the large smooth tires allow the bike to roll further with every pedal rotation.

 We are the only company in the area that can honestly say all of our equipment is in great shape, looks brand-new at all times and has very little to no rust. We take the time to completely detail every bike in between rentals. This means we strip the chains of any grit or sand and we wash the bike from top to bottom. Only lubricant and product is added to the bicycle to keep it looking brand new. We put air in the tires at every drop-off so that clients are not riding on weak tires. All of this extra effort will assure that you will have a comfortable, safe and stylish ride during your vacation. 

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